April 6th, 2012

Fernando Torres & Olalla Dominguez: Blond Hair, Don’t Care

babies WAGs la liga secret marriage

The loveliest of childhood sweethearts were seen hoofing it down Sloane Street in London yesterday, travelling towards the Dolce & Gabbana boutique.

Upon reflection of this week’s jarring transformation, we’re beginning to accept the reality for loving the Ferd. We must allow him his hair transgressions. We have faith he will work through this issue like he always does. He’s young. He has freckles. He is tall. He loves his wife more than we love our credit cards. Let us not ask for too much.

Only this: that he doesn’t leave the house again until this is sorted.  The world is full of enough pain and sadness as it is. Torres needs to do the right thing and make amends. Or carry a baby with him at all times.

And before you ask us, no we don’t have anything better to do today.

Happy Friday!

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110 Responses to “Fernando Torres & Olalla Dominguez: Blond Hair, Don’t Care”

  1. Angela says:

    She's sure popping out them babies if she's really pregnant again. Does she even work? All I've heard is she was still studying.

  2. Felictitas says:

    I don't think she's so overly beautiful! But she's not ugly either.
    They seem to be soo in love and that's what counts, isn't it! Love like that's hard to find, and i hope she knows how lucky she is to have found such a man.
    He's sooo handsome and I do like his blond hairstyle, it's kind of cool! Hope Euro will be his tournament he deserves it!!!

  3. Krystal says:

    They are sooooo adorable, and she's a doll. Love them together.

  4. Katy says:

    Olalla is a naturally pretty girl and is definitely more attractive than a lot of the try hard footie wives and girlfriends out there, some who cannot leave the house without a full face of make up and fake tan. The most lovely thing about these two is how much they seem to be in love and happy together. There is something so natural and ordinary about this photo that makes me believe in true and lasting love. Nando as always somehow manages to look hot still even through all his questionable hair dyes/styles I still love him!

  5. Kat89 says:

    Awww she actually ooks ike Lea Michee (Rachel Berry from Gee) not ugly< not pretty just ok, she has masculine features but she ooks better than Lea so she's like on the higher side of the average scale.

  6. Cath says:

    I must be weird coz I like his hair as it is, he suits the messy look. However the clothes make them both look like they are fresh from the set of Shameless or Waterloo Rd but it will not stop thinking that they make an adorable couple and with their 2 adorable looking kids they just make for a lovely family.

  7. Traceykay! says:

    Perfect opposites ya’ll! He’s H.o.t and on da other hand she’s yea……(match made in hevean….HANDS DOWN!)

  8. Van says:

    Haters in this thread!!!!

  9. Katie says:

    Wow, sounds like there are a lot of jealous girls here. Personally i think that Olalla is adorable and really pretty. You hardly ever see her out caked in make-up and fake tan etc. Its refreshing to see such a "normal" couple.

    Regarding Fernando clothes, footballers look weird in everyday clothes anyway. A bit like when you see a teacher outside of school hours!

  10. Kristina says:

    Lovely couple!

  11. Juliette says:

    @Loninha-Brasil, Please post a picture of yourself, you MUST be Eve, created to perfection in the eyes of God.

  12. Juliette says:

    I bet there are so many footballers who look at this couple and secretly think that they too could find a love like that. EVERYONE in a relationship wants to be loved for just who they are. Why do some people think that wealthy footballers have to be with stunning looking women? it's just so false. Give me a guy like Torres any day, he knows what real love is.

  13. Not_a_b*tch says:

    Wow, a lot of bitchiness on here. Ever heard of beauty being skin deep? A lot of things can make a person beautiful – kindness being one of them.

    Whenever I read comments about women's looks I always have to think about that woman (I think her first name is Katie, can't remember her surname) who had acid thrown on her by her ex-boyfriend. She used to be a model but was horrible disfigured. She's had numerous operations to have her face rebuilt and even though she will always have the scars, she comes across as such a lovely person.

    We are obsessed with beauty these days, especially where women are concerned. Women are supposed to be perfect in every way. What makes me sad is that other women seem to buy into this false notion. We should be supportive of other females instead of always trying to find fault.

    Having said all that, I think Olalla is pretty. And who cares anyway – since she has the love of her life by her side. Someone who is not shallow and would surely stick by her even if she were disfigured in an accident.

    On a closing note – would all those who made nasty comments like to submit their photos for our scrutiny? No? Didn't think so.

    • mina says:

      Beautiful posting! And so true.

    • April says:

      Your closing lines sum it up quite nicely!

    • Scoop says:

      Jesus, lighten up, what else are we here to do but give our honest opinions? Its a free world or it was the last time i looked from the country im posting from. She married someone famous, so when she goes out with him she gets photographed and guess what people will comment. Console your tearful self that she wont care anyway she's rich as hell.

  14. sarah says:

    She's not ugly but she isn't extremely beautiful either. But that doesn't mean she isn't pretty because she is. And who cares how she looks when she has got the man we all want by her side?!

  15. k says:

    Oh God why?…
    This is terrible!!

  16. Marose says:

    I find Olalla pretty in an unaffexted way. She does not really care how she looks because she's got the hottest man in UK by her side.

    Oh, I love the fact that these two have been together since they were kids. True love!

  17. jen says:

    Swoon. The fact that he and Olalla are so precious together just makes me love Nando more! But ladies, am i the only one who would feel kinda awkward if my guy spent more time at the salon than I do?

  18. anna says:

    She's not gorgeous (like most wags who put at least 10lbs of makeup on whenever they're out), but far from ugly.

  19. lola says:

    when i first saw the pictures on a blog i though to myself how did i not see these before?? and then i saw the date. they look EXACTLY like they did in 2008. that was a good year for nando. here's to hoping that year replicates itself and never stops replicating until he retires!

    i just couldn't stand seeing him miserable like he was these last couple of months again, he doesn't deserve it.

    and forget kate middleton, olalla is the luckiest woman alive.

  20. Donna C says:

    Ollala must be incredibly short if she's in heels and still 2 feet shorter than her man. I don't know what it is but I adore these two together. They always look like two teens in love they don't look a day over 19 and I still have trouble believing they're parents just cause they look so youthful. It's refreshing to see a wag that isn't covered in make up and designer from the minute she's up till the second she closes her eyes. I love that she is pretty much the only wag left that doesn't parade on magazine covers and do family interviews for the public. Even Arbeloa's wife started doing magazine spreads and I thought she was one of those wags that didn't like attention.

    • Carla says:

      But what is so wrong with doing magazine spreads?
      What's wrong with wearing makeup?
      What's wrong with talking about your family?
      Can you not be in love with someone famous and still want to do these things without the label of being a "gold-digger?"

      • jean says:

        People earlier where condeming Olalla for not looking like the wags who do those kind of stuff, and while there's absolutely nothing wrong with liking the attention that comes with being with a footballer, there's something refresing about the ones, like Olalla, simply do not care for it.

        • Carla says:

          How can something be refreshing if there's nothing perceived to be wrong in the first place? If you don't think there's anything wrong with wearing a dress, then you wouldn't tell someone who wasn't wearing a dress that "oh it's so refreshing not to see a dress." You would say that because, while maybe you know that there's nothing wrong with wearing a dress, some part of seeing it bothers you, and that's what triggers that comment. And that's what I mean, what's wrong with doing all those things? Calling this woman ugly is no worse than judging others for wanting to be models on magazine covers or even liking the attention. Some just do.

          • jean says:

            I already said there is absolutely nothing wrong with it, it's perfectly fine if women want to pose for magazines and appear in t.v. shows, they're allowed and free to do whatever they want to. But it is nice, to me at least, to see once in a while someone who doesn't care for those things, not because they're wrong, but because it offers variety in a world that has become very repetitive and predictable in that aspect.

            • Carla says:

              So you're saying if a good thing becomes repetitive and predictable, then there should be a call for change for the sake of change?

  21. Mrs_Q_Borri says:

    In my opinion they are perfect for each to her, as long as they love each other. She is the mother of his child and they have been together since forever. Love is like that, is in the eyes of the beholder and I beat that in Fernando's eyes she is the most beautifull, sexy and hottest girl in the planet.

    What I like about her is the fact that she isn't trying to hard. She is just being herself, she is not orange or wearing all that fake fur! She managed to get a hold of Fernando all this time, and we all know how many girls will kill to have him.

  22. Renata says:

    OMG! she seems to be pregnant again!

  23. Sarah, Madrid says:

    So mean people so mean, Olalla is NOT UGLY, what's the standard of beauty over here, with his silly hair color, ( I hope Ramos give him the ' I don't approve" call") she looks prettier than him -_____-

  24. Scoop says:

    Very VERY plain girl, and quite masculine features too. Doesnt make up for it in the style stakes either with that unflattering Euro-trash look. Fernando could do a LOT better.

    • April says:

      You did see what he is wearing, didn't you? I am a fan of the guy, but let's not pretend here.

  25. ferro says:

    I like Olallas face and her hair. She´s very handsome.

    Her husband is one of most beautiful men I´ve ever seen.

  26. striker9 says:

    i prefer olallas natural beauty to fake-looking wags like alex!
    i can’t understand how people can call olalla ugly. shes beautiful in a natural way. she’s a girl next door. what’s wrong about that?

  27. Jess says:

    The fact that posts about our dear El Nino get more comments than 90% of the other posts on here shows that he needs to be put back on Finest Five or finally be inducted into HHOF! Even if his hair is kind of depressing at the moment, he's still got a pretty face and you said it Kickette: "he's young. He has freckles. He's tall. And he loves his wife" So basically he's the perfect package :)

  28. Jess says:

    The fact that posts about our dearEl Nino get more comments than 90% of the other posts here shows that Nando needs to be put back on Finest Five or be inducted into HHOF! Even if he has depressing hair at the moment, there’s still that face….you said it it Kickette he’s “young,tall, and he’s got freckles!” so basically he’s the perfect package. Put him back on quick!!!

  29. kel says:

    I think it's funny how he's holding onto her arm. Guess we know who the boss is in that relationship ;)

  30. jean says:

    I think from now on I'll just ignore all these unnecessary comments about Olalla.

    Needless to say, Fernando looks really good from the neck up lol. He's lucky he's that pretty because his fashion sense can be disastrous. But he tried lol. Here's a couple other pictures I found, I can't stand their adorableness: http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m2139veH3u1qgoc… http://s3.amazonaws.com/data.tumblr.com/tumblr_m2… http://30.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m213cr1eXj1qgoc… http://28.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m2139veH3u1qgoc… http://s3.amazonaws.com/data.tumblr.com/tumblr_m2… (he's holding onto her arm?? aww)

    • April says:

      Agreed! To me, they are a couple that exemplifies normality in "celebrity" relationship. Neither of them has the slightest fashion sense, and I think it is endearing. I also think it is sort of cute that their style almost matches… "trendy" pants, sneakery shoes, jacket, tee.

      He also is always touching her… holds her arm, puts his arm around her, holds her hand. If I had to guess who was in pursuit of whom when this relationship started, my money is all on Fernando having gone after her. She hardly seems with him for the wrong reasons, so what's not to love?

      • jean says:

        Awh yes, Fernando is the one who's all touchy feely and romantic. It's nice to see for a change. They look like a couple of teenagers who tried to hard to look trendy lol, which it fits because Fernando looks like one anyway. They're lovely.

    • DebS says:

      Okay, how adorable is his smile when he's looking at her?

      • April says:

        The ones where he pulls her hair back as he does it? My gushy romantic side is so jealous of that moment.

  31. Chavete says:

    Who's even looking at his hair? I'm too distracted by Olalla's outfit! She needs a stylist (Me)! Girl contact me!

  32. Loninha - Brasil says:

    Olalla is ugly and do not change my opinion about it! Like it or not you guys like it! Caroline Celico is extremely beautiful, elegant and friendly!

    • mina says:

      What has a Caroline Celico to do with this posting?

    • Mirella says:

      Just because she doesn't have the body, the face, the smile of a model doesn't mean she's ugly. It's genetics that gave her the looks and they have nothing to do with a person being friendly.
      I'm sure when Nando met this girl twenty years ago he didn't pick her as a friend because of her outer looks. And it's
      just good to see that when he became world famous and learned what kind of standards there are for WAGs, he didn't change his mind about her and pick one of those woman you would call beautiful.

      • Guest says:

        But at least you admit that she isn't beautiful. And just for the record again, I never said she was ugly (see my post above).

        I just think it's ridiculous to pretend she is beautiful, just because she's Nando's wife. She just isn't. He loves her and they've been together forever, which is cute, but she still isn't gorgeous.

        It's silly to always pull out the fangirl card or call people jealous just because they dare to voice a different opinion.

        I have heard a lot of guys say they don't think she's pretty either – she's surely not in the same category as Kaka's wife or Lorena Bernal or Sara Carbonero.

        • April says:

          "It's silly to always pull out the fangirl card or call people jealous just because they dare to voice a different opinion."

          My opinion says that she is pretty, and it isn't just because she is Nando's wife, as you say. I'd gladly trade my looks in for hers. And I'm not ugly or anything myself. Who gives a toss if she looks like other WAGs… girls who are in the spotlight at that (in other words, they have to look good and they pay lots of money to do it). I think Sara C is pretty, but without makeup to bring our her eyes she is nothing special. Same with many of the others.

        • jean says:

          My problem is not that people say she's ugly because they're "jealous" (that's not necessary the case I know), but the need to compare her to other wags like Kaka's wife or Carbonero. They clearly decided to live other kind of lifestyle than Olalla, have other kind of ambitions, a lot of them based on their looks. They're beautiful, yes, but I don't get why it's such a big deal that Olalla doesn't look like them (or as you put it, in the same "category" lmao are you serious?), when she is absolutely nothing like them.

  33. Nana says:

    Is she pregnant again? Her belly looks a bit big.

    • *Sunshine* says:

      I was thinking about that… who knows? Maybe is the good life… confusing though

      • Vicky says:

        I think she might be pregnant, it looks like a pregnant belly, not a fat one if you get what I mean? Maybe it's just wishful thinking though….

        • marisol says:

          I dunno with Olalla she like me she goes up and down with her weight!!!! must be a gallega thing :)

  34. IrishBlue says:

    I love this couple!

    No matter what the haters say, she IS naturally pretty, (as is he)!

    • April says:

      I wish I could like this comment more than once.

      I think I am the only person that feels she looks similar to Lea Michele… a little narrower in the face, but I think they even have a freckle in the same spot or something weird like that. http://28.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_l0y7sjwxFv1qaqo…

      When Lea got bangs, the first thing that came to mind was when Olalla had them. And Lea even has larger features and is still beautiful. I don't get people. Any girl who can get away without wearing makeup and look that good outshines the rest, IMO.

    • Mrs_Q_Borri says:

      Agreed!!! They are perfect for each other!! Plain and simple.

  35. sofia says:

    olalla is worst dresser as always lol

  36. footballandme says:

    Am I the only one that loves how the roles have been reversed in the 1st picture? Normally its the guy that chicken wings his arm for the girl to link but yet Olalla is the chicken winger and Nando is the linker.

    Olalla does look a little pregnant… I hope she is otherwise I’ll feel awful that I’ve just called her fat lol.

  37. mina says:

    Is Olalla pregnant again?

    Nando looks beautiful btw.

  38. Guest says:

    Her clothes are way too tight – especially her jeans.

    Not loving Nando's pants either, but his hair is sort of growing on me.

  39. Loninha - Brasil says:

    One of the ugliest and wags soccer World no thanks! anti-pathic too!

    • April says:

      Completely disagree. She's naturally pretty, not that it matters anyhow, because she's been with Torres since the dawn of time, and none of us could get him to bat an eyelash in our directions if we tried.

      • anon says:

        WAGs like Lorena Bernal and Caroline Celico are naturally pretty, Olalla isn't. Doesn't mean she isn't a lovely person though and I agree that it's cute how long her and Nando have been together.

        • Guest says:

          Agreed. Don't know why people get so wound up about this. It's not like anyone's saying she is a horrible person – she just isn't pretty that's all. She's not ugly either, just ordinary.

          Mikel Arteta and Kaka's wife are truly beautiful, plus they don't need to resort to fake boobs.

          • jean says:

            But I don't get why is it absolutely necessary to keep saying she's not what you would call "pretty", while comparing her to other wags. Olalla has never cared for that kind of lifestyle, she's never posed for magazines or appeared in t.v. shows or tried to sing. She's remained an ordinary girl, despite her husband being an worldwide superstar. It's clear that she simply does not care, much like her husband.

            And I think Fernando is attractive enough for the both of them tbh, he has it all covered in that department.

            • Utd Girl says:

              Amen sister! I think some of these leadies are just a wee-bit jealous, no? But then again who really cares what any of us thinks. She already has the guy, so she won already!

              • Guest says:

                No, not jealous at all. I'm actually a lot more into The Ramos than Torres.

                Not everyone who says they don't think Olalla is pretty is a fangirl you know.

                • Utd Girl says:

                  Yeah, true but most of them are. Regardless of what anybody thinks, we all have different opinions of beauty. She's very natural looking. She's no Nagore, but she's still decently attractive. *Why does this make me think of that one reporter who wrote about how every woman is jealous of her because of her looks? LOL

                  • Guest says:


                    Could she be any more in love with herself?? Deluded isn't the word!

                    • Utd Girl says:

                      I was honestly getting so angry about how she truly believes that she is God's gift to Earth because of her "beauty". I have a very self-centered friend, but even she admits that what she thinks of her own "hotness", other people may not agree. BEAUTY IS DEFINITELY IN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER, but please exclude yourself in judging how beautiful you are.

                      I'm getting off topic here, but oh well. And as you mentioned, you prefer Sergio over Nando, I prefer SERNANDO! lol the two of them I think are the most beautiful on La Roja. Jesus Navas is close and Iker and Xabi, but Sernando is just pure perfection!

                    • Guest says:

                      I know, she is so annoying! Couldn't believe it when she said that all the nasty responses she got just kind of 'proved her point'.

                      So, you either agree with her and say she's beautiful or you disagree and she reckons it's only because you secretly think she's beautiful, lol.

                      What a nutcase.

                    • Guest says:

                      Oh and yes, I love Sernando. They are so cute!

    • con2e says:

      Why so mean? I think she is the perfect antithesis to all those fake looking, orange skinned women who masquerade as WAGS! I'm looking at you Alex and Coleen, lol.

      • mina says:

        Yes, you´re right.

      • Guest says:

        Kind of ironic that you would call Coleen Rooney fake when it's Olalla who's had the boob job.

        • Utd Girl says:

          She got a boob job?!

          • April says:

            I think so, but not like she did it for fame or camera attention. I think it was a choice she made for herself, given she's seen in public all of 2-3 times a year.

            Besides, Colleen Rooney has fake eyebrows, haha. But no, really… I could care less what they look like if their men and them are happy together.

            • Utd Girl says:

              I don't care either if she got a boob job. That's her own decision. Her and Fernando seem so happy together which is very refreshing to see.

              The one wag I cannot stand is Alex Gerrard though. She seems to always want attention. I like wags like Olalla who prefer to do their own thing and not be in the spotlight unless the other women are famous on their own part. Fernando is really lucky because so many other footballers just have one and done, but he's been with her for quite some time.

              I have never posted so much on Kickette before. I'm just procrastinating because I don't want to finish a report that's due.

              • April says:

                Ha! I also do well to avoid work on this here website. :) It's a dull Friday afternoon at the office.

            • Mrs_Q_Borri says:

              Lol! Fake eyebrows!! ahahaha

      • Scoop says:

        Why so mean? Its a comments section on a photograph uploaded. Duh…. People are allowed differing opinions mean or not, even if you dont agree with them.

  40. Monica says:

    I love his hair in this picture. Windblown Fern hair= perfect in my eyes :)

  41. Mumtaaaz says:

    WISH I WERE YOU, OLALLA! *forget the capslock*

  42. emma says:

    how tall is FT?
    wikipedia says 1.83 but im sure he's taller.. my dad is 1.85 and the nando look taller that him…..

  43. CED says:

    Torres bb three? Olalla is looking a little pregnant to me

  44. C says:

    Olalla is looking a little pregnant to me…

  45. Utd Girl says:

    Oh my…Fernando is so good looking, BUT the HAIR!!! Hun, you need to just stick to your natural color! But then again, he’ll always look good no matter what. On the plus, they are such a lovely couple. No, I do not know why Olalla is wearing that, but if I had her man, I probably wouldn’t care what I was wearing or NOT wearing ;) Happy Friday!

  46. MissyV says:

    My oh my ol’ freckled one! Good heavens! Dye it back to its old color please!

  47. Michelle T says:

    Surprised Kickette did not have anything to say about the Mario Balotelli pants which were distracting me from his hair.

  48. mimi says:

    They´re such a beautiful couple! Nando and Olalla look absolutely gorgeous. I don´t like his pants though.

  49. April says:

    Forget the hair. His pants are the crime. I love this boy, but he is not the most fashionable of characters. Him nor Olalla… I suppose I like them that way, though. Makes them all the more normal-like. They are truly an adorable couple.