February 17th, 2010

Fact or Fiction: The Love Life of Iker Casillas

Image via AP Photo

Let’s address the Sara Carbonero and Iker Casillas relationship talk.

First, we need to say that Sara strikes us as that girl we all knew at school. The rail thin one that swears she doesn’t deprive herself of food. The girl that’s class president who also wants to be the yearbook editor while organizing the senior prom. So before we continue, let’s all roll our eyes as the boys fawn all over her.

(Is it obvious that she grates on our nerves a tad?)

So, we’re having some difficulty evaluating the validity of certain statements in the press about the pair. Especially those supposed Iker utterances. Ya know, the “woman of my life” ones?

(And lest we forget, the the foreign press slammed Iker’s lack of persuasion power when it was rumoured Sara had “chosen” another, older man at the Real Madrid goalkeeper’s expense.)

Here’s what we know and what we call suspect on:

Claim: The pair first met in South Africa.
Fact: She was covering the CONCACAF tournament for Telecinco.
Fiction: Sparks flew and Iker sent her flowers. As we all know, Iker made an attempt at stabilization with Ana Isabel, but that fizzled quickly. If she was the spaghetti to his meatballs, Iker could’ve gotten what he wanted.

Claim: The pair were spotted together at Pacha last week celebrating Real Madrid’s victory over Espanyol win with Iker’s teammates.
Fact: Pacha is a club for… how shall we put this… folks like Nereida. We’re talking about Iker here, peeps.
Fiction: If Iker & friends decided to paint the town Hot, Wouldn’t there be photos? No photos, no proof, no story. For now, anyway. Also, we’ve heard alternate whispers that Iker wasn’t at Pacha that night, but at a different discoteca.

Claim: The pair spent a romantic Valentine’s Day together
Fact: Unfortunately we don’t have access to Iker’s calendar (we do have C-ron’s though) but Pastasauce supposedly caused heads to turn 10 days prior to V-day when she spent a night partying – without her boyfriend.

So, in summary: we really have no idea what’s actually going on.

But our sources say that so far the insider chat has been pretty silent on this – when usually, gossip like this is impossible to keep out of the media. We’ll keep you posted.

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33 Responses to “Fact or Fiction: The Love Life of Iker Casillas”

  1. NinyaC says:

    I don't find her attractive at all.

    Is something wrong with me?

    And if that RM bet is true, then I don't really know what to think now. . .

  2. Daniela says:

    it’s all just a rumor to me.

    it seems so unlike Iker to say she is the woman of his life. he’s always been really personal and just to come out and say that?

    and she’s in a relationship. with a good looking guy.
    of course, Iker is WAY better but I just don’t see it working.

  3. freddiegirl says:

    If it's true and she's a good girl than I'm happy for Iker…he's not only a hottie but seems like a really 'good' guy…unlike a lot of ballers who are contstantly in trouble. England National Team anyone? I love Iker but if anyone deserves to be in a stable, happy relationship it's Mr. Casillas.

  4. Mom says:

    Sin Iker needs to bring that chin out of hiding…

  5. HJ says:

    1)Sara is not ‘pretty’- she’s a Barbie! n’ i despise her for that.
    2)I’m glad that he didn’t rly sent her flowers.envy, envy, envy.
    3)Sara might be professional, too smart to hook up with ballers etc but it’s Iker we’re talkin’ about :D
    4)her sis is Bojan’s gf! I blame the parents..
    5)i hope she doesn’t follow the Spanish NT to SA.
    keep ur stupid little reporter hands off my men, Sara!

  6. eatmyboost says:

    I don't get why they criticised his "lack of persuasion power". Surely all Iker needs to do to persuade a woman is gaze at her with those beautiful honey-coloured eyes of his.

    And I am the woman of his life!

  7. Trisha (Mrs Iker Casillas) says:

    I must say that this woman is starting to grate on my nerves a bit as well!!!

    I mean, which woman would not have clarified those rumors by now to keep her integrity and dignity intact.

    Check out Iker’s eyes!!! Like, How dare you ask me a question like that!!!

    Anyway, i dont think that Iker is the sort of person to say that this is the woman of my life without even acknowledging at first to the public that they are going out. He is too mature for that kind of behaviour.

    i think that both of them being in the same field of work (sport), their paths will cross at times and the media will always refer to the confed cup issue.

    She is a pretty woman and im sure there are many sportmen that have made a pass at her and she is bound to befriend most of them.

    But i think Iker would prefer someone that he can have to himself!!! Like me!!! LOL

  8. SweetVito says:

    Surely if none of it was true at all, she'd come out and say it, if only to reassure the boyfriend she was seen with last week. I think they might have been caught out here. Maybe not necessarily in the midst of a great love affair, but something must have happened between them.

    Either that or she likes the attention. She seems like a professional girl, so I don't really get her dodging questions about it if it isn't true. A true pro wants to be in the press for their work, not their late-night dalliances in clubs, right?

    Meanwhile Iker is daft if he thinks dating her will keep his life out of the public eye. He hates it so much that he never answers questions about it… so going out with one of the most famous presenters in Spain is a little wtf.

    I've always felt that Eva Gonzalez is the most perfect and beautiful woman on the planet, so this chick is never going to win in terms of former/current girls in his life. Nice hair, good presenting voice. I don't get the rest of the attraction though. Paula Prendes is ten times cuter.

    If (if if if) it does eventually prove to be true, won't that make for some awkward moments in her future career? "Today, Iker Casillas- whose bed I got out of this morning- reached his 555th game for Real Madrid" Just sayin'.

    It's also in the news today that the RM players had a bet to see who could 'conquer' her first. If THIS is true, I'm appalled and offended on her behalf… but it's nice to know that, no matter what their wages are, they really are still just boys.

    • SweetVito says:

      Essay, maybe TL;DR. Sorry.

    • HJ says:

      OMG! is that ‘bet’ thing true?I mean, it could be just a rumour( i do hope it’s a rumour!)but wow…any woman (and i don’t care how gorgeous she is)would be over the moon if a whole team of hotties(Iker, CR,Sergio..etc)was fighting over her!

      • SweetVito says:

        I have no idea, it's another rumour. Think I was a bit harsh in this post though, just saw a video of her being quizzed about it while walking into her house… she was very sweet and apologetic about not answering questions. *shrug*

        • Ella says:

          I have a hard time believing the "bet" being leaked to the press somehow? Anyway, as long as CRon doesn't win that bet, I'm ok with it. LOL!

  9. Trisha (Mrs Iker Cas says:

    Oh, i forgot!! And to the foreign press.

    Iker doesnt need powers of persuasion to get a woman. He is No1 on the Kickette F5 for a reason!!!

    Oh, and Sara, please stay home for the World Cup cos we all want to enjoy Iker for that period and we dont need any GRATERS there!!! Neither do we want any Nereida's there. Thanks. LOL!!!

  10. FootballerChick43 - "Mrs.Ballack" says:

    Hmmm… well. Whatever he does is cool with me. She’s really pretty and seems intelligent. I applaud him.

    If its not true, we’ll hear of it soon enough.

  11. lila says:

    There is one thing I don't understand… why was she covering the concacaf tournament in South Africa? Isn't it from Central and North America? Can anyone explain me that?

  12. LaurenKay says:

    I’ve seen this girl up close and find her average (and a tad annoying)… maybe my standards are way too high -what with Eva being extremely gorgeous and all- but I think Iker can do better. Oh and Pastasauce is brills!

  13. Thea says:

    I work in Spain every few week and have to say that there always is gossip week all their celebs and most is purely conjecture. Only last month they were linking Iker to Amaia Salamanca (of Guti and Ramos fame!) and Sara to CR9! Like you all say, no pictures, no proof!

    But whoever gets him next… can they please do something about the clothes AND get him some Rogain???

  14. Louise says:

    I think that picture was taken when someone dared ask Iker about this supposed relationship.

  15. Kleon says:

    pastasauce! I love the nick name, Your fantastic Kickete LOL

  16. suzie says:

    The spanish press seem desperate to get these 2 together- spanish footballs golden boy with spanish TV current golden girl gives the tabloids wet dreams. But until there’s pictures I’m not buying it. Besides for someone who wants to be known for his football and not who he dates, dating lil miss blue eyes there is just asking for trouble (even if she is ridiculously pretty).

  17. Sarah says:

    She was pictured with her *supposed* bf 2 days ago, I think


    I dunno…she's hot and smart but she's a sports journalist, wouldn't that be unethical for her to date the most popular athlete in her country?

  18. Pamela says:

    So basically she is a mexicaan woman who works as a TV host, whom Iker had a fling with but it was only that cause she seems to be dating since 5 months ago another guy?