January 25th, 2007

exiting the club: Gemma Atkinson

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Ooookay… so it’s looking like the Gemma Atkinson/Cristiano Ronaldo love-fest is over.


We’re quite sure Ms. Atkinson was very proudly bragging about this conquest in the not-so-distant past of two minutes ago, when we welcomed her to the WAG club.

At a party at Manchester’s Cotton House Club late last week, Gemma hooked up with Mark Furze, a former Australian soap star. They were seen doing some tonsil hockey in the back of a cab on the way home.

If you’re a prude you may not want to read the next bit: he had his hand on her bottom.


The same night as the bottom-touching events in question, Cristiano was hanging out at the Kylie Minogue concert. We could say something about that, but we’re going to stay focussed on Gemma for the moment.

We’re all for women asserting their rights to be “social”, but if you’ve got a stiletto in the door at Club Cristiano, why on earth would you go to any other building?

Ciao Gemma, we barely knew ye. Don’t let the door hit your skanky ass on the way out.

Link: Love A Furze

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