April 18th, 2011

Fabian Espindola: Fire Safety First

Screw ‘stop, drop and roll’, Kickettes. According to Real Salt Lake’s Fabian Espindola, ‘glide, grow & gripe’ are the most imperative steps for fanning any pitch flames. Image: Steve Griffin/The Salt Lake Tribune. Thx ARF!

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9 Responses to “Fabian Espindola: Fire Safety First”

  1. KalehuaRSL says:

    ESPY!!!!! Love seeing one of our RSL players grace Kickette.. Lucky for us Sabo is still flying under the radar :) RSL v Monterrey – Lets Go Boys!!!

    • rslkdl says:

      Ooh, Sabo. It's just a matter of time. I'm surprised no one's found Wingert either.

      • KalehuaRSL says:

        So true. Johnsons my fave on our team, though im not liking his current haircut. ;) Sabo, Wingert, Becks and his dreads… I think Olave has this look about him too… sigh. Love our team!

        • rslkdl says:

          Beckerman's my very fave. *sigh* He's been on here at least once! I agree with you on Johnson's 'do and about Olave. Beltran's pretty cute too!

          Awesome result last night. We're lucky to have such a team that's fun to watch AND look at.

          • KalehuaRSL says:

            We were on a flight to NY in December with Tony. Ran in to him again at baggage claim, and again on the train heading to the subway. All while I was wearing my RSL jacket. But I couldnt form any words to say anything! lol..

  2. babu says:

    i love you gor! sos hermoso! te amoooo!

  3. Sarie says:

    Go RSL!!! Big game tomorrow.

  4. rslkdl says:

    Oh my God. Diehard RSL fan here, and I love, love LOVE Fabi. He's signed my jersey and gives good hugs. *squee*