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Dapper Dons

Oh, they’re versatile alright: these boys have little difficulty upgrading from the shorts and sweat brigade. Which team deserve the “Best In Suit” title this year?

apr23mexesanniversAS Roma:

Comparable to high fashion “sex on a stick,” the Roma squad opts to rock the club’s crest on their Italian-threaded jackets and ties.

SPL142549_001Manchester United:

Some very well-chosen penguin suits were the Man Utd evening wear of choice for this year’s UNICEF Gala. We never did figure out why Wayne Rooney’s tie was crooked the whole night, though. Answers on a postcard.

20090217_zaf_e47_257.jpgAC Milan:

Slim ties and Paolo Maldini’s bedhead might just be the epitome of “la dolce vita.” We were slightly saddened to realize that most of these men have better clothes than us.

Didier Drogba Claude Makelele NChelsea:

Customized black-tie wear is how the Chelsea boys rolled to Drogba’s charity ball. Joe Cole’s clerical garb and Claude Makelele’s take on the Tinman nearly spoiled the bunch, though. “A” for effort and personal creative expression.

sept2bayernBayern Munich:

Bayern Munich in Hugo Boss is a prime example of “bodies from Baywatch, faces from Crimewatch.” They look like they’re in a police-line up for goodness’ sakes. Which is kinda hot, actually. A++ for Luca Toni existing.

jan12guysThe Fierce Foursome:

This mix of chappies at the FIFA World Player Gala may be random, but in our fantasies this grouping makes oh, so much sense. Well, except for Iker’s suit.

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