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Did you know the word”gullible” isn’t in the dictionary?

The gals who are most likely to believe their partners when they say, “Honey, you look great” but really mean “Honey, you need to burn that.”

nov24louiseumLouise Redknapp:

Our readers were unanimous on their outrage over this catsuit of see-through sparkling non-glory: “I could never wear one of those, cause if you put your hands up in the air when you’re dancing, you get a bad camel toe…”

Nicola McLean in LondonNicola McLean:

Barely identifiable by her complete I’ve given up on life and am pitching a tent outside the local Threshers, none of us could figure out what caused this attack of the killer clogs.

feb24elenrivescrazytrousersElen Rives:

If a big fat question mark pops into your brain as you see Elen’s MC Hammer/grocery/baked goods smuggling pants, then you understand our rationale.

SPL143119_012Alex Gerrard:

When not even the professionals can figure out what is adorning your (admittedly hot) body, there’s a problem.

Picture 142Melanie Slade:

WDLAPOTO: We Don’t Like Any Part of That Outfit

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