June 25th, 2010

Family Day: Joe, Carly And Ruby Cole Take A Walk

England’s Joe Cole goes for a walk in Sun City with his wife Carly and their daughter, Ruby. We want to high five Carly for bringing some good luck to South Africa and representing for the A-list WAGs out there. We will not be celebrating her choice of denim, however.

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9 Responses to “Family Day: Joe, Carly And Ruby Cole Take A Walk”

  1. vallieibrahimovic says:

    how old is she?15?

  2. Amanda says:

    Can she visit him? wow.. Dunga doesn’t even allow the brazilian players to CALL their wives/girlfriends! hahahah

  3. Liz says:

    She is improving but there is always ONE item that sucks. But I love the Cole’s! My fave footy family!

  4. Carson says:

    Not to nitpick, but the shoes are also ghastly. Do the straps have little ruffles?

  5. England Here says:

    Aw..I love it to see Joe as dad. He always does it perfectly(:

  6. rubyqueen says:

    i love carly's understated dressed down look.:)but them jeans and shoes are ghastly.!!cute family though..:)

  7. Mariam says:

    carly does look fit though. but yeah, i don’t like her jeans.

  8. Violets says:

    Light denim skinny jeans = fashion no-no.

  9. Aw! While I don't condone light denim, I think Carly's overall look is just fine. Understated, not showy… new mum – and she looks great. Joe's just plain yummy!! :)