September 21st, 2011

Females Only: The Future Of Football?

Slowly, we’re taking over the football world. Image: AP Photo.

With misbehaviour by fans in Europe plummeting to new depths of depravity, football associations are becoming increasingly innovative in their sanctions.

So congratulations to the Turkish Football Federation (TFF), whose latest punishment is in honour of the firecracker wielding, pitch invading supporters who’ve been troubling their fixtures as of late. Last night, a crowd of 41,000 turned out to watch Fenerbahce play Manisapor in the Turkish league. And they were all women.

That’s right, folks. Males over the age of 12 were banned from the stadium.

What happens when forty-five thousand frenzied female fans break into a run? Cesc and Leo are about to find out. Image: JOSEP LAGO/AFP/Getty Images.

As your premier portal for all things footy and female fandom related, we’re thrilled with this idea. Nothing makes us happier than seeing people who ruin the beautiful game (and give the innocent a bad rap) receive proper repercussions for their offenses. Plus, the notion of proven troublemakers waving their wifeys off to the match as they spend the evening catching up with the household vacuuming slays us.

Hey, who knows – this ploy might even catch on throughout Europe. In principle, the idea of an El Clasico duel being played in front of several thousands of women is amazeballs. However, a mass pitch invasion would probably the least of Barcelona and Real Madrid’s worries if such plot was successfully executed.

Since curiosity is in our blood, we have to ask you, Kickettes: would you go to a match that was restricted to women-only fans in the stands? If yes, which two teams would you and your mates want to see most?

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36 Responses to “Females Only: The Future Of Football?”

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  2. Eileen says:

    Word has it that the ladies threw flowers at the players instead of bottle cans.

  3. Deedoodahday says:

    The queue at the toilets must have been RIDICULOUS!

  4. JessieP says:

    Absolutely wonderful idea I thought at first. Then reality kicked in. What would we do at half-time????? Usually that is reserved for scoping other hotties out in the crowd.

  5. Arctic says:

    I would want it to be Madrid vs. Arsenal (before they lost Cesc).

    However, Roma's definitely thrown themselves into the running with their summer signings complimenting the old boys like Totti and Borriello.

  6. cisarovna says:

    Having a hard time picking which teams. But the real problem of is the number of toilets. Just because it's all women, does not mean we will not be swilling brewskis, so I am imagining a real shortage, as urinals will just not do.

    Question – could we get some decent box wine as a substitute for beer on Ladies night? You know, for that touch of class?

  7. Slave4Mou says:

    I prefer to watch by myself but then I am restricted to t.v. (sniff) though I never mind when a silent boyfriend arrives with a glass of rioja and leaves me alone with Jose….

  8. Lostres says:

    Why does this give me the warm fuzzies akin to those of a hot tottie? Because it's about time all those mothers who drove those boys to practices EVERY LIVING DAY, fed them, kissed their skinned knees, and made sure they had clean socks to wear the next day got their day in the stadium. Cheers to you moms, sisters, aunts. You earned it. This should be something done more often in honor of you!

  9. Jennifer says:

    Real Madrid and Athletic Bilbao. Best-looking teams in La Liga.

  10. IrishBlue says:

    Denmark v Spain…..oh the hotness!

    Or Barca v Man Utd if we're talking clubs. Either way there has to be some Spaniards in there somewhere :D

  11. blitzenTO says:

    If only women were attending the game, I would fear for the official who tries to give a player a yellow card for removing his shirt!

  12. ilkay says:

    it is the Fenerbahçe..

    it is the Atatürk's Team

    we are love our team and we are the biggest social communty in the world

  13. Beril says:

    So many women isn't very good idea, my sister has been at stadium yesterday and her comment was "the hell should be a place with so many women" :)

  14. Love Sergi says:

    I would definitely go! Besides, I hardly notice guys in the stands while watching players such as Cristiano and Sergio on the pitch anyway. The teams I would love to see are the hottest team in the world…REAL MADRID and Manchester United! That would be EPIC :)

  15. April says:

    Do national teams count? Spain NT v. USA NT (WC roster). I would have to go for a good looking pitch if it were all girl fans, and I might try it only once as that is a lot of estrogen. I am more interested though in what the players would think… would it be strange to them, would the singing be softer and make it easier to play, would they do more shirt lifting? The important things, you know?

  16. Goonerette says:

    It's a lot of fun to watch the game with men, but it would be nice to watch a match with ONLY other females

  17. GlamGooner says:

    Haha, the Turks are taking girls night out to the next level, now to find a sitter for those U12's and we my friends have ourselves a plan ;)

  18. Hot4Spurs says:

    If women ruled the world there would be some killer bitch slapping and a few evil side eyes, but we would still know how to behave better than men at a football match!

  19. Gladys says:

    Though it might be obvious I'd say an El Clasico, I might have to think twice since I wouldn't want to be kicked out of the Barca section as a traitor for trying to attack Granero. But all joking aside, thanks so much Kickette (and headbandsand heartbreak and Dirty tackle, too) for your coverage of this lovely story. When I first read it on Dirty Tackle, it literally brought tears to my eyes (I'm a sentimental softy, I know)…but then I just got mad reading some of the d-bag male comments about football being about fighting and physicality. So I'm glad it showed up on this site. I, for one, would have loved to have gone to this game.

  20. GlamGooner says:

    Haha, the Turks just took girls night out to the next level. Now to find sitters for those ‘lil U12′s and we have ourselves a plan girls

  21. Sarah, Madrid says:

    I actually don't prefer a lot of women in the stands, it is more fun to have few women than men, in the end if there is a pitch invasion, I wouldn't have to compete a lot :p

    But, I can't help thinking if the Classico was to played with only female audience, I think you will hear a lot of "awwwwwwwww" moments when for example iker and ouyols hugging in the beginning of the game ( imagine thousands of ladies screaming awwww) and crying when there is goals or brawls.
    Players will be able not to focus ( or be a little scared)with thousands screaming guapo or marriage purposeles or even scream on them taking their clothes off!
    Again scaring players could result into pressuring them to play shirtless, so my vote goes of course to Classico!!

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      iker and puyi*

    • Leya_S says:

      I second this. I would have to go with El Clasico from a pure hotness quota (plus the match would be good, too).
      Although I still love my Gunners and men or no men in the stands, I would love to see Arsenal play, live.

      I think a women-only game would be an interesting dynamic. I think that lots of women might be screaming those things, but then once the game gets going I have faith that most women would be more concentrated on the game.

    • Tia says:

      What a stupid insulting comment…cry at a goal or fight?,screaming aww at a Iker Puyol hug? Marriage proposals.?Are you serious do you think we are that vapid. We are life long footy fans, a lot of us played when we were young, we are strong vocal passionate fans. And I dont care how fine Nando's ass is, when he is on the pitch in Chelsea Blue, the only thing he will hear from my mouth and my female family and friends, is a string of various creative english spanish and russian vulgarity, that while technically have the F U K word in there, will definitely not be a marrage proposal. Women can be a far bloodier minded group than men. Put 40,000 women only at a Classico….Its still War!

      • sarah, Madrid says:

        I think you need to calm down, since the comment met to be for fun only!!..since you know it is kickette most comments are hot footballers…..!!!
        You dont have to tell how passionate women can be about football, I grown around them and I didnt mean to insult anyone! God!

  22. Katalina says:

    Hell yes!, Barça – Liverpool…

  23. Peggy says:

    I think it would be a fun experience..And it would def. be a RM match for me. anyone of them is fine! :D and no cat fighting or fights in general..or idiot guys screaming in my ear the whole time or thinking they know how to coach better would be wonderful..

  24. Nienke says:

    I wouldn't want to watch a game with only other females. I prefer men, I know they won't steal the hotties away.
    And I wouldn't recommend massive pitch invasions, it's actually dangerous and people could die. They have huge fences as a precaution against (and maybe consequence) of such actions here in Belgium. Those fences also make it hard to actually see something of the game, because it is in front of your face. So please, stay in your seat. It's funny when one person runs on the pitch, but all of them could cause a massacre.

  25. Kaldy says:

    Real Madrid and Barcelona

    and when they fight (as usual) we can all join and make it one big cat fight