October 1st, 2010

Fernando Torres: A Cry In The Dark

‘XABI! Where are you, Xabi!??!’ Fernando Torres tentatively offers his idea of where it might have all gone wrong for Liverpool. The Reds drew 0-0 with FC Utrecht in the Europa League last night. (AP Photo/Daylife)

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102 Responses to “Fernando Torres: A Cry In The Dark”

  1. SoccerLoverrrr says:

    I want your babies torres!

  2. P.S i-heart-Polyne says:

    Oh my god! i cannot tell how much things have changed. i mean everything is now upside down just after a few blings… i absolutely hate those American owners!!!!! it's really hurt thinking about the situation Fernando is facing…. i can feel his pain…… but i hope he's not gonna give up/…/
    c'mon Fernando!!!! we'll always be by your side…////…..

  3. Thea says:

    He's no doubt wondering where Middlesborough, and Leeds are on a map – he might be playing at their grounds next season – if Man City don't take him!

  4. nando/liverpoollover says:

    this is just absolutly terrible! I am a huge liverpool fan and watching them play like this… yes where is xabi! I have a feeling they will win today……!

  5. Torresalldaway says:

    many of us are in situations like these … it's like you are so helpless at times … it is just that luck doesn't side with you ..
    Chin up nando fans..!!! Every great players have ups and downs in their careers..then they might come back strong ..we should just wait, watch nd pray..!

  6. Yup..EXACTLY!! XABI.. WHERE ARE YOU??!?! I’m crying watching this pic. T_T Poor NANDO :’( Just keep the faith honey! At least GERRARD is still there.

  7. bri_saldana says:

    poor..sweet-freckled baby!

  8. Jackie says:

    He's probably wishing he left LFC… & Ryan Babel too.

  9. Dru says:

    Owwww, he really hasn't had a good time of it lately- it's sad, because when he's on form he is in fact one of the world's most talented strikers. I just hope Liverpool's money worries get fixed so they can spend more time strategising things on the pitch and less time worrying about loans due to be called in. Instability can really do in a club's performance- we've seen that with Real, I don't want to have to see more here.

  10. *Maylea* says:

    Poor Nando! I can't see him like this, really… We all know you will do great again, Fer, trust in yourself, guapo!!!

  11. Mrs.FernandoTorresAustralia says:

    Sex to my Eyes <3


  12. Peter J Man U Fan says:

    Seeing Loserpool lose makes me very happy! muahahahahahahaha….

  13. Nikki says:

    As a Liverpool supporter our form kills me . I feel his pain , I feel their pain , it kills me inside to know that just two years ago we were 2nd in the prem . And now we look like a mid-table team . And Poulsen is absoluteley shit and so is Johnson , no body is there to support Nando up front and there's so much pressure on him to get goal . We'd better win against Blackpool otherwise I'm going to shoot myself and I'm not even kiddin . Roy still thinks he's managing Fulham thinking that draws with these clubs are OK . Well NO we are Liverpool FC the most sucessful English football club we WILL not be dragged down ! Owners out ! Not a penny more !

    • That’s exactly what I’m gonna say. It’s really sad what happened to LIVERPOOL lately.

    • P.S i-heart-Polyne says:

      well, Nikki! i absolutely agree with you. we used to be the most sucessful team in England with 18 BPL and 5 UCL. i mean we outnumber every team in England, but look at us now… *sigh*…. we have only one win out of 7 games…. i was really upset after losing to Blackpool. i cannot find another time when i'm more upset than this. and don't even mention about the f*cking owners. they are OUT!

  14. rubyqueen says:

    oh baby don't cry.:'( find stevie and he will make it all better darling.:) i really hate seeing nando like this.!!he desprately need's the football gods to cut him some slack.!!thing's just could not get any worser could they.??:(

  15. alejandra says:

    my poor baby. ]':


  16. annbug says:

    Oh my gosh. Just looking at this picture hurts my heart. Poor Torres

  17. Jen says:

    I winced and turned away when I saw this photo. I can't handle seeing my Reds unhappy, esp not Torres. I cried when he pulled up injured during the WC final and couldn't celebrate Spain's victory until I saw that he was able to celebrate with the team. I love this boy and I still sometimes have a hard time believing he's ours. I know the day will come when he has to leave us but even if that's in ten years it'll be too soon.

  18. Alison says:

    Poulsen OFF. N'gog ON. SOMEONE HELP HIM

  19. Leá says:

    Nando, I love you beyond all reason. But you should have known that this was going to happen when you left Spain. We have La Liga, sweetheart, what more could you have wanted? Please, please come home!

  20. Leya_S says:

    Well, this pretty much makes/ruins my Friday:

    Seeing Fern like that makes me cry, bc I know he's frustrated and I hate to see him upset.
    …But seeing Fern like that makes me grin a little bc this picture is really suggestive and has my mind racing to places it shouldn't.

    Good luck for all your teams this weekend, ladies!

  21. jamtart heart says:

    Awww, bless his socks. :(

  22. It's just terrible. It's like watching a kitty drown or something…
    And also, that kit is HIDEOUS!!!!!!!

  23. Erin says:

    Obviously hate to see Torres frustrated, and can't blame him at all as he is getting approximately zero service with our tactics and play right now. D-Day is approaching with regard to our horrific owners' loans being called, so we can all hope that this leads to an imminent sale to an appropriate owner. Then that new owner needs to sort out the management. I am not at all convinced by Hodgson, as our on-pitch displays have been woeful and I'm tired of seeing him on the bench with his head in his hands looking out of ideas. I miss Rafa very much.

    • Dru says:

      And he's had a rotten time with all the injuries this year, the boy just can't catch a break :( I admire him so much as a player, but his club situation/current playing form really leave a lot to be desired…

  24. littlegirl says:

    well, i'm not the only one to have noticed him and not his "problem"…i think you didn't mistake…

  25. littlegirl says:

    i'm not a liverpool fan, so i can't understand at all the feeling as you, girls…but i have got a weak heart and i can't stand watching this photo…

    however,one of the best photo of Nando…sorry, but after a day of work Nando is what i need before going to sleep

  26. Jen says:

    ARGH I feel his pain. He must be screaming at the gods of hair growth to hurry up and produce a decent amount on his head, so he can get back to scoring goals!! Please, please grow faster!!!!

  27. Zinny says:

    Don't care much for Liverpool but I am a huge Fernando supporter. I really feel for him because I hope he doesn't think that everyone has given up on him. Well, we haven't. We still love you Fernando and I will always believe in you. He will bounce back from this and come back stronger than ever!

    PS: Can I just say that he has the best bum out of any footballer out there? Baby got back!

  28. beri says:

    poor Nando! :(

  29. Come on, Nando, we still believe in you!

    You'll Never Walk Alone!!!!!!!

  30. ZaharaSpain NTBarca* says:

    dont worry, mi amor!
    things will be looking up soon!
    pepe reina said so!and i believe it will all my heart ;)

  31. Mrs. Torres says:

    I wish I could do something to chear him up! Nando….ohh…our Nando! I just cant believe he has grown up so fast! I feel ur pain, i am always screaming xabi where are u xabi evertytime I watch a liverpools match! </3 Nando I love ur short hair u look sexy, young, and suuuuper handsome but if u need ur long hair back I DONT CARE just do whatever u need hun!! do something cuz liverpool is going dowwwwnnnnnnnnnnnnn! WE NEED YOU SO MUCH!! :'( and Olalla u need to do something NOW!! i dont care if u are pregnant he is your husband and he obviously needs u girl!

  32. Mrs. Navas says:

    Ohh, I ♥ Nando!! I feel your pain, bro..

  33. Victoria says:

    I usually never comment, however cannot bear this anymore, it breaks my heart!

    OLALLA, Fer once said that you would be the only one really able to help him when he is down.
    So, I'm sure the third trimestre of pregnancy is exhausting, but every single Nando- and/or Liverpool-fan needs you now to bring your hubbie's confidence back! We don't care how you make that happen, force him to change the haicut back, kiss every single freckle until they start bleeding, fight with him, so he's pissed off and shows the rage on the pitch, whatever! He's all yours and you probably know best. Obviously he's not able to handle things alone, so we put all our trust in you!

    • BarceLisa says:

      please comment more often. that was GREAT.

    • Pique_Xavi says:

      I agree, I'm not a Liverpool fan and Nando is not really my cup of tea but your words are very moving.

    • Ana says:

      OLALA, give him to me!

    • Sake-chan says:

      Wow. For some reason I'm very impressed by your answer. *speechless* I couldn't have said it better!

    • marie says:

      she is his wife, not a football coach. christ, don't blame her! she's also heavily pregnant probably and her husband not scoring goals is maybe the least of her problems!
      i love fernando to pieces but he is a, not getting the supprt from midfield and b, in a goal scoring drought. two massive problems, not her fault.

      • Sake-chan says:

        Hm, I don't think Victoria meant that Olalla is to blame for the things Nando doesn't seem to be able to handle. Actually, in this point I agree with you! But I think it was rather meant in a more positive way, like appreciating Olallas importance for Nando and to approve her as one of the most important persons in his life. Hope, my point came across :)

    • *Maylea* says:

      I'm agree with you, Victoria! Nando seems so frustrated at the moment, he needs his confidence now! Who better than the love of his life *siiigh* to make him feel better and find his mojo?

    • tanvi c says:

      absolutely………victoria……….v r on the verge of relegation ………..plz do something olalla…….

  34. SoccerLoverrrr says:

    poor fernando :( </3

  35. Even *I* am feeling a bit sorry for Liverpool right now. The owners are sh*t.

  36. BarceLisa says:

    does anyone else see a Sexface in this photo? In fact I'd say its a Sex-body photo… I'm accentuating the positives here ladies. I'm just saying his hands are where they are for a reason!

  37. Red_Girl says:

    That's just what I put in the last Xabi feature you did, kickette. I hate it with Stevie playing deep – not that he isn't good at it but I dream of the days when Xabi controlled midfield and Stevie and Nando did their man-love thing at the sharp-end of the pitch. They were so cute together. Sigh.

    Hicks & Gillett out!

  38. Summer says:

    There is a Cheryl Cole's song called "Heaven" which says "Looking at your photograph, thinking how you make me laugh, you put a sparkle in my eyes, you give me crazy butterflies. My body lingers with your smell, think that I just might have fell. I miss you babe, can you save me, cos it feels like hell. And when you're not around, I'm needing (you), I'm needing (you). I need you (you). And when I'm feeling down I want (you), I'm wanting (you), I want you"… I think that this song, and these words are perfect to describe Fernando's feelings for Xabi, and Fernando's feelings in this moment.

  39. DutchGooner89 says:

    As am one of many torres-obssessed Gal am finding it difficult to see our poor baby soo down all the time! and am not impressed with the pundits——–>am looking at you Jamie Redknapp blaming Torres for Liverpool's woes on the pitch….i mean the last time i checked there were 10 other players on the pitch! but i guess torres is there scapegoat…ive got a feeling torres will be packing up soon and going back to sunny spain…the premier league cannot be deprived of another sexy player leaving——>am looking at u xabi.

  40. Red_chick says:

    Its all gone wrong since Nando changed his hair! I bet if he got his blonde highlights back he'd be scoring again in no time!!! But as a red i do miss my Xabi too so can sympathise with Nando!

    • 4lovelyballs says:

      I was actually noticing how great his hair's been looking lately. But if it's not the missing highlights, then it's the long-sleeved jerseys he's been sporting. why?!

    • MissTorres says:

      Once I read that he always changes his hair when something (for example in football) is going wrong.

  41. caitlin says:

    Really? Do you have a link?

  42. Rossanera says:

    A picture's worth a thousand words, isn't it?

  43. gin_in_teacups says:

    I'm right there with you Nando. Things seem to be going from bad to worse for the Reds. It's really difficult to watch it happening.

    • hereforthenando says:


      • gin_in_teacups says:

        I just had what I am sure is a highly inappropriate thought about sacrificing Hicks and Gillett to the football gods in order to appease them. Ugh! We're just in such a mess right now, it's breaking my heart.

        • BarceLisa says:

          here's the kicker: The baseball team Hicks used to own up until a year ago, the Texas Rangers, just won their division for the first time in a decade. ouch.

        • hereforthenando says:

          Highly inappropriate? Wrong. Try highly entertaining, highly necessary, or highly "I would love to see this so much."

          I don't think that the football gods want them, though. It might make them angrier.

  44. moomin says:

    i think that 'I preferred Gareth Barry to Xabi Alonso' will probably be carved on Rafa's grave! don't like to see liverpool like this, i'm a Forest fan but always had a bit of a soft spot for them. And as for screaming Xabi's name… wouldn't we all!!

  45. RedAne says:

    LOL LOL LOL oh my, kickette!! u r just priceless with ur comments!!! and soooooo right this time… i think that's exactly what Nando's crying out loud!!!!

  46. Zahara (Spain NT, Barca lover) says:

    dont worry, mi amor!
    things will be looking up for liverpool!
    i beleive it, coz pepe said so! :)

  47. hereforthenando says:

    As a Liverpool fan, I can honestly say that I am doing exactly this every time I watch them.

  48. caitlin says:

    Oh my poor Nando! It was painful watching last night's game. Everything seems to be going wrong for him at the minute. *sigh*

  49. SunnyK says:

    ‘XABI! Where are you, Xabi!??!’

    I feel your pain, Fernando. I can't tell you how many times I've looked to the heavens and screamed that myself.