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Best Boys Week Blogger

When we were called to far off places with no internet services, we called on a fine group of babysitters with good hair and freshly pressed trousers. Our first ever Boys Week guest bloggers took over the site in style and they didn’t even leave any wet towels on the bed. Lovely.

Which one of ‘em gets your vote for best contribution?

Studs Up: Why Men Read Kickette

Studs Up
Our favorite footy etch-a-sketcher, Chris Toy from Studs Up, admitted he read site comments to help him discover what kind of man he needs to be. Boobies and fashion were other notable reasons offered up as to why the hairier sex would wander over to our part of town. Makes sense to us.

The Offside: If I Could Be Any Footballer In The World

The Offside‘s Daryl stepped in to share four fun prototypes of guys he would most like to wake up as. Readers agreed they would be happy waking up as arm candy to any one of ‘em.

With Leather: A Starters Guide To American WAGs

Matt Ufford from With Leather offered an extensive American football WAG hierarchy. We still fantasize about seeing Gisele Bundchen and Victoria Beckham going heel to heel. Sigh.

Dirty Tackle: … The Continental Welcomes You To Boys Week

The Dirty Tackle boys were a great help during our first ever Boys week – they kicked things off by offering us a few too many drinks of the Berbahol. But no matter how sloppy we got, the Berba loved us just the same. Bless.

Who Ate All the Pies: The Top 10 Defining Moments In Football Fashion

Although we weren’t able to experience George Best’s boutique firsthand, a trip down fashion memory lane courtesy of Ollie from WAATP reminded us that Sergio’s choices could always be worse.

The Spoiler: What Your Favourite Footballer Says About You

The Spoiler
Bringing up the rear (har) in this stellar list: our besties from The Spoiler. They schooled us on why we’re all cagey and petulant as adults. It’s because of our love for Cesc Fabregas and his little kid crown, of course. We’re still chuckling over the Cisse entry.

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