August 16th, 2007

Exiting the Club: Jamelia

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Pop singer Jamelia will be turning in her WAG membership badge this week.

She’s split up with long-term boyfriend and baby daddy, Darren Byfield.  The Millwall midfielder was rumoured to have cheated on her at the start of the year, and even though Jamelia swore she believed in his innocence, the relationship has never been the same.

Miss J has moved out of their lush house in Kent and headed back to Birmingham to stay with family.

The model Darren was accused of getting it on with, Jaclyn Evans, told the tabloids they had a month long affair.  She said Darren told her that Jamelia was “a controlling diva” always talking about marriage.

Hang on – men don’t like controlling divas who are obsessed with marriage?  We must have missed this memo. 

It’s a shame to lose the fiesty Jamelia from the WAG club – remember when she took on Alex Curran and called her a leech with no life of her own? Good times.

Link: Jamelia Splits With Fella

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7 Responses to “Exiting the Club: Jamelia”

  1. Robin says:

    She had a toy boy! We all need one of those at one time or another.

  2. Anna says:

    I’d say Millwall is a pretty legit club, no?

    I always thought Jamelia was too good for Darren, tbh. Especially after hearing about the cheating incident last season. I mean look at that photo – she looks like a woman, he looks like a boy.

  3. Robin says:

    She was totally spot on though when she said without Steven who would Alex be?

    And Millwall is in the Coca Cola League which is the second-highest division of The Football League and third-highest division overall in the English football league system. It is the most profitable and competitive third-tier football league in the world.

  4. Sarah;; says:

    I Wouldnt Have Called Her A WAG Either And i Think Shes Really Out Of Order For Calling Alex Curran A Leech (Wht A Word Lmao) And For Sayin She Only Eats Two Grapes A Day She Is Quite Skinny But Shes Not Anerexic!

  5. Charlotte;; says:

    I Wouldnt Have Ever Called Her A WAG Really.. Shes Known For Singing Not For Going Out With A Footballer.. Although.. So is Cheryl Cole.. But I Would Still call her A WAG.. I Suppose Its Just That Millwall Arent A Very High Football Team And Ive Never Heard Of Darren Byfield So..

    Much Love

  6. Helena says:

    Good luck to Jamelia for the future. I’m sure that without this letch in her life her career will reach new heights.