June 29th, 2012

Euro 2012 Semifinals: Wins, Woes & Wookies

Without sounding redundant, we’re experiencing a mammoth hangover overload that’s seriously interferring with our ability to sit in front of a computer and get motivated to write anything decent.

Curse you, Polish mystery liquid goodness.

While we slowly get ourselves back on track (no promises), take a photographic walk in our gladiator sandals.

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89 Responses to “Euro 2012 Semifinals: Wins, Woes & Wookies”

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  6. Annie says:

    Ok lately I'm having this huge crush on Ozil, i don't know why but I find him so sexy….

  7. GermaninLondon says:

    Oh well, we await Mesut taking comfort in short shorts on holiday – it's a tough life, but we will be there looking when the photos are posted! ;-)

  8. kiki09 says:

    Now that Spain has won, the best part will be drunk Reina conducting proceedings!!!

  9. ouch.5 says:

    Did I miss a previous post in which the "Polish mystery liquid goodness" was named?

  10. Dee says:

    Whether or not Cristiano wanted to take the last penalty kick or it was the coach's decision….or it was a little bit of both….the fact is, he should've stepped up and taken the 4th kick. A true leader would've done that. If he says he would've taken the first, and he wasn't bottling it, and he didn't want the glory…..why didn't the best player in the game take the 4th kick knowing his team could be eliminated? I think that's what people are most confused about. But I still think Ronaldo had a great tournament and he has really matured as a player….but I don't think he's the best leader.

    • Kristina says:


    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      Disagree! I don't know how he is as a leader for Portugal and how people in there see him, but as a RM fan, Cristano is a great leader for his squad, might not your type of Buffon or Puyol leader that shots or scream to motivate but he leads by example on the pitc, always there trying to give his 110% for his team.
      I actually think trusting your teammate to take on an important penalty kick is also a leadership thing and again he agreed with Bento to take fifth, why go against his coach and take the forth one?
      This is NOT the first time a captain agree to take the last penalty. Cesc situation is different he agreed in taking last penalty, for Spain at that time, it was pretty much last penalty since Bruno missed.
      Agh!! I am gland Cristano didn't get chance to take on the fifth anyway, but I think people are being way too harsh on Cristano.

      • Cee says:

        I agree with you. You make a wonderful point of view by stating that thrusting in his team mate was also a proof of leadership.
        Also if Cesc had missed his penalty, all pressure would fall to Cristiano. I guess people need to realize that Cristiano was left for last because there was a chance he might fail. People must remember that he was going to face Iker Casillas, his Real Madrid team mate, who's somebody who probabily knows CR's tecnique very well, the same way Cristiano knows Iker very well. I think he accepted being the last not to take all the glory if eventually he had scored, but because he would be stronger in taking the critics if he had failed. But none of that matters now, we can't linger in what could have been, we must accept things as they are. The same way that the ball that Bruno kicked, touched the bar and went out, Cesc's ball, hit the bar and went in. Portugal fought like titans, and they deserved to go on, maybe as much as Spain, but only one could go on. Portugal will see you all again in Worldcup 2014. :)

      • Kristina says:

        You know, I don't care if he took a penalty or not. I agree that he is not a leader. There are many that are not. I think Cris has had a tremendous championship, and he should be proud.

        • drea says:

          I understand you're a Cule so you don't have the info the Madridistas have about Cris and his leadership skills. For example, did you know that at RM, he's the first guy to reach out to the new transfers? According to Karim, Mesut, everyone else… when they arrive, he's the first one who reaches out to them and makes them feel part of the team. And in terms of training, did you know that he's considered the hardest worker? For example, he's always the last one off the pitch. Even after training has ended, he stays to practice kicks, etc. And these things and so much more he carries with him to the Portuguese NT. We can all gossip endlessly about his personal life, but as a professional football player, I think we can take the word of his teammates and coaches when they say he is a leader.

    • xoWinnie says:

      what part of "once the referee has the order of the kicks, the list can't be changed" do people not understand? you could tell Cristiano was itching to take his penalty the moment Moutinho missed. do you really think he would have waited if there wasn't a rule impeding him? people make it seem as though he was either scared to take a penalty, or wanted the glory of going last. I'm sorry but, when has Cristiano EVER shied away from a penalty kick his whole career? i do agree that he's not the most exemplary leader, and that he shouldn't be captain though. however that has no bearing on this particular situation.

  11. zdena95grimaldo says:

    I want my country españa to win the euros and make history by being the first team to win three major tournaments consecutively.. also my barça boys to play to there very best…z

  12. jen says:

    have to say i'm very happy for mario ballotelli.. the kid's had a rough life, and people are so hard on him. he's still young, people should back off. i'm glad he proved his critics wrong in this match.

    • mybabyri says:

      Aww did you see when he hugged his mother after the match soo cute:)

    • Cee says:

      I was amazed with Balotelli. I confess I have a tender spot in my heart for Germany, but Germany-Italy was an amazing game. At heart all that I really wanted was that the best team went through to beat spain in the finals.
      But it was impossible to resist the italian frenzy, when i noticed i was already rooting for italy. Balotelli made the German team look like a bunch of children at his feet. Simply majestic!

    • vieira4 says:

      I'm reading ancient posts so you'll only see this if you've got that comment notification thing set up, but thank you for this comment. I, too, wish people would be nicer to Balotelli, partly because I think he's gorgeous and partly because I don't think anyone deserves to have that much negativity flung at them. I couldn't believe Alan Hansen said he would only consider himself proved wrong about Balotelli if he scored a hat trick in every Premier League game! Mario will always have to be twice as successful as everybody else to be thought half as good, as evidenced by the fact that Welbeck and Sturridge scored 11/12 goals in 37 games each last season and were honoured for their contribution, whereas Mario scored 17 in 32 and got nothing but abuse.

  13. Nikee says:

    It's gonna be a great finale, with the two teams who played the best throughout the tournament. I'm not a Germany fan, never was, but i felt bad for some of the boys especially khedira and reus, both played a fantastic tournament. as an austrian chick, i gotta give the german ladies here credit for being gracious and fair in defeat. Thumbs up for you…especially when you see what some of the boys write in the forums!

  14. HiL says:

    I was rooting for Germany as well.. sad night :(
    they were amazing throughout the Euros and it was so frustrating to see how their play just didn't connect and didn't work…
    Ugh :(
    Mesut and Benni are so cute xx

  15. Sara says:

    Italians are HOT HOT HOT!!!!! So happy the're in the final and I have a feeling they can win the Euro!!!!

  16. miss tweezy says:

    Omf I was shocked 2 fuck yesturday wat the hell happened!!!!
    Germany choked at the last minute but its all gud , the saddest thing was ozi, gomez,muller etc cryin ,ozi was literally on the floor (ground) he looked crushed ,i was crushed germany is unbelievable
    Mario B's second goal was wow but his goal celebration was 2 much lyk seriously nd ppl say ronaldo is full of himself
    Nd the tiki- taka is rally boring

    • Rossanera says:

      I don't think you can say Germany choked at the last minute. They never really showed up.

  17. Rossanera says:

    I am so, so elated for my beloved Azzurri. Everyone wrote us off and now we are in the final, after being the only team to score against Spain, the world's best side, and to have defeated arguably the best team in the tournament. I'm so, so proud, and no matter whether we win or lose on Sunday, no one will take this joy away from me. After the vergogna that was South Africa, Italy has risen from the ashes to become a truly great team again. That is all I wanted from this tourney: another Renaissance from Italia. Grazie mille, Cesare!

    • queen tweezy says:

      Italy r back 2 their best
      I think the differnce between them nd spain is that they want this title or watever u wanna call it more than spain do so they Will have more fightin spirt.
      4rom the beginning we all wrote italy off nd now they suprising us nd that’s wat could possibly hand them the championships (euro’s) wateva
      Either way lyk u said whether they lose or not they hav showed ppl that they r a force 2 be reckoned with

    • someone who likes films and books says:

      Your team is amazing to watch, especially Pirlo who I am falling inlove right about now.

  18. Sarah, Madrid says:

    Mesut, oh bambi!! I so wanted a Germany Spain final! Anyway well played Italy we are waiting again!!!

    • DebS says:

      Saw him after the game, when he lied down on the ground and Sami came and pulled him up. :'{

      I really felt bad for them because NOTHING seemed to be going right for them. Their crosses stunk. Their corners stunk. They made some really bad passes that could have easily made it more than 2-1. It was almost as if the soccer Gods said, "Nope. Not your turn." But fair play to Italy. I think that was the best that I've seen them play this tournament against such a tough opponent.

  19. Cella.xx says:

    I was sure that Germany will win..but life sometimes suprise you!
    Now i’m cheering for a good game with lots of goals (and naked boys)!!

  20. Alicia says:

    Mario Gómez and Mats Hummels will be sorely missed, and I'm not only talking about football here. Dear Kickette: when will at least one of those fine men make the Finest Five? And how about that dreamy angel, Claudio Marchisio? I'm not even complaining about the fact that you've kept "forgetting" that Alessandro del Piero is one of the hottest guys alive.

    • Melaniee. says:

      I think Manuel Neuer needs an honourable mention here :)

    • pchavs says:

      MARCHISIOOOOO!!! the most underrated player ever

    • someone who likes films and books says:

      The German boy who took my attention (well aside from Ozil of course) is that kid who has that badboy effect going on – Rues. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!! <3

  21. Miss XOXO says:

    I really sad Germany out of final….Well done Italy…..;-((

  22. camirpo says:

    I'm so sad for Ozil but I'm so HAPPY FOR GLI AZZURI!!!!! :D omggg, I been rooting on Italy since day one of this tournament(and always) and most analysts and most people did not even thought they will go pass the group stage (I was just happy they got to the quaterfinals and when I saw they play Germany, i was like "great! there goes the streak") FORZA AZZURI!!! I'm so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. EsiN says:

    The Best = Özil <3

  24. camirpo says:

    Although I think the German team is great and I love Ozil so much (and Mario), I was so happy and surprised. I was preparing myself to the fact that maybe Germany would spank Italy, but I also thought to myself that the Italy defense has been amazing so far in tournament. I’M SO HAPPYYYY! I been rooting for Italy since day one of this tournament(and before). There is not a more beautiful thing in sports than when you as a fan get to see your team get to the final against all odds(because seriously who thought Italy will get this far…I was just hoping quaterfinals). :D :D :D :D :D

  25. xoWinnie says:

    Germany's defeat what purely psychological. It had to be. I could not believe my eyes. There was no defending them last night–they were HORRIBLE! But despite my dislike (to say the least) for Italy, I'll give them props on a great game. Unlike the Germans, they really know how to step it up when the going gets tough. If Germany had played more like themselves, I'm sure they could have given them a run for their money, but with the way Italy was playing it could have gone either way. The better team won last night. But I really hope Spain wins in the final, better team or not. The thought of Balotelli hoisting up the Euro trophy after Manchester City winning the EPL gives me the sicky-ickys *shivers*

  26. someone who likes films and books says:

    Good gosh Ozil, come here I'll comfort you too.

    Congrats to Italy and Spain. Should be a great match because their styles are so different from each other.

  27. stasi says:

    awww ;:( i really wanted to germany to go against spain. Poor mario he really did good this euro 2012

  28. IrishBlue says:

    I was really rooting for Germany this tournament but well done to Italy! The final is a replay of the first game of Group C, looking forward to it!

  29. Carolina says:

    I wonder how Angela Merkel is coping.

    • Rossanera says:

      … especially after having to hand out a bailout to Italy this morning, too. Anyone else wondering whether the timing of this decision is the result of a bet she lost with Mario Monti? Tee-hee. The timing's just too fantastic.

  30. Sarah7 says:

    YEAH :D ByeByeeeeeeeeeeeeee Germany.
    Come on Italy, show Spain how (hot) good you are :)

  31. Kristina says:

    No more Mario, Mats and Mesut :( . But, chin up! This sunday's gonna be a party! IF the Italians play the way they did yesterday, and IF Spain decides to play the tiki-taka and not the tiki-cattenaccio.

  32. kittenmasks says:

    I'm still mad that Ronaldo didn't get to take his penalty. I'm not watching the final. I'm too bitter. I need a drink.

    • German_Girl says:

      I still don't understand – did he want to be the last one to take the penalty, or did the coach decide??

      • Lauren says:

        Definitely him. He's a little glory hunter.

        • German_Girl says:

          Well, if that's the case then it backfired badly.

        • kiki09 says:

          Actually the coach decided. He said so in the post-game press conference.

          • German_Girl says:

            Oh right. Don't understand that at all. Surely you would use all your best players first??

          • mata says:

            Actually, Ronaldo said the coached "asked me if I wanted to take the last penalty and I said yes". So how can people be saying it wasn't Ronaldo's decision.

            • xoWinnie says:

              he agreed to what the coach asked him to do. people are trying to make it sounds like he went out of his way and demanded to take the last penalty, over sensationalizing things as they always do when it's concerning Ronaldo. Cesc went on and on about how he wanted to take the last penalty after the match was over. I don't hear people criticizing him. Had he missed, it would have been a different story. Ronnie didn't even get to take his, so I don't why people are so keen to try to somehow pin this on him. Not saying you are, I'm talking about people online who have been making comments like our friend Lauren up there.

              • xoWinnie says:

                oh and for the record, I bring up Cesc because he was actually asked to take the second penalty or something like that. HE asked to take the last. So if Cristiano is a "glory hunter" for agreeing to what he was asked, I don't know what that makes Cesc.

                • marta says:

                  Nani said that Cristiano asked to take the last one. About the comparison with Cesc there is a big difference, cristiano is the best in portugals team and a penalty expert, Cesc is not exactly that.I agree with t he girl that said he is a glory hunter.

                  • Sarah says:

                    OR maybe he was just under pressure *like any other human being* ,so he didnt want to take the priemer penalties and miss them.
                    OR the fact that he always train and play with iker took its place by preventing him to shoot on Iker.
                    but no you all jumped that he is a glory hunter -.-

              • mata says:

                From what I've read I don't think Bento asked him to take it, he asked him if he wanted to take it, which is a different thing, but I'm not trying to blame or defend Ronaldo really, I don't think we can truly understand the dynamic of what was going on, was the coach asking Ronaldo did he want to take the penalty in the sense of "do you want the glory of going last?", which is how some are interpreting it, or did he mean do you want to take it in the sense of "are you o.k. with taking it, dealing with the pressure of going last?" If it was the latter (which IMO makes nor sense) then I don't think Ronaldo deserves any blame, because taking that last penalty must be pretty stressful and not every player would want that responsibility.

                • Sarah, Madrid says:

                  Cris " I wanted to take first one if it is up to me, but Coach asked me if I wanted take last, I agreed, it was a joint decision " very clear, very very very clear! His coach asked him, he agreed to it, very simple!

                  • drea says:

                    It's really so simple, isn't it? Didn't everyone see Bento writing the lineup? It was on TV! Did anyone see Cris in his face demanding anything? It is the manager's job to decide those things. Bruno's unfortunate PK miss is what happened, period. Does anyone think Cris spent 120 minutes thinking, "if this goes to penalties I'm going to take the last one so I can be a hero"? Of course not, he was just thinking about the game at hand. Enough wailing on Cris, like a true competitor I'm sure he's taking the loss harder than any of us could imagine.

                • mata says:

                  *nor sense* should be *more sense*! Have to lay off the G & Ts.

                • Jean says:

                  Why are you getting thumbs down? What you're saying is very sensible and it actually makes sense.

            • Sarah, Madrid says:

              You want him not to AGREE with his coach? I don't get you people

        • Sarah7 says:

          No, the coach and Ronaldo both said the coach decided it.

        • Sarah, Madrid says:

          Drogba was in UCL?

        • Cray says:

          Ronaldo is not the coach, Lauren. He only agreed when the coach asked him to take it. Seriously, what is your problem?

    • xoWinnie says:

      I am beyond annoyed…yes, he agreed to it, but Bento shouldn't have asked him to. In my opinion, the "star player" should never have to take the first or last penalty. my perfect pick would be 3rd or 4rth. First is too much pressure, and a miss on his part would have seriously wreaked havoc on his team-mates' nerves. Last is too risky because, well, he might not even get his turn! Stupid, stupid, STUPID.

      • Rubii says:

        Ronaldo always says the truth,thats why he is most hated.
        if he chosed to shoot the 5th penalty, he would've said that !

      • Sarah, Madrid says:

        Think about it, it was vs iker too, you think iker doesn't know how cristano takes his pens + I hated him for his advise that allowed Rui to stop alonso pens – of course I don't. :p, but you know!
        Anyway, I think this whole issue as you mentioned above is worse because iris cristano ronaldo, like didn't he take last pen vs England in 2006 and eliminated them?
        Portugal they are treated as heros, as far as I saw, that's what should matter, never seen my life a penalty order business taken as much attention from Mourinho and Alves inability to convert or fact that nani pulling albes back, why would you do this to your teammate, I was watching this with people who when saw Alves taking the pen was already celebrating his miss before happening because he just knew how Nani pulled him out, why isn't anyone talking about this? As you said just because it is Cris everything is worse

        • EvilBean says:

          They have to give the ref. a list of five players. The players have to take their penalties in the order they have on the refs list.
          If Alves had taken the penalty it wouldn't have counted since Nani had to take his first. So you can't blame Nani for pulling him back.

          Who's to blame for the mix-up I don't know.
          Was Nani unfocused and didn't step forward fast enough, so Alves thought it was his turn?
          Was Alves nervous, and stepped forward even though it wasn’t his turn?
          Was Bento not clear in his instructions to the players?
          And I’m sure there’re at least a couple of others reasonable suggestions to why the mix-up happened.

    • miss tweezy says:

      I think even if he took the first or the second or the third penalty portugal still would hav lost so it makes no differnce being mad at him
      Nd I'm still not ready 2 see sergio ,kaka or ronaldo score penalties becoz last years flop is still fresh in my mind nd the anger 2 . That's y I changed the tv wen it was sergio's turn 2 take his penalty

    • DebS says:

      I felt like he was last because the coach felt he could handle the pressure if it came down to his penalty being the match winner.

      I don't think it helped Alves in the least that there was a mix up between him and Nani. At first I thought it was an attempt to mess with Iker's head, like he'd have already been thinking about Alves' tendencies and then Nani came up.

      Either way, the coaches plan didn't work.

  33. German_Girl says:

    :( :( :( :( What the hell happened???!

    So, so sad for my boys, but have to admit that they were outplayed last night and Italy rightfully won. Balotelli was fantastic.

    Still feeling a bit raw, but looking forward to the final on Sunday – should be a cracker of a game!

    • Kristina says:

      I feel for you! I so wanted a final between Germany and Spain! But, Italy played a fantastic game.

    • Miri says:

      I keep asking myself the same question. What happened to them?

      What a sad night. I have to admit, that I've been really, really angry yesterday. At times they did not look like the same team that won all of their qualifiers and beat every team at the group stage. It did hurt, when I saw them cry. Like I said, it was a sad night.

      But congratulations to Italy. It breaks my heart, but the better team won.

      • German_Girl says:

        I agree. They didn't look like the same team who played so well throughout the whole tournament. The only team to have a 100% success rate in the group stages.

        Italy definitely was the better team last night. They just looked more up for it than us.

    • Rossanera says:

      Being gracious in defeat is so rare, so I salute you for such a classy response to seeing your team go out.