August 2nd, 2012

Ex-Pal Pose Off: Xabi Alonso & Steven Gerrard vs David Beckham & Iker Casillas

Images: Twitter, Facebook.

Which pair of former starting XI teammates pulls off the “reunited and it looks so good” mood best: old Liverpool partners-on-field, Xabi Alonso & Steven Gerrard, or Becksillas (of Real-ly Hot Madrid fame)?

Now, on to more important issues. Like when did David Beckham’s forehead totally give up on fighting the early signs of premature aging? It’s making us uncomfortable. And a little curious.

Many thanks in advance to those who respond to our sizzle query request. We eagerly await your consult while we pout in the judgment corner.

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46 Responses to “Ex-Pal Pose Off: Xabi Alonso & Steven Gerrard vs David Beckham & Iker Casillas”

  1. princesshuanzhu says:

    Gerrard Alonso. They're at the same age. They had great moment together in liverpool.

  2. alyssa says:


  3. Jeniffer says:

    OMG! where was I?! how did i miss this yummy photo????.
    My heart just melted and it's getting mixed with my drool. Forget 50 shades of gray….These 4 shades of tan will do enough!. GGrrrr… goodness, I miss Xabi in LFC.

  4. Honey Jen says:

    Beckham, my love

  5. Carolina says:

    I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Kopite says:

    Xabi and Stevie… when where and why were they reunited??x

    • Caro says:

      Xabi posted it on his twitter in May, called Stevie "the Skipper", obviously beaming with pride.

      Why? Because they missed each other and couldn't wait to pull each other into a secluded hotel room and… er… I mean, I don't know, no idea. They're wearing dorky, old married couple, ridiculous matching swimming trunks though so I can't help it, the fanfic writes itself.

  7. neeraj says:

    beckham and casillas pair is more good than xabi alonso and steven gerrerd.

  8. fantasyyirma says:

    I could do with a keeper for our pub team so becks and casillas! ha

  9. Elena says:

    Gerlonso! I love both of them! *-*

    (Xabeard is in the hose *¬*)

  10. EvilBean says:

    Gerlonso! Stevie looks so happy; maybe Xabi is a little friskier than his missus, who apparently only owns 20 pairs of white knickers.
    Oh, and Xabi looks really happy as well, he must be missing the kisses from Stevie :-)

  11. nlk says:

    There’s nothing EX about Stevie and Xabi. Some love stories transcend time and transfer drama. Xabi talks in Jot Down about his years in Liverpool with such…longing, calls it his unfinished business and lists Stevie as an all time favorite player he respects most. And Stevie is a smitten kitten when he talks about Xabi. The longing and angst… Becksillas just cannot compete.

  12. Sez says:

    Gerlonso, of course. So much love and happiness in that picture. <3

  13. KSmith says:

    Becksillas are much hotter although Alonso is beautiful

  14. Gerlonso of course! They're beautiful (especially my Xabi) and look so happy together…very nice pic!

  15. Poolie says:

    Gerlonso for life <3

  16. black widow says:

    how on earth am i supposed to make this decision!? talk about sophie's choice! i love ALL of them, and both sets of bromances (i support RM and liverpool), but if i *HAD* to pick … becksillas. david is absolutely iker's one true love (watch out, pastasauce!).

  17. Whitney says:

    Anyone have a direct link to the Alonso/Gerrard picture?

  18. Laura says:

    Becksillas. Love for the ages. XDD Look at the snuggle! I love Stevie and Xabi, both together and apart, but the friendship between Iker and Becks was charming beyond all other sources of delight. Plus it's the one with the public declarations of love!

  19. CiaraBarcelona says:

    Xabi Alonso and Steven Gerrard!!! Becks looks old and this is not Iker’s best shot!

  20. MochiCavalry says:

    The hands on the shoulder says it all, great friends Gerlonso. I wonder if Becks has improved his Spanish…

  21. Sarah, Madrid says:

    Becksillas these two even don't speak the same language, talk with he language of Love! I am pretty sure one of main reasons why we play LA every season for these to meet, look at how happy Iker is in the photo, although it is downgrade from last season their shared moments in conference

  22. April says:

    Totally Gerlonso! They look genuinely comfortable and happy with each other.

  23. Zina says:

    Becksillas — all the way!

  24. O.M.G. says:

    O M G!!!! It’s 2012 and we get to see a picture of Gerlonso and Becksillas! Two of my favourite bromances of all time!!! My ovaries are exploding!

  25. Xan says:

    Look how happy Stevie is! Must be Stevie & Xabi then.

  26. kiddo says:

    two of the greatest bromances in football…

  27. Sara in Paris says:

    Definitely Alonso and Gerrard. You can feel the sexual tension between those two. Cheeks flushed with desire.

    Those two kiss again and I am in heaven! LOL

  28. Lola says:

    It has to be Iker and Becks for me. Never liked Gerlonso that much, thought Gerrard was much cuter/had fantastic chemistry with Torres.

    • April says:

      The Gerrard/Torres combo was more of a footballing one, IMO. Sure it was great to hear their names called out together by the commentators, but as far as bromances go, Gerlonso was the one for Stevie.

      • Lola says:

        The things Fernando and Stevie said about each other was always endearing imo, they called the other their "special friend" and all that lmao, and Fernando loved to bring up Stevie in every interview he had, and they were always wearing each other's kits during trainings (as in, Fernando wore no.8 and Stevie no.9). And of course, their on-pitch chemistry was to die for, their goals celebrations specially. To me, the Gerlonso love started after Xabi left Liverpool when they realized that they indeed missed/needed each other a lot. But during Xabi's time at Livepool, I can only recall their CL win night in which they acted affectionate towards one another.

  29. freckledtattoo says:

    Xabi and Stevie. That pic just made me so happy because THEY are so happy! <3

  30. Jayy says:

    pppft, its not even a competition, gerlonso win by a long shot. YNWA!

  31. IrishBlue says:

    Stevie and Xabi! It was a sad day when that duo were separated.

  32. SVA says:

    Gerlonso FTW!! Like Red_Girl said, you can tell that those two are truly happy to be reunited.

  33. lala says:

    Becksillas all the way!

  34. Red_Girl says:

    Charming as Becks and Casillas are, there is genuine delight on the face of Stevie and Xabi. And have Becks and Casillas ever shared a kiss like S-X on fire? I rest my case.

  35. Yvonne Bayer says:

    I think it's a draw! Can't choose!

  36. Krystal says:

    This is the one time I'm on Liverpool's side.

  37. darkchild says:

    Gerlonso has it by a ginger beard! This was hard though.

  38. gin_in_teacups says:

    YES! (I believe that is the correct answer).

  39. Little Berba says:

    Becksillas! Long live cheek pinching, piggy backs and rolling around in the grass!!

  40. Lydia says:

    Always Gerlonso.