June 23rd, 2010

Fabio Cannavaro: Stair Steppin’

Images via Getty Images Europe.

After Italy’s game against New Zealand, captain Fabio Cannavaro stepped to the beat of our hearts. Yea, we just referenced Justin Bieber, but it’s the Usher remix so it’s all good.

If Canna’s stair steppin’ game was set to a soundtrack, what would it be?

A) “Walk This Way” – Aerosmith

B) “These Boots Are Made For Walking” – Nancy Sinatra

C) “Don’t Walk Away Boy” – Jade

D) “Walk Like A Man” – The Four Seasons

E) “Baby Got Back” – Sir Mix-a-lot

Difficult, eh? Not for us. We pick E. Forever and ever, we’ll go with E.

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17 Responses to “Fabio Cannavaro: Stair Steppin’”

  1. sahil says:

    he is very short..but is cool..

  2. Karin C. says:

    ooooooooooo god all mighty:)
    just the pick me up i needed after the loss against England.
    i would have to say Dip it low, Christina Milian…

  3. Regiii says:

    E coz Canna Got Back… and Tighs… and Arms… And Tattoos… And Eyes… And Everything Else that is needed in order to be considered the last cookie in the Yummy Jar!!!

  4. aristeia says:

    Capitano always comes through for us in this category. Never fails.

  5. Carina says:

    I love that picture but there’s so much that’s wrong with it…he’s not wearing his sweater or short yet still has his boots on as well as his captain’s band, LOL.

    Oh well, I’m not complaining. And E all the way

  6. Liz says:

    I pick C just because it's one of my faves.

  7. Tessa says:

    Who can we contact at FIFA to get a new rule stating that Fabs must play in his Dolce's?!

  8. Garima says:

    Thanks kickette for making my day. Thanks Canna for not having clothes on :)

  9. Louise says:

    Lovely, but so sad.

    Too bad the photographer caught him leading with the wrong foot…

  10. elnino says:

    He has a football tan! How awesome is that?

  11. p4ng says:

    Never heard any of these songs, but ''Baby Got Back'' sounds good.. Fabio. Mmmh.

  12. C16 says:

    LMAO!!!! E, no doubt! lol

  13. Blair says:

    I'm going to do a write in vote for "Walking on Sunshine." Lulz!

  14. senora ramos says:

    canna <3333

    soooooooo E