December 20th, 2011

Family Style-Off: The Lampards vs. The Redknapps

Yes, we know we’re testing you by referring to them as The Lampards prematurely, but close enough, right?

Surely the Lampards and Redknapps will be getting enough of each other over the looming festive period so what’s one more event? The cousins and their ladies attended the Sun Military Awards at the Imperial War Museum in London last night. We hope they figured out who’s bringing the Yorkshire puddings to the family Christmas dinner or it could get awkward on the 25th.

We’ve got to hand it to Christine Bleakley - It takes some sack to wear a replica of the second most famous dress of the year. You know, the one that produced an imaginary bum? Bleakley deftly chose a black silk Alexander McQueen gown that may or may not have magical powers like its famous predecessor. We have to admit that we’re feeling the vibes because we can’t recall the future Mrs. Lampard ever looking this good.

Unfortunately for Bleakley, she was the second best dressed woman in a black Alexander McQueen gown at this event. Frank is working that three-piece tux like he’s got it for another 13 hours and he wants to get his money’s worth.

Over on the other end of the red carpet, cousin Jamie and his wife Louise were posing like they were getting paid for it. Jamie and Frank must have got a 2-for-1 one deal on their tux rentals because they’re practically identical.

The name of the game for Louise last night was accessories. Her dress looks like a silver sequined potato sack so we’re glad she hauled out some goods to spice up her garments. Classic Louboutin Pigalle pumps and a lust-inducing Stella McCartney (who else?) clutch helped save this look from frump city. It’s still a resident of frump village, but we want that clutch to be ours so badly that we’ll let it slide.

Which cousin couple gets your vote for best dressed? Perhaps we should just declare a draw and award the half of the precious Beckham brood in attendance with the title of cutest and best dressed forever and ever.

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18 Responses to “Family Style-Off: The Lampards vs. The Redknapps”

  1. Rory says:

    I never thought I'd say this: but Christine looks fantastic. She wins the night.

  2. JA7 says:

    Awwww! I think Christine looks lovely! The black dress is simple but elegant.

  3. Anastasia says:

    Christine is not attractive, when I look at her face all I see are her huge teeth.

  4. Laura says:

    Christine looks stunning and Frank looks well in his suit. I think Louise doesn't look so great lately. The dress is shapeless and she looks tired. They always look so strained together also, I sense some tension in the photo

  5. lone- Brazil says:

    Cristine what this is? her thin, it seems that doing a regime born of leaves! Horrifying!

  6. lone- Brazil says:

    Cristine was das ist? ihre dünnen, scheint es, dass dabei ein Regime der Blätter geboren! Schreckliche!

  7. Zoraida says:

    the redknapps.hands down. they always look so cute and fluffy!!

  8. Miss Lampard says:

    Dear Santa, I know very well that I couldn't find also this year under my tree mr Frank Lampard, but please Santa could you ruin things between mr Lampard and miss Bleakley (a split for example?)..I will thank you very much if you do this, and I will behave as a good girl..Please Santa listen to a fool girl..

    I think that Christine was drunk this time because she has chosen a gorgeous dress finally, I really love it and she absolutely surprises me with this choice..That's really good!
    About Jamie (who is still hot) and Louise I've always thought that they were a beautiful couple, they are both stunning!

    I won't spend any words for Lampsy, I love him in every way…

    • Miss XOXO says:

      Hope Santa can heard your pray…Me too don't like Bleakley….Please FJL find another woman.

    • Laura says:

      That is not very nice. He looks happy with her. If you care for him so much, you should wish him happiness

  9. xoWinnie says:

    every time i see a woman in Pigalle pumps,
    a huge, unexplicable wave of jealousy washes over me….
    i don't like either of their dresses to be honest.
    but i suppose i hate Louise's slight less,
    so Louise it is!

  10. Caitlin says:

    As much as I love Louise, Christine's dress is miles better.

  11. mata says:

    Sorry to disagree with Kickette, but Louise's best accessory by far is that eye-candy she's standing next to!

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  13. Laia says:

    That's an easy win for the Lampards. Louise's dress looks like something my grandma would wear and I'm not a fan of her clutch either.

  14. Karla_cro says:

    Christine Bleakley's dress determines winners! :D
    Also, I personally don't like Louise's clutch…

  15. Michaella says:

    Redknapps, hands down!!! I love them such a beautiful pair!