May 17th, 2011

Fashion Kicks 2011: Style With A Purpose

Jane Given looked gorgeous in a dress from Victoria Beckham’s Fall 2010 collection. Unfortunately it was the MVP dress of the night as we spotted two other women in it. The horror!

Manchester City goalkeeper Shay Given and his wife Jane hosted their annual Fashion Kicks charity event in Manchester Sunday night. The star-studded guest list included a number of Shay’s teammates, soap stars, pop stars and the recently acquired FA Cup. A fashion show organized by Selfridges featured model Lily Cole and guests noshed on grub prepared by some of Britian’s top chefs.

Now, onto what you really want to know: F5 member Joe Hart was there and he was not alone. His lady, Kim Crew, was on his arm in a nude coloured cocktail dress with matching heels and clutch. We’re still not sold on her, but we do have a slight case of hair envy developing and any woman who gets to see this on the regular must be okay. Right?

More fashion, ballers, and WAGs this way. Oh my!

Winona De Jong has proven again that she has some major fashion chops. She was the first WAG (at least that we know of) to score one of the coveted and hard to find Victoria Beckham bags. We (almost) always love what she wears and this stunning mini dress from the Spring 2011 Emilio Pucci collection is no exception.

Her feet are perfectly adorned with a pair of silver spiked Christian Louboutin Pigalle heels. We’ll be the first to sign the petition for more pap shots of Mrs. De Jong. We think her casual style is probably a welcome departure from what the usual suspects sport.

Other attendees included City players Vincent Kompany and his girlfriend Carla and James Milner and his girlfriend Amy. Both ladies opted for little white dresses. It is the new LBD after all.

Click here for a video of the FA Cup winners strutting their stuff on the catwalk (contains no Tevez or neon) and click here to learn more about Fashion Kicks and the great charities it supports.

And the all-important question – who was best dressed on the night?

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20 Responses to “Fashion Kicks 2011: Style With A Purpose”

  1. Nicola says:

    Jane Given, as always, looks gorgeous…and Kim's shoes! Love them!!

  2. lauren says:

    I think James's girlfriend is his fiancee, she's got a beautiful sparkler on her ring finger.

  3. Missy Manchester says:

    RE: Joe Hart's g/f–Kim Crew
    "She ain't pretty she just looks that way."
    (Is she sporting a moustache or is it just bad lighting?

  4. Missy Manchester says:

    My my my. I've been away from this site for awhile and look what I've missed….a WAG with CANKLES!!!! (James Milner's g/f Amy)

    She looks really sweet…but she also looks like she's going to tip over …which is why she's clutching on to James' arm for dear life. Wow. What a photo.

    P.S. Kickette…are you sure Amy isn't James' fiancee? She's wearing what appears to be a diamond on her left ring finger….could you check into that for me? Thanks. You're a peach. :)

  5. aps says:

    Milner’s girl looks like she could be his mother. How old is she?

  6. genna says:

    am i the only one who thinks Winona looked the best ? i just love how she goes for these strong fashion choices & still ROKS'em :-)
    Lovely Lady

  7. Kompany's lady Carla looks beautiful!

  8. AC_USA says:

    I don't know if its just me but te Manchester City wags look the most normal and natural to me! The other ones look to fake( of course there are exceptions) :)

  9. camille says:


  10. Winnie Mata says:

    why do Kim Carew's legs look…greasy?
    ugh i am so unbelievably bitter about Joe having a girlfriend.

  11. MissU Paolo says:

    Kudos to the Givens for organizing this and so glad to see the City guys supporting great causes. They looked like they had fun! My only disappointment was that David Silva had initially agreed to do this but he is MIA :/ Maybe the knee was bothering him…or he is way too camera shy :(

  12. FloraJane says:

    LOL. Shay Given looks like he's saying 'yeahhh that's right, that's right, my wife is HOT'! And she is. That fabulous VB dress doesn't hurt either.

  13. Georgia says:

    I might sounds like a jealous girl (promise I;m not) but Joe Hart's gf looks like a 50 year old who's had too much plastic surgery :/ Kompany's gf is an absolute babe though!

    • I agree with you. She is a very pretty woman, but I think she needs to use her natural hair color and stop using the black eye liner too much and she would look younger. I don't know why some women want to be blond when they clearly are not.

  14. lauren says:

    I really like James Milner's girlfriend's's lovely. She looks very pretty and natural.

  15. mochara says:

    Aw they're all so beautiful…. Carla looks amazing!

  16. Gabs says:

    OMG Joe Hart working the raincoat left me speechless!! Btw is it just me or they could have tried a bit harder on those walks?

  17. Cait says:

    Shay and Jane Given do a lot of great work for charity! It's great to see Manchester City support their work.

    Jane Given and Kompany's girlfriend Carla look beautiful :)

  18. footballandme says:

    Vincent Kompany's and Joe Harts girlfriends are beautiful!