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Just play in the nude, already

We all know a good photo when we see it. Which one knocked you out for a hot second? All photos include us photoshopped in somewhere visible.

20090225_zaf_i30_037.jpgDaniele De Rossi:

No-body-shy DDR delighted us with his post-game skivvies on more than one occasion. We can’t decide if we like the front or back shots better so we’ll just have to keep looking until he does it mid-game.

gourcuffYoann Gourcuff:

The side shot of Yoann gallivanting in the nude features as the Black Eyed Peas’ album artwork on our iPods. If we could only get Bordeaux to use Boom Boom Pow as their season-long anthem.

20090509_zaf_a54_700.jpgMatthew Upson:

Matthew can eradicate female insecurities about their thighs touching if he always played sans pants. No judgment if you find this West Hammer’s high-waisted briefs and wedgie as hot as we do.

mar30borielloMarco Borriello:

We basically saw him nude whilst showering and engaging in the Borriello specialty of having sex on boats. We think “soccer” would be truly huge in America if Marco would play in the buff. Perhaps a bonus strip packet can be included in his wages to further this cause.

Oguchi-Onyewu-gooch-gets-naked-for-espn1Oguchi Onyewu:

Gooch looks hot shirtless, but he definitely looks hotter au naturel. Explain to us how it’s easier for him to get naked for the millions of ESPN The Magazine subscribers but not the few hundred thousand who watch the USMNT games?

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