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Biggest WTF of the Year

Celebrating the things that made us say, “HUH?” “OMFG” AND “OH HELL TO THE NO!” and also, “Where’s my wine?”

oct29elenrivesandhercatcoatElen Rives and her cat coat:

With a pair of white Reeboks and a fanny pack, Elen Rives’ Halloween “Cat Lady” costume would’ve been complete. What some women will do for a paycheck.

oct7jessicalawlor1Steven Ireland’s girlfriend Jessica’s car:

What do you get for the girl that has everything? A customised £265,000 Bentley, that’s what. Act like you know.

oct13nereidagallardoforquemedicesNereida’s “I’m Like Obama” quote:

Nereida Gallardo’s take on her fame: “I’m like Barack Obama, but with tits.” We’ll let one of our readers sum this up: “She’s like a car wreck that you can’t help looking at, but with cellulite.” Added WTF bonus for her stalking of ex-Cristiano.

apr29tottiandchanelandseamonsterThis sea creature:

Remember when Francesco Totti allowed his daughter, Chanel, to get obscenely close to a 440kg sea lion? Our favourite Roman gladiator nearly lost us with that one.

letw180707c_001John Terry’s parents:

Poor JT truly suffered from the WTFs this year. His mum (along with Toni’s) nicked for allegedly employing her own five-finger discount in March; his father caught on video wheelin’ and dealin’ drugs. Luckily he (and his short-tent) didn’t let the media drama affect him pitch-side.

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