May 10th, 2012

Europa League Final: Atlético Madrid Wins, Strips & Parades

Images: AFP Photos; Twitter via a reader tip.

Hallelujah, the Europa League is over. Many games were played by various teams, all except one were not watched by ourselves.

Double hallelujah for the sexy six packs of Atlético Madrid (including Alvaro Dominguez; Falcao; Diego and Mario Suarez, at left, far left…who is dating Malena Costa…), who defeated Athletic Bilbao 3-0 to claim the Europa League title. As Kickette loyalists know, we often talk about stronger, prettier, fitter teams prevailing over their less studly competition, and last night’s all-Spanish final was no different.

Nice going to Atlético on the win and for following Kickette Celebratory Procedure to the letter!

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22 Responses to “Europa League Final: Atlético Madrid Wins, Strips & Parades”

  1. DrStrangelove says:

    Munain crying like a bairn. That almost brought me to tears. :/

  2. Maria says:

    Yes!!! Mario Suarez!!
    Hands off Malena!

  3. Sarah, Madrid says:

    The crying was too much for anyone to take, I just wanted to give them hugs, fact that they stayed to watch atlei celebrate, like someone should have taken them off the pitch, it was heart aching.

    Kudos to Simeone as atlei were having a horrible season before him, now they are EL champions, Congrats Falcao well deserved.

    as for Athletic fans, as my friend told me, they are proud of this team, more than proud, they are in it to beat barcelona so they can secure an Europa place too, I am cheering for them Aupa Athletic.

    • Gladys says:

      I believe Athletic have already secured a Europa spot (since Barca has a CL spot as #2, a Europa spot automatically goes to the other Copa finalist). That said, as a Barca fan, I want them to win the Copa but it feels a little sad that it has to be at Bilbao's expense– what great fans and a great manager they have. At the very least, I would love to see a high-scoring game from both sides. That would be exciting and a nice end to the season.

      And what a crazy weekend it's going to be. Sudden death for all those poor teams at the bottom. I hope the recent good fortune of Madrid's other two teams rubs off on Rayo and they avoid regulation.

      • Sarah, Madrid says:

        Oh yeah, I forget that. Don't remind of Rayo I hope they do, as for UCL places I want Malaga to take it I think Levante had their fun let other teams take it from them

        • Gladys says:

          I think Malaga gets the CL spot unless they lose and Atleti win, in which case AM gets it. But poor Levante, their main striker is out and they just want a Europa spot and are dependent on drawing or winning against Bilbao (seems like a long shot without Koune) and Mallorca losing to RM at the Bernebeu (though this is much more likely). It would have been nice to see such an underdog team in international competition next season. [All this crazy standings math is making my head spin.]

          • Sarah, Madrid says:

            jajaja, I know I lost track of what's happening lately because I amnot following as much as I used too because I am busy.
            don't get started on the bottom fisca, I feel bad for Granada as last week they kinda gifted a win to a hangovered Real Madrid, now in horrible situation where they have to win against Rayo where Rayo has to win as wll with their players sent off for being stupid, Zaragoza losing as well. You have villarreal vs atletico where villarreal win to stay ( I hope they face a hangovered atlei as well )

            I perosnally think zaragoza should go down, they really had a horrible season, I want Rayo to stay, villarreal has alot of excellent players to play in segunda, not fair. However, glad this time Getafe is safe

  4. Kat22 says:

    Unfortunately I was only able to catch the first few minutes of the game – but did manage to see Falcao's first goal. Wow!

  5. cupcakes says:

    I thought Porto won it last year? Although that means it is Falcao's second straight title. I wonder how much Manchester City will tediously and inevitably buy him for?

    Malena Costa you are only one footballer away from Danielle Lloyd territory, so keep a hold of that one girl.

    Athletic Bilbao will be happy once they lift the CDR – which is looking more likely now that Barça have one first-choice CB injured (poor Puyol) and one playing like a donkey. Fernando Llorente will be smiling (and hopefully shirtless) soon!

    • Jenni says:

      Correct, Atletico won it in 2010 and now. Porto won it last year.

      I can't believe you guys didn't watch any games before this one! Early in the season, I was focused on the likes of Legia Warszawa (interviewed some of their sexy, drunk, flare-wielding supporters after their friendly with Arsenal in 2010, for my dissertation). Later, it became all about Man City, for reasons beginning with B and ending with I. After they went out, I latched onto Athletic Bilbao because of their amazing, flowing football. Shame it didn't really happen for them in the final. Kudos to Falcao for two astonishing goals. Cupcakes – I agree that Falcao will join a rich and tedious team, but I wouldn't mind so much if it was City. United, Chelsea or Real Madrid would all be annoying choices.

  6. Gladys says:

    It was sweet to read all the player texts (Mata, Cesc, Pique, to name a few) congratulating Atleti but also thanking Bilbao for their amazing play throughout the tournament.

    Does anyone else think Malena's new beau looks a little like he could be her brother? (By which I mean, they're both incredibly hot.)

    Lastly, Falcao was amazing, but extra kudos should also go to Courtois, their 19 year old GK, who played like someone ten years older. What a performance he put in.

    • iram1982 says:

      i didn't know malena had moved on after breaking up with puyol? did he move on too? i mean does he have a new lady?

      • Gladys says:

        He has some awesome (newish) Columbian lady– she's not quite the stunner that Malena was but she's a friend of Shakira's and a singer and she seems pretty normal and not heavily in the limelight. I think they've shown her on this site before.

  7. Kristina says:

    Awesome game by Athletico! Congrats! But those crying Bilbao players got to me. The tears, the tears, sigh.

    • Thea says:

      I know right! Very sad to see, but I think it was more that they really didn't show up than anything else. But they are young team with loads more to grow and give!

      • Kristina says:

        Yes they were disappointed of themselves. What's worse is that I'm hoping that Barca will do the same to them in the Copa del Rey-final. It's a tough world, but as you say they are a young, strong team.

        • Thea says:

          Well – don't count them out – they beat MANU and other big teams – and like Liverpool on Monday – sometimes humiliation can make you more determined!!

          Barca will want to salvage something from the season though!

          • Kristina says:

            Oh no, definitely not counting them out. I guess they are as eager as Barca to come out with something. Especially after this.

            • Gladys says:

              The crying killed me, too, but on top of wanting Barca to beat them, I also want Levante to beat them this weekend, otherwise they're totally out of a Europa slot for next season (which Bilbao has already earned). I feel bad wanting them to lose their remaining games, but they're also a young team with so much promise. (Funny, like Barca at times this season, they really had a finishing problem last night. I agree that if they had gotten even 1 or 2 goals they wouldn't have been so upset.) Congrats to Atletico though. I don't know why everyone seems to dislike them. They have some terrific players who, no doubt, may leave them (think of Fernando, Kun, Forlan– just like Valencia, it's hard to remain strong with players always leaving).

              • Thea says:

                Well the good thing about this season is that it has been a season of upsets with inderdogs prevailing! It could be the begining of a new world order for top teams!

  8. Thea says:

    Well done Athlectico! Good to see some international silverware making to Madrid and Spain this season!

  9. aisling says:

    Alvaro Dominguez just made my day :P One hot man