November 27th, 2007

Exclusive Interview: Meet Sian Owen


Kickettes, please meet and greet Sian Owen, girlfriend to Chelsea’s Shaun Wright Phillips.

Ms. Owen took time out of her busy schedule to chat to us about her career, her relationship with Shaun, and what she thinks about girls who dream about bagging a baller.  Here’s a little background:

Sian’s name is Welsh, and is pronounced “Sharn”.  She’s 23 years old and works as an actress/model and she’s a trained ballet dancer – she just finished a run in the West End performing in the musical Daddy Cool. She met Shaun when he was at Manchester City and she was in town doing a photo shoot – she had no idea who he was, and actually thought he might have gained his flash car by illegal means.

In many ways, she’s the anti-stereotypical WAG, with little concern for shopping or the fame that comes with a high profile relationship.  (One of the original WAGs booked for the infamous WAGs Boutique, Sian pulled out after the pilot episode – “It just wasn’t the right thing for me,“ she says.)

Sian is sweeter than sugar cookies and we’re not just saying that because she agreed to chat with us: click through and see for yourself.

“I trained and worked as a ballet dancer, and then went on to do more commercial work. In August I finished a run in the musical Daddy Cool in the West End – 8 shows a week, which was brilliant. I’ve been lucky enough to work, keep busy and do something I love with my career. I’ve trained hard at this since a very young age and I gave up all my weekends as a child, so I’m proud of what I do.

I have been in the recording studio lately as I love to sing, and I do work with Shaun’s Education for the Children charity group, which came out of his trip to Guatemala in the summer. (The White Room Charity event mentioned on Kickette was Shaun’s fundraiser and he raised nearly £1 million.) Shaun and I are also looking at starting a clothing label. I’m kind of all over the place!”

“I get bored shopping, to be honest. I like mixing designer with high street, and I think what Coleen does with Asda is great and affordable for people. I’m big on comfort, so in the winter it’s all about the Uggs. I get my hair done by my aunt – my hair is mixed Afro Caribbean/European, and she’s the only one I trust! Plus, she can come over when I’m in my PJs late at night to do it.”

“I don’t get jealous of the girls that are out trying to get with footballers – I think you can spot them a mile off. And despite what is said, these men aren’t silly. Shaun is a regular guy to me and just like any woman I have insecurities, but you can’t be in a relationship if you can’t just trust and enjoy life.”

“I feel sad by the idea of girls who have a goal of becoming a footballers’ wife. I don’t think it should be seen as a dream or aspiration and I think it will end in tears if you spend your life chasing that goal. There is more to life.”

“I am more of a football fan now because of Shaun, I admit I’m biased and follow his career closely, though I grew up near Selhurst Park so I’m loyal to Crystal Palace. I go to Shaun’s games when I can, because I love watching live matches, especially England.”

“Shaun and I love music and I love dancing, so we hit the clubs when we have the chance to have a night out. We also like just chilling at home or watching films. Shaun’s a big video game fan and is always on the PSP (I have a go at Mario Carts…!) We’re just like any other couple, really.”

Note: We interviewed Sian before the recent NOTW story about the shenanigans taking place at Shaun’s birthday party in Oct at the Wardour. When asked about it in an email yesterday, she says she was there and yes, it was a big party so there was certainly alcohol and celebration, but not to believe everything you read in the papers, especially by those looking for a payday…

images: matt christie, kaiz agency.

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44 Responses to “Exclusive Interview: Meet Sian Owen”

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  3. dianie says:

    I am so happty i finally see a back wag it seems like these boys have lost their roots.

  4. 000-078 says:

    000-210 She is too hot man! Love to read her interview, I will definitely looking forward to see her performance. 70-453

  5. 350-001 says:

    “I would like to thank Mike Griffiths for making me so enthusiastic about Nepal.“

    In March 2008 seven more members of staff, from the Gwynedd school, including Miss Jones, plan to travel to Nepal again to develop further links between the two schools.

  6. SONY says:

    Nomatter what as long as you black and got black blood in you, you are from africa. Real brothers stick with real sisters and v.versa you feel me. For those so called coconut boys you still african whether born uk i mean you, darrenbent, marcus bent, sol campbell , do the 3 of you knoow that you are black

  7. MARYANNA says:

    sian is not a black person in england, she is mixed race. Born in britain, therfore she is british, and all this talk of her colour and hair is pathetic. she is a pretty female who seems to have a good head on her shoulders, who cares what colour she is

  8. wendy says:

    the term is not afro brtish.We are not a hairstlye
    We are black people in engaland

  9. jade says:

    hi…i was browsing the site to read the interview with sian!!!she was a close friend of mine in high school….and im really proud of how hard shes worked to get where she is!!!she always wanted to dance!!and as for the question i keep seeing arise about the blue eyes…lol…yes they are hers..she also has 2 sisters with the same eyes!!sian is mixed race, therfore her mum is white british and her dad black jamaican, and her hair is real, as far as i no she just straightends it withe ghds!so guess she has good genes!!but i no wat ur sayin there is alot of fakeness, but i gotta back sian she is all real!!

  10. Dara says:

    So what if we go off topic. Its all about building and keeping the community alive. those who do not want to discuss the hair will join in on another story. We all like being here, that why we comment so don’t drive anyone away.

    I dont have hair like you all but why not leave it natural. Double strandedd twist always look good. and salons that do locks could style it real nice.

  11. Michaela says:

    ahh yes kickette, we need a forum!

    and annie, idk if you’re black or not but this hair isn’t the easiest to manage. so if we are trying to help each other out, do you have a problem with that? if so, please kindly get over it.


  12. jill says:

    annie what does it matter to you what they are talking about? granted it is a bit off topic… if you don’t want to see it then don’t read it.

    awesome job kickette & looking forward to the forum (=

  13. aja says:

    dara, that’s exactly what i thought when i read it – isn’t every caribbean person (and their hair) mixed somehow or other?  so it helped to understand the lingo. 

    kristin, if your hair is fragile, i would suggest you don’t use a relaxer at all.  or perhaps a light texturizer, which is basically a very weak relaxer that you only leave on for a few minutes and rinse right out.  but i’d get it done professionally.  also, flat irons can work wonders if you want to wear your hair straight.  if you want to wear it curly, i would suggest you try using some miss jessie’s products or kinky curly products…not sure where you live, they are readily available here in stores in new york, but they are also available online. 

    but do trim it.  i trim my hair very regularly, and it responds well to it.  damage on the ends just works its way all the way up the strand, so if you get rid of the damage on the ends, the rest of your hair will be healthier.

  14. kickette says:

    Kickettes we’ve been looking into a forum/community for everyone, so watch this space it will be happening soon.
    In the meantime, please try to stay on topic gals <img src="; width="19" height="19" alt="smile" style="border:0;" />

  15. annie says:

    i cnt believe u lot hve turned this into a blog bout black peoples hair really is it relevant?!

  16. aja says:

    dominican shops are pretty much always a good place for anyone to get their hair done.  they are very good with many different textures. 

    and michaela, i’m originally from buffalo, ny, but now i live in nyc.

  17. Kristin says:

    thanks michaela & Aja! (=

    i’m from minnesota born and raised, well almost raises, i just turned sixteen.

  18. Michaela says:

    to Kristin:

    I would say to you that if you have curly hair that cannot be managed by a straightener, get a relaxer.  You may not need a strong one but there are lots of different types out there.  For my perms, I usually try to find a Dominican salon because it stays awhile longer and doesn’t stink.  However, if your hair isn’t so curly, I would go with Aja and say to just get a texturizer.  As far as length, sometimes its the products that you use on your hair that can stop growth.  I only go to Kerastase shops for my regular wash & blowdry because the product is really good and my hair always looks healthy and shiny.  The key things are what your hair is like, who can style it and the products the use.  My hair was chopped to my shoulder in the summer (around July) and now its back to its regular length (halfway down my back).  I would think that hair length also would depend on your parents because my father’s hair is longer than mine and no one in my family has short hair.  But good luck!!! 

    To AJA & KRISTIN: where in the US are you from? I was raised in DC but am in Miami now.

  19. ella says:

    She’s seems like a genuine girl. Mario Carts- lol!

  20. Dara says:

    Black people from the caribbean are often mixed with a variety of nationalities mostly,chinese, east indian, caribs, arawaks (same as native american) syrian and lebanese and also some european so the hair may be a bit differnt from from “african americans”. I guess thats what she means. She seems decent though.

    It is strange to see a black WAG. I thought they didnt exist at all.

  21. michelle says:

    An WAG interview with Kickette?=- HOW COOL!  I always wondered if there were any WAGs interested in this as we all know we don’t always say the nicest things about them <img src="; width="19" height="19" alt="LOL" style="border:0;" />

    Great interview and of course those green eyes aren’t real!

  22. Becca x says:

    I Think She Seems Really Nice And Down To Earth.. She Pretty Too And I Agree With Her About Not Believing Every Thing You Read In Newspapers But Some Times It Is Quite Hard.

  23. Cate says:

    Well I’ve got Italian/Polish hair, so if I don’t use cream-rinse I’m just f*cked.

    But, haha! When I saw this was an interview I laughed! Kickette has made it to the big time! :D But snaps to Sian for giving the interview and for being such a hard worker. I’m majorly jealous that she had a gig on the West End. She’s got quite the look too, in the first photo. I was a little taken aback because it’s so striking.

    (Also, question, does it really warrant a mention that she’s black? Maybe I just don’t get it.)

  24. Kristin says:

    oops! forgot to add, someone mentioned before having a hall of fame! i was just thinking about this the other day… like the finest five list maybe a top wags list? that’d be interesting!
    and you really should consider a forum, i’ve been a lurker on here for forever and there are a lot of interesting opinions.

  25. Kristin says:

    aja & michaela oh my good golly goodness i feel your pain haha. my hair is white african american (i live in the states my mum is white and my dad is black, but my mother doesn’t know much about black hair so it’s just a mess). my mom has tried doing one of those box rexalers on my hair when i was like ten and she called the company and asked for help and they told her not to do anything to my hair with black products because it’s fragile like white hair yet thick and curly like black hair. so i was wondering what kind of rexalers you use? or used? and if you had any suggestions, i want my hair to grow and be long but it grows at the speed of negative 2 per year, i swear it hasn’t grown more than an inch in 3 years! i was thinking of trimming off the dead and putting extensions in because right now it’s just short-medium and curly and i don’t like it. haha waaay off topic. i really like her! she seems really down to earth!
    anyways great job kickette! and you should really look into getting a forum on here!

  26. Meena says:

    Of course there are black WAGS! Just cuz u don’t see em in the sun doens’t mean they dont exist. Didier drogba… viera, ian wright… gallas and clichy… they all have black wives/gfs…

  27. Sarah x says:

    Arww She Seems Lovely x
    Theres Not an Ounce Of Fakeness About Her smile (Not That Fakeness Is A Completely Bad Thing)
    Shuan Is V.Lucky
    Thanks For The Interveiw Kickette x

  28. Robin says:

    Well done!

  29. RedGirl says:

    Great interview! She seems to be really nice…

  30. mjc says:

    I think Sian should be made an honorary kickette! She must have a sense of humour too if she would come on the site for an interview smile

  31. tammyv says:

    great interview Kickette and thanks for taking the time to give it Sian!  Good luck with your career

  32. Pablo says:

    Very classy and beautiful lady.

  33. michaela says:

    thx kickette! i still don’t get good hair vs bad hair though.  isn’t all hair good if you have it and take care of it??

    aja – i can’t stop.  even with a relaxer it gets curly with a bit of wind or water and it will stay like that til I straighten it.  its pretty good about staying straight after I run the flat iron through it once or twice though. idk how you do it.  i already feel bad for the kids i might have one day.  i used to hide combs.

  34. tasha says:

    Shaun and Sharn! hee. cute.

  35. aja says:

    thanks for clearing that up, kickette.  very interesting.

    (and michaela, i too started the relaxer thing at age 9, but i got tired of it and just stopped doing it when i was 16.  not consciously, just hated getting it done.)

  36. kickette says:

    Aja – Michaela: in the UK, hair type is often defined as “European” for white hair and “Afro Caribbean” for black hair.  Just different lingo that is frequently used at hair salons… but the politics of ‘good’ hair exists here as well…!

  37. LoveLamps says:

    Excellent interview and so nice to have a real person among the WAG royalty!  Thanks Kickette!

  38. michaela says:

    at aja –

    its a really confusing statement isn’t it? my mom is cuban, panamanian & jamaican && my dad is jamaican, chinese & syrian so according to black people, i’ve got “good” hair but naturally, it’s nothing but a heap of curls.  like getting my hair wet or being in a lot of wind is a no-no for me.  my curls were so crazy that they started relaxing my hair at 9 and they didn’t even use kiddie perms.  and my roots never do stay straight for too long.  maybe its a european thing to say.  is european a nickname for a white person?? i don’t get that at all.

  39. Lenoire says:

    A black wag, now theres a first!!!

  40. SuzyQ says:

    actually i think there are a few afro-british wags out there.. jamelia for example. i think some are just on a lower profile for some reason… also there is noemie lenoir.

    great interview kickette!

  41. aja says:

    yes, nice interview.  and michaela, i (as a black american reader) have the same question.  i guess, i, too, have “afro-caribbean/european hair” (as my fam. is from jamaica, bermuda, and the netherlands), but i’m not really sure what that really means.  cuz my hair leans decidedly towards the afro side of that equation.  i guess this isn’t exactly the place to have that conversation, but i understand the frustration.

    (then again, i also know what it means to not trust anyone with your hair.  the only person i trust with my hair is my mother.)

  42. Johnna says:

    I think we should take heed of the thing she says about not believing everything we see in the papers. It’s amazing how much credit some people give to trash mags like The Sun.

    Thanks for the interview Kickette!

  43. Micah Richards Wag (i wish) says:

    I Think shez goreuss nd classy. Shauns v.luky.

  44. Michaela says:

    that’s really nice that she’s just a normal girl but as an african-american, i wonder if those are her real eyes (not hating but I have natural hazel eyes and hate when people wear contacts because I always get the question “are those real?“).  here’s my #1 most hated thing about wags: there are so many aspects of fakeness.  like color contacts, weaves, etc. what kind of hair is “Afro Caribbean/European?“  is that a proper way of saying I have nice black girl hair? lol. I guess I’ve got Afro Caribbean/Asian/Middle Eastern/Spanish hair but to me, any hair can be beautiful, no matter what people are born with.  but anywhoo, I don’t know Sian (so I’m not saying she’s fake or anything) but she seems really nice, down to earth & like she’s got a good head on her shoulders.  good luck with everything you’ve got planned for your future!!

    && I agree with MJC – she should be an honorary kickette.  it was very nice of her to give an interview.

    ps – i didn’t mean to rant or take away from this great interview but sometimes i get a little frustrated.