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Biggest LOL of the Year

It’s not nice to laugh at others, but you know what? Sometimes it’s necessary.

0Cristiano Ronaldo’s “awakening”:

Watching Cristiano check out Ji Sung Park’s manbits – and then his own – had us in a fit.

may6bendtner_underwearNicklas Bendtner’s pants drop:

Nicky B chose to cover his face rather than his briefs. Good choice, if we do say so ourselves.

torresFernando Torres’s hair salon ad:

Nando’s first in a brilliant series of (later discovered) fake adverts had us LOLing at his shoulder roll and cheeseball compatriots. Who knew it was possible to love him even more than we already do?

Arsenal-GOSH-35-091027MAFCArsenal players dressed as animals:

We still can’t get over the fact that Arshavin WANTED to be the shark. Seeing Cesc the Bunny chase people down the street was out loud laughable, too.

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