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Ultimate WAG Wedding

They came, they spent, they wed. They also gave us all examples of how true love should be celebrated: by spending oodles of cash. Kudos to every one of ‘em.

june20joecolecarlyzuckerweddingThe Coles:

A £2 million HELLO! magazine cover gave the grandiose details of this Chelsea affair. She wore Oscar De La Renta with a floor length veil and was flanked by guard dogs. It must’ve been a good wedding, as Carly announced she was knocked up not too soon after.

BRAZIL/The Patos:

There was a digital “dress your own” doll in anticipation of these nuptials. Lest we forget the micro-chip announcement which guests needed to attend the reception?

PS: when the bride does several “victory!” punches on her way out of the church, wedding planner date-books around the world get their wings.

Wes and Leanne BrownThe Browns:

Las Vegas-ish bachelor gets married in a castle with owls delivering the rings. That’s how we do, y’all.

Xabi and wifeyThe Alonsos:

Two hundred guests descended on San Sebastian, Spain to watch Nagore tie the knot with Xabi in an Isabel Zapardiez dress. Oh, and to catch a glimpse of Jon Alonso working his baby-magic.

july9robinhoweddingThe Robinhos:

Vivian’s 11-year wait rightfully earned her that primetime Brazilian TV spot her wedding was given. Not many specific deets were offered, due in part because the pictures speak volumes of their unintentional 80′s prom theme. Guests brought non-perishable food items for charity instead of diamond-encrusted Faberge Eggs.

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