December 23rd, 2011

Facts & Figures: Football-related Disorder Arrests ‘At Record Low’

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The UK Home Office, responsible for immigration and passports, drugs policy, crime, counter-terrorism and police, has been tooting its horn for all to hear today.

The reason?

Arrests for football-related disorders among English and Welsh fans has hit a new, all time record low.

That would be 3,089 arrests, mind you, but still less than the +3,300 arrests recorded in 2009/2010.

Because everything is always a ‘top of the table’ competition in football, Manchester United now holds the distinction of having the highest number of football related arrests in the Premier League with 276. Outside of the top flight in the 2010/2011 season, Leeds is next on the list with a tally of 149.

Per the Manchester Evening News, last season went a little something like this:

“The vast majority of the arrests were for alcohol offences (127), followed by violent disorder (63), ticket touting (26), pitch invasions (20), public disorder (15) and possessing offensive weapons (11).”

Kickettes, your thoughts on this seemingly continuous trend of decreased football-related violence? Do you believe the substantial drop in off pitch crime is a testament to the fans of the game or the work of the police? And should The Home Office be so quick to celebrate this ‘major success story‘ or is football in the country still very much a league of shame?

Oh, and one more: if you’re the numbers crunching type, do you agree or disagree with United’s mathematical stance on the matter?


• Manchester United – 276
• Leeds – 149
• Sunderland – 126
• Newcastle – 123
• Manchester City – 108

• Cardiff City – 143
• Leeds – 106
• Chelsea – 105
• Manchester United – 101
• Newcastle – 98

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One Response to “Facts & Figures: Football-related Disorder Arrests ‘At Record Low’”

  1. Audrey says:

    "United said the figures should be seen in context of the fact Old Trafford had a bigger capacity than any other ground" . . . but they actually had more people arrested at away games than home matches! 117 were arrested at Old Trafford and 159 were arrested at away matches. So, um, I'm not quite following their logic there.

    (Although I do agree that the figures should *also* have been given as a percentage of overall attendance or written out as a ratio, like 1 person arrested for every X people who attended)