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Eye Bleeders and Brain Freezers

Their outfit selections made heads turn… for all the wrong reasons.

may13stephenirelandcStephen Ireland:

This Man City star single-handedly redefined fugly attire. All. Year. Round.

SPL100056_003El Hadji Diouf:

If 50 cent and Rainbow Brite were to procreate, El Hadji Diouf would be their fashionably-handicapped child. Good grief.

20090225_kza_kf3_019.jpgManuel Almunia:

The dry cleaners must’ve been closed this week because there’s no way in hell a man would actually choose to wear this outfit. Even the dog bowed his/her head in shame.

20090121_kza_ka2_256.jpgRobbie Savage:

An early-adopter of the hobo chic look, we highly doubt the weatherman’s accuracy in calling for frost bite if a coat is not required. Robbie should’ve ran his fine arse back to Selfridge’s for a MUGGs refund + interest.

20090529_zaf_e26_043.jpgIker Casillas:

Taking style advice from the “Gerard Pique House of Shamelessly Hideous Shoes,” our beloved Iker’s footwear/denim/etc had us near the edge. Truffles brought us back.

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