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Denim Disasters

When footballers and denim collide, the result isn’t always one for the score sheet. Unless you’re judging them, like we are right now.

Frank LampardFrank Lampard:

When there was no food in his lap and all else failed, we blamed Elen for Frank’s mingin’ acid wash pair. “When you were with Elen you made funny fashion choices and we all laughed. This is not funny, it is sad, pathetic and tragic.”

Jermaine Jenas Sabrina KeoghJermaine Jenas:

Jermaine Jenas purchased his patchwork pair from Bad Idea Jeans.

Danielle Lloyd Jamie O'HaraJamie O’Hara:

A bootleg Herve Leger and binder-clipped jeans. How very de mode. Let’s throw it to the commenters: “Perhaps, after many failed baller ‘relationships’, Dani has finally decided to take extreme measures to help her man keep it in his pants… by stapling his fly.”

SPL140158_001Joleon Lescott:What lessons can we take away from Mr. Lescott’s janky jeans? Only that a true playa has no time to change his jeans after a hardcore finger painting sesh. Ya heard?

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