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Most controversial hair

apr14sergSergio Ramos:

One reader reaction best summarizes The Ramos’ mullet: “That is the gayest ‘Gay Hair’, I’ve seen in years. Scratch that. A gay man would never sport that mess.” Ain’t that the truth – none of the man-loving man we know/adore would make this follicular choice.

Fernando Torres:

jan12nWe can deal with the highlights, sure. But mullets like this are like kryptonite to our love of this Spanish sweetie.

Picture_87David Beckham:

It’s a comb-over.

He was born to hand jive, baby. Not much more to say, really.

58080083Dimitar Berbatov:

The discussion on whether footballers with hair-bands was a Y or a N got quite heated, with Dimitar Berbatov standing out as the main “face” of the coiffure debate.

AUG5PHILOPhilippe Mexes:

He rocked our world when he gave his iconic Angry Piggies the chop.

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