December 12th, 2011

FC Augsburg: Colour Coordinated Clowning Around

Images: AFP PHOTO/CHRISTOF STACHE, Chris Hyde/Getty Images.

Considering the problems England had trying to get permission to wear a poppy on their shirts recently, we’re surprised FIFA went for this festive addition to the Augsburg home kit. As we all know, (and Jonatan Germano of Melbourne Hearts (left) found out to his cost this weekend) referees are obliged to punish players who ‘reveal advertising, religious or political slogans’ after goals.

Refs will show no leniency for innovative methods of smuggling such slogans onto the pitch, such as stuffing them into shorts. And for once, we can’t help but agree. Short-tent study is an important part of what we do here at Kickette, and our scientific findings would be seriously compromised if this kind of thing caught on.

Bad man, Jonatan!

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