May 29th, 2012

Fernando Torres & Sergio Ramos: The “SerNando” Signing Conundrum


You think Sergio Ramos and Fernando Torres ever get tired of co-signing “SerNando” on fans’ memorabilia? Since both of their siggys are required, how attached at the autograph are they? Is it always Sergio who starts things off with “Ser” or are there instances where Fernando scrawls his “Nando” suffix first? And do they use the same colour ink as each other, or do they occasionally give ROYGBIV a run for its money?

You may think that our line of questioning is generic and trivial, but it’s not. The “SerNando” signing conundrum is a longstanding concern of ours, one that we’ve lost countless nights of beauty sleep over.

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27 Responses to “Fernando Torres & Sergio Ramos: The “SerNando” Signing Conundrum”

  1. emma says:

    i swear its something beyond logic… i mean, look at them… they are so in harmony with eachother! they remind me of my best friend and her twin sister. lol

  2. MsMe says:

    Both of them could sign me anytime. In private, ofcourse.

  3. bridget says:

    Tashy you make it seem like a bad thing that Arsenal is coming to Nigeria.. Ooh well I’ll get to see them and maybe get and autograph.. PS Nigeria is a beautiful place with beautiful people eg ME :)

    • tashy says:

      Sowi if I offended u I meant it as in I wish they were coming 2 south africa oh well at least 1 of us might get 2 meet theo walcott nd yes Nigeria is a beautiful place

  4. Marose says:

    From Fernando's official web page,

    "I’m an accessible person. I think signing autographs after a training session is almost a duty, a moral obligation. I’m aware of the enthusiasm and excitement that the fans feel towards me, the respect and affection they have for me. In fact, not long ago I was one of them. Being important to the fans is a source of pride and satisfaction for me. What I don’t like so much is the loss of privacy, not being able to have a good time with friends in a public place like any normal person, which at the end of the day is what I am."

  5. mira says:

    Where is my comment from yesterday? I can´t believe you have delete this kickettes. :(

  6. Jean says:

    No no kickette, Juanando is where it's at (unpupolar opinion I know, but they are so sweet to each other I can't help but ship it).

  7. iram1982 says:

    i know this isn't related to the post, but i wanted to know [if anyone knows] is sara carbonero going to cover the eurocup?

    • sarakhatmi says:

      of course she is. her main thing is fotball and i am possitive seh will be covering this event just like she did with the confederations cup and world cup.

  8. xoWinnie says:

    oh gawwwddd the infamous Ramos pony-tail! *fans self*

  9. YoungChelsea says:

    So happy to see two of my favourite spaniards together again. All hail Sernando!

  10. Jayy says:

    Lol, loving The Ramos' elegant bun.

  11. Carolina says:

    Oh LOL Kickette!!!

  12. tashy says:

    I luv seeing sernando think they look rally cool but I also kinda miss xavilla(xavi nd david villa) anyway I’m sooooooooooooooooooooo relieved nd glad torres got called up at least but I’m rally sad 4 yoann gourcuff I was hoping they would cut out samir nasir instead of him the dudes a total ego manic XD

  13. blake2108 says:

    Rare sight seeing Torres sign autographs.

    • Carolina says:

      Really? I didn't know that.

      • blake2108 says:

        My mate is an autograph collector, says Torres hardly ever signs, and I found that out for myself when I waited after a game and he went straight onto the team bus…

        • shelovesballs says:

          it is not true, you and your friend were simply unlucky. I got two autographs from Torres in 2008. He was the kindest man at Eurocup, giving signs to everybody. But I never saw Ramos, Fabregas, Casillas and Villa to sign any piece of paper.

          • shelovesballs says:

            I also have a picture with Torres, and even one picture, when he is signing my stuff:)

            • Nando Nan says:

              Torres is probably like any other high profile footballer–sometimes he signs and sometimes he doesn't. It's the luck of the draw when you'll get a chance. He obviously can't comply with every request and occasion. Otherwise he wouldn't have time to do anything else. And I bet there are few footballers in the world who gets as many requests as he does.

          • blake2108 says:

            That's fair enough and congratulations to you, but I do feel that the Torres of 2008 was a lot less high profile than the Torres of 2012.

            All the fans waiting after the game were chanting for Torres to come off the bus to sign autographs, he was the reason 90% of the fans stayed. Many even asked some other players and even Di Matteo to get him off the bus for us but he didn't budge.

            Hopefully I'll have better luck in the future but from what I've been told and have experienced myself, these days he very rarely signs autographs.

            • Sarah says:

              I think he's usually generous when there is an occasion like the picture above, but he doesn't stop much after league games etc.
              From the stories I heard, he is very nice with fans. One time he waited for 30 minutes to sign for a little kid.

          • ^^K^^ says:

            Fabregas, Casillas and Ramos were all happy to sign autographs over in Finland back in 2007 when I was at the height of my fangirling days :D

        • tashy says:

          Love u got 2 go 2 a match nd got 2 see him in person I hav neva been inside a stadium let alone 1 wid FERNANDO TORRES playing, I’m praying on mi lucky stars that 1 of these teams united,barca,bayern,chelsea or mi personal fave Real madrid will come 2 south africa durning pre season touring I mean arsenal r gng 2 flippin
          Nigeria instead of south africa nd da only time I could have had da opportunity 2 see fernando was during da world cup I wasn’t a soccer fan than I thought it was the most boring sport eva nd now that I luv soccer none of these teams wanna come 2 south africa sowi love but ur extremely lucky 2 hav see him up close

  14. Anna de babi says:


    • Mirella says:

      Sernando are back together and will be for the whole Euro. The shippers and the press are going equally crazy because nobody thought del Bosque would leave others at home, just to not be responsible for a breakup of these beauties….and you call that boring? Shame on you! Ha Ha!