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Biggest Step In The Right Direction:

They’re not at fully-redeemed status, but which WAG scored B+’s in your grade book this year?

Alex GerrardAlex’s post McDonald’s body:

She quit the Big Macs so her thighs wouldn’t want to quit her body. Did not fully-fix bloatface but we commend progress. Girl looks hot.

Abigail Clancy and Toni Terry Toni as a brunette:

Mrs. John Terry headed back to her roots and the reception was warm. That is, until we all saw how large her ring was.

Picture 143Elen’s break-up bounceback shoes:

The best way to stomp on your man’s heart only to backtrack on your “I miss you” quotes is in a killer pair of heels. Matching “left” and “right” was a big moment for Elen.

SPL143961_023Abbey Clancy stays sober:

Mrs. Crouch-to-be attended an open bar social gathering and remained upright for more than 2 hours. Sobriety for one night = success!

Carly Cole Carly Zucker’s hair:

Similar to a Bratz doll, her hair once outweighed her body. Thankfully, she was taught the importance of a comb.

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