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Ovary Explosion of the Year

Pregnancy by picture? Not quite, but a handful of gals definitely felt tender inner turmoil after bearing witness to these unfathomably adorable moments.

sept2nandoFernando Torres and Nora:

Death came on swift wings to ovaries when we caught a first glimpse of Fernando & Nora in a padre/hija snuggle.

FBL-WC2010-CONFED-ITA-CANNAVAROFabio Cannavaro and the wild animals:

It was hard to keep our grabby hands to ourselves after seeing a giraffe eating out of Fabio Cannavaro’s hands. A 5-month-old lion cub confirmed that the man does indeed taste like Tartufo.

SPL87249_009Ana and Luka Vidic:

Photos of the Vidic family should really come with a warning. Ya know, such as: Staring at Luka Vidic may cause your lady parts to take actions you may not yet be ready for.

nov2beckhamsDavid and the Beckham boys:

It’s not like David needed any help in the “sexy as” department, but when you see this truly doting dad out with his boys it’s hard to stay focused on your contraceptive choices.

july7harryHarry Kewell and his bubbas:

Harry keeps on contributing to the Kewell sprog-takeover and he looks better and better each time he does it.

dec09stevieandkidsSteven Gerrard and his girls:

Because, well, just look at ‘em.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Max - Splash News - Kickette.comZlatan Ibrahimovic and Max:

Sure, we know Zlatan is a man of much ego and supreme bitch-face. But seeing the softer side of this big Swedish striker brings out an urge to don an apron and bake heart shaped cookies for the whole damn family.

SOCCER-WORLD/Sergio Aguero and Benji:

Well, of course this photo would get your ovaries jumping: it’s your female instincts kicking in with the knowledge that this baby could have used another day or two in the oven, not on the pitch. Still, Kun’s obvious paternal pride was sweeter than Splenda.

Frank, luna and islaFrank Lampard with Luna and Isla:

This is simple (and effective): strong man carries children whilst looking protective. Dunzo.

JONXabi and Jon Alonso:

The lush Xabi Alonso dealing with baby Jon’s temper tantrum? Not just entertaining, but with enough of an “aww” dosage that you don’t know whether to laugh or to start taking more folic acid and doing kegels.