June 28th, 2012

Euro 2012 Semifinals: Moderately Sweaty, Barely Surviving

Image Credit: Stephen Wong of Wong Wong.

For once, we have a proper excuse as to why our coverage of a vitally important international fixture has been useless.We didn’t sleep through Spain vs. Portugal. Nor were we out shopping, out of cellphone battery and/or range or still drunk from an editorial meeting that took place three days ago.

Nope, this time…We. Were. At. The. Game.

Walk with us through the photographic evidence of our adventure, which we have interspersed with professional shots so you can see what happened on the pitch vs. what the folks standing in front of us did with their hair all evening.


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42 Responses to “Euro 2012 Semifinals: Moderately Sweaty, Barely Surviving”

  1. S.P.D says:

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  3. Kristina says:

    Well, Spain need to wake up if they're gonna beat the Italianos. God how they outplayed the Germans! Who would have thought? No more Mario :( (I mean the walking orgasm Gomez, of course). He'll be sorely missed. By me at least.

    Anyway, I put my trust in the ever great Iniesta and Casillas the rock. Pedro, Jordi (welcome to Barca! :) ), Xabi and Ramos, to mention a few, did great I think. There is hope!

  4. Jayy says:

    Wowww kickette, im seething with jealousy! Make sure you take a gajillion pictures! :D

  5. xoWinnie says:

    yup, I'm pretty much heartbroken, what can I say? not because Spain won, deep down I expected that. I'm sad because Portugal played exceptionally well, I was pleasantly surprised. When it came down to it, we managed to shut Spain down, and it wasn't even as though we "parked the bus" or whatnot, we were actually COMPETITIVE. Penalties are just a heart-breaker. The team looked great, the midfield really did what they had to do in terms of retaining possession and not allowing Spain to dominate. Pepe and Alves did a great job at the back, making sure Spain didn't have too many chances to penetrate the penalty box. Coentrão was AMAZING, as usual. The most consistent player on the team and has been since the last world cup, in my opinion. The kid plays with so much HEART, he never gives up, it's so touching, I LOVE HIM! I'm not going to get into the whole "Cristiano taking the last penalty" thing, because my nerves can't bear to discuss that, but I really hope Bruno doesn't take it too hard, that poor, beautiful man. These things happen :( anyways, after today's upset, all I can say is Viva España…Germany choked, big time.

    • Mats says:

      Seeing Coentrão cry is heartbreaking! He always gives his 100%!

    • German_Girl says:

      'Germany choked, big time.'

      Didn't they just?! What happened? :(

      • Thea says:

        Spain have to SERIOUSLY life their game of Sunday – they are boring everyone to tears with their playing style (or lack thereof) at the moment!

        • German_Girl says:

          I am really looking forward to the final – hoping for a cracking game. But yes, if Spain persist with their recent style of play, I can see Italy beating them. Especially if Balotelli keeps up his form.

      • xoWinnie says:

        What I expect would happen to be honest. As usual, Germany have a loaded, deadly team. Stacked very well in attack, and defense, with a midfield that would be club football's DREAM! Favoured to be able to beat pretty much anyone with the right tactics. But this is what I said before this game: year after year, Germany psyches themselves out when they get to these stages. They have everything they need to win…and then they don't! They start the tournament out great, with wins left right and centre, and then when the pressure's on they fall apart. They're undoing in psychological, it's sort of like the mental block Real Madrid has been trying to overcome these past few seasons when playing Barcelona. Italy is the exact opposite. They don't always have the most cracking starts, they're a team everyone loves to criticise for that, but when they DO get to these stages, they blow everyone out of the water! They thrive under pressure, whereas Germany buckle under it. I'm truly worried for Spain, I feel as though Italy really could take this home. Del Bosque better get his tactics right!

  6. Carla says:

    OMG i was so nervous during the penalties! I was shaking, & i was praying before they began. After Xabi missed his penalty i started crying, not hysterically, but tears. But in the end we made it through! I was also nervous about Ramos lol (remember), & Piqué who shot his first penalty in his career! It was a great game overall, i just wish del Bosque had put Torres in, but he must play in the final. I’m happy i was wearing my Spain Fábregas jersey, he shot the decisive penalty!! I wish Italy luck in the final too, but we have to win :p VAMOOS FURIA!!! VAMOS ESPAÑAAA!!!!!

  7. iram1982 says:

    wow that was an amazing game. congrats to portugal for playing so well. I wish them the best in their future. But hats off to Spain-again! I mean they keep on being consistent with their success and they don't even show any signs of slowing down yet. :) I bet the penalty kickers got good lovin from their partners that night! ;)

  8. miss tweezy says:

    Phew!!! We made it. VAMOS LA ROJA. VIVA ESPANA!!!!
    WTF ,y didn't VDB put torres on its obvious that negredo didn't make a difference but anyway its all gud.
    Crispy must hav been feelin da pressure I mean da fact that before da game all da headlines were cristiano ronaldo vs portugal that's a lot of pressure 2 put on 1 person but anyway portugal played well it jst wasn't their nite.
    Sara carbonero is such an I don't know wat 2 call her afta da game she asked iniesta if he would hav lyked 2 take a penalty nd the dude was lyk I took da second 1 AWKWARD I'm sure she was thinkin bout ronaldo
    Anyway. Comon die mannschaft make me proud 2nite hopin 4 a la roja vs die mannschaft final!!!

    • xoWinnie says:

      LMAO! Poor Iniesta! That's embarassing *facepalm*

      • Kristina says:

        Poor Iniesta? He'll live I guess. Carbonero on the other hand, what a no brainer! Hope she'll sort the players out before the final.

    • Mats says:

      HAHAHAHHAAHA i wish i could understand Spanish! been watching that thing!

    • EvilBean says:

      Do you have a link for the clip?

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      Well Sara has nothing but bimbo this whole Euro! She is an air head! The reason of many jokes just surrounding her in Euro! The Iniesta video was just the funniest moment of all.

    • Kristina says:

      Hahaha, what a no brainer from Carbonero! Yes, I guess Crispy was on her mind. So embarrassing for her!

  9. Sarah, Madrid says:

    Espanaaaaaaaa!!!!! Phew we were lucky, played better with pedro and navas, but it was funny when they crossed to find no striker in the box, anyway San Iker!!! And Ramos that little sexy thing that's how you respond to critics and jokes. Little Jon and Alba are too precious!

    Now with that said, hard luck Portugal, hard luck Cristano, I can't help it but feel bad for them, but they need to leave with their heads up high! Pepe was great this Euro, him with Ramos with Iker, he is winning me over again! That's the madridista in me speaking, you are the best in the world Cristano

    • DebS says:

      I thought Coentrao played really well too. All our Madrid boys did their team proud!

      • Sarah, Madrid says:

        Yes, agreed him crying was so sad, true! Even Karim although he didn't score, at least he assisted twice, it was a great Euro for our boys!

    • xoWinnie says:

      your comment made me so sad, in the happy way lol…that makes no sense, I'm a mess, but I love you!

  10. Carolina says:

    Love the photos Kickette!! Please keep them coming!!



    • Sarie says:

      It's in the other comment section after the slideshow. This commenting system is really weird.

  12. German_Girl says:

    Congrats to Spain!

    Have to say – I think Sergio Ramos more than made up for his miss during the penalty shoot-out against Bayern München in the Champions League.

    • German_Girl says:

      Why the thumbs down? I meant it was a great penalty kick.

      • DebS says:

        It was a fantastic pk. Hopefully, the media will remember that pk instead of always bringing up the one in the CL.

      • xoWinnie says:

        people get butthurt all the time over the most innocent comments here. but it was truly a beautifully taken penalty.

        • German_Girl says:

          Yep, that's what I thought. The comment was made in good spirit. Some strange people on here.

      • Kristina says:

        I know. I can't understand if them people are against or for Ramos. But now there are thumbs up:).

  13. Rubii says:

    yes spain is getting really boring with that tiktaka, all what they do is possession.
    i would've loved to see goals in the 120s minutes!

    thank god we have San Iker.
    #Viva Espania

    • Kristina says:

      It's not the tiki-taka, it's the nonexistent striker, that is to blame for the bore.

  14. sarah says:

    i was so sad for Ronaldo,so happy for Ramos and Iker.
    my feelings were complicated :S

    • sarah says:

      plus Xabi and Jon were super cuuuuute .

    • Rubii says:

      if Ronaldo was spanish he could've relieved us all .

    • DebS says:

      @Sarah yeah me too. Poor Coentrao was wiping the tears away at the end of the game. :'( Portugal played their hearts out and showed that they truly belonged to be there. I'm sure there were many who didn't even expect them to make it out of the "group of death" but apparently Portugal didn't get the message. I can only hope that their good showing in the Euros will help CR7 win the Balon d'Oro.

      That being said, did they really have to take it to penalties? My poor heart can't take it. lol