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Most In Need Of A Muzzle

When it comes to yakking your inner feelings to the media, these WAGs need to learn some restraint.

Theo Walcott and Melanie SladeMelanie Slade: Theo Walcott’s bird may have risen to fame in 2008, but she spent much of this year working her usual “I’m breaking free from the WAG shackles” media angles.

She goes on about being “normal” but then gives loads of interviews. Its a shame because a wired-shut jaw would look good on her.

Elen Rives as hot messElen Rives: Her post-Frank interviews (surely numbering in the thousands) forced us to buy eargplugs to tune her out.

And also, stop telling us how poor you are. It’s disrespectful to our bank managers.

gemmaGemma Atkinson: It sucks when you feel your relevancy is slipping and your media coverage peaked in 2007 when Cristiano Ronaldo left you for a hooker.

But chit chatting about Maradona hitting on you wasn’t the best strategy for success.

NivesNives Celcius: Oh, this chick. You’d think having sex on a football pitch with your hubby and then talking about it would be enough. Not so.

Having a regular column to wax lyrical on what it’s like to have sex with footballers is also required.

WhatsherfaceWhatsherface: We get that dating Cristiano Ronaldo can be a life changer, we do. But if you’re choosing a one-trick pony to ride your way into the history books, flogging the C-Ron sex, love and life files can get real tired real quick.

Even your implants are tired of hearing about Cristiano, chica.

Who gets your vote for WAG Most In Need Of A Muzzle?

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