September 25th, 2012

FAIL Files: Oktoberfest 2012

oktoberfest bayern munich lederhosen

Here’s an 1860 Munich player with a small dog. Yes, that’s really all we found – even after putting a call-to-action out to the Army.

Few events on the annual social calendar arouse us like Oktoberfest does. Ladies Day at Aintree, the end of season bubba parade(s) and so forth. So considering this, you can probably imagine the anguish we felt upon searching our photo agencies’ inventory and only finding hundreds of Mr & Mrs Franck Ribery pics.

This is not okay, Bayern Munich ‘ballers. Looking especially hard at you, Mario Gomez.

Obvi we’ll try and keep have an eye on this space but are doubtful any pictorial miracles will come of it. What a shameful waste of Guinness and lederhosen if you ask us.

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7 Responses to “FAIL Files: Oktoberfest 2012”

  1. kara.lara says:

    I just want to see my Holger in lederhosen again, is that really such a hard thing to ask for?

  2. Kristina says:

    Mario Gomez in lederhosen is one of the highlights of the year! Mario please come back!

  3. black widow says:

    so, it's just me who thought at a very quick first glance that this was iker? in lederhosen? feeding a dog? … and only realised it wasn't because of the tattoos, not because the entire idea of iker, wearing lederhosen and feeding a dog is sort of … unlikely?

    yeah, just me. okay, then. :)

    • Linda says:

      Hahahahahaha I was going to post something similar but then about Sergio! Just scrolling through Kickette I was like, oh Sergio is having a fashion fail again, what's next? Oh wait! it isn't Sergio… in lederhosen… feeding a dog, because even for the Ramos that would be kind of odd…. though for some reason less unlikely then Iker in a similar position

  4. anna says:

    I might be wrong about this, but I think Bayern always go to the Oktoberfest at the end of the first week. Don't give up yet, we'll probably get some pictures soon.

    Anyway, Sami and Leni have already been. What do you think of Lena's cleavage? Too much?………

  5. Loninha - Brasil says:

    Mario Gomez as always perfect and beautiful!

  6. Natali says:

    The Bayern boys tend to do their collective Oktoberfest celebration at the beginning of October (generally the end of Oktoberfest) so expect pics then. For now, though, there are some pics of Herr Gomez out celebrating with his wag.