July 23rd, 2010

Fernando Torres: The Hair Files

Why yes, it is a slow news day, thanks for asking! Now let’s analyse Fernando Torres’s hair.

Why He Cut His Hair

“To be honest, I told my wife ‘I need to look more like a father’…but…everyone tells me now I look like a kid so it was a mistake.” – Fernando Torres when asked why he cut his hair.

When he first got the chop, vindication was our initial feeling. But we’re starting to agree with Fern – the cut may not have propelled Nando to being breakout star of the World Cup, but we lurve his natural baby boy brown look now.

Why He Refused To Do It In The Past

Oddly enough, his father supports the short style since he once tried bribing a 17-year-old ‘Nando to cut his hair in exchange for a car. Fern’s response to his fathers request + a mandatory trip to bible studies? No go on the cuttage – saying biblical long-haired boys Samson, John The Baptist and Jesus were his inspiration.

“But did you notice they all walked everywhere?” was his dad’s clever comeback. Point taken.

Why He Won’t Do It In The Future

In response to speculation on what he’d do if Spain won the World Cup, “making promises related to hair is easy.  That wouldn’t be any problem and the occasion requires something bigger.”

What Has Extra Meaning Now We Know What We Know About Mr. Torres And His Fertile Baby-Making Abilities

With wifey Olalla pregnant with their second child, Fern’s comments about looking more like a father make sense. He’s all growed up, bless.

PS: You’ve seen this, right?

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42 Responses to “Fernando Torres: The Hair Files”

  1. michael says:

    erm no offence but Torres aint no looker. Doesnt even look like a Spaniard and his ability went with his locks ALA Samson. Cesc Fabregas is infinately more attractive . He looks Spanish (Catalan) and has black eyes to die for. I'm a man but I know what a good looking man looks like, Fabregas is hot in the looks department…….Torres shorn of his locks makes Samir Nasri look like Methusala.

  2. barca/spain chick says:

    oh kickette I love u.I'm new and glad I found out about you :) ,and thanks for the post,he looks so handsome!

  3. polyne N. says:

    oh! i absolutely love his new look.. he looks totally fresher and even sexier…=)it's true that he now looks more like a kid, but i agree with his idea of looking more like a father.. well, he looks like one now.. only the best one! i absolutely adore Nora and i can't wait to see his second child.. is it going to be a baby boy or girl???? well, let's us all wait and see.. wish him, Olalla and Nora all the best of luck… and congratulation for being the world champion… Go Fernando….. X.o.X.o

  4. Zuhur says:

    This is guy is like .. The most handsome man alive. No joke.

    I despised his blonde hair actually, I was just wishing upon the days where he would just get rid of it.

    Tis the first time I am actually going to be thanking Olalla for something.

    Good advice you gave my hubby ;)

  5. IrishBlue says:

    Oh Fernando my dear please don’t ever grow your hair back it is so much better like this :)

  6. Jenna says:

    dear fernando,

    i love you forever, no matter what, but please don't leave us.

  7. jade says:

    awwwww, torres is such a sweetheart!

    <3 he'd be the best dad.


  8. Zinny says:

    He is just beautiful. Ay Fernando…I don't care what he does with his hair, I just love this kid. Even if he is a DILF now.

    By the way, I am a big fan of this look. Good advice from Ollala!

  9. MeL says:

    Luv Kickette!! Luv this site.. .. why oh why does he have to be Soooo beautiful?? ??

  10. VeNia says:

    i will still love him even if the world comes to an end!!!true love hell yeah!!XD

  11. susie says:

    he should embrace his youthful looks! people spend thousands trying to turn back time and he has it naturally!

  12. Taylor says:

    if he got any more dazzling, there's a good chance that I would spontaneously combust.

    I absolutely adored him with his longer hair, now he looks a littler fresher, more clean cut around the edges and I LOVE IT. I agree, he looks younger, but it's clearly in his genes. his face has always been adorable. so, long hair, short hair, you've still got one smokin baller.

  13. Kirstin says:

    He looks like a completely different person to me with his new hair versus his long blond do. Definitely better now!

  14. Fernanda says:

    He's BEAUTIFUL!!!!! And seems to be such a nice and down to earth guy which makes him even more Beautiful!!!

  15. Louise says:

    Maybe if he lost the faux hawk, he’d look a bit more grown up. It’s not as if the long hair made him look older, just silly…

  16. Goosie says:

    I <3 Nando. He could do whatever he wants with his hair (even get cornrows like Sergio did – not that cornrows are bad. Look at Glen Johnson. Yum!!) and I'd still love him.

  17. Erin says:

    I could not love him more. He’s so stinking cute. And his English is getting so good!

  18. Lorihanna,Morales Torres says:

    He Does look Like a Kid,
    BUT SO HOT! :)

  19. rubyqueen says:

    i am of the opinion that he could do anything and everything to his hair and still look as gorgeous as hell.:)he'll always look young it's just the way he is.:)

  20. jecca says:


  21. Mrs Navas says:

    Nando!! I love ya long time boy!!! i just love this particular hairstyles. but i must say that blonde hair was not working. this cut and colour completes his daddy finish in my opinion

  22. SoccerDuckie says:

    Damn he can pass for 18 in that pic above. Hehehe…. :)

  23. Laurie says:

    You ARE a KID. You’re El Niño! He’s just living up to his name…

  24. Zara says:

    his brown hair is far better than when it was blonde. & it suits his age as well. ahhh Nando, you're just as cute as a newborn baby.

  25. I do think he's rather Samson like. He lst all his scoring powers once he cuts his long flowing locks off.

  26. Rachel S says:

    I have to say, I like his haircut and the brown colour alot better than the blonde..it looked kinda fake imo. I like that he looks younger than he really is, but then I remember he's pretty much settled down with his family and only a few years shy from being 30. Disappointing for a 19 yr old like me =(

    • July says:

      You and me both. I never go for the age-appropriate footballers.

    • Steph says:

      Definitely. His hair looks WAY better now. :D And seriously, he’ll always look younger than he is, but that’s a good thing! I love that. :)

    • ConnPossible says:

      me too, except Im older than a majority of them.

      which is much, much worse.

  27. SoccerMama says:

    Ecstatic to see the shaggy horrible bleached hair mess gone. *Love* his new hair, love his responsible family-man attitude. Seriously, this "kid" is the complete package of talented, loving and hawt.

    • Rachel S says:

      Agree completely…and a great photo choice Kickette! He is too cute there!

  28. DJ says:

    i dont like him, but this hair suits him more than the blond tresses he had before. atleast he looks like a guy now.

  29. vivo_barca says:

    le amo y su pelo ;)

  30. vivo_barca says:

    le quiero y su pelo ;)

  31. KRISTINA says:

    haha, he is the most cutest kid ever:-)))))

  32. Thea says:

    I miss the whoe Pre-operation trans sexual look he was rocking last season, maybe if he goes to Barca he will grow it back!

    • anon says:

      uhh…why would he be coming to barca? he said he's gonna stay in the premier league.

      i dont want him to come to barca, i like barca. but thats just me…

      • Laurie says:

        Kinda hard to like Barca these days…

        As long as Ibrahimovic won't leave he won't be joining Barca. And they wouldn't want him, he's a Madrilenian…

        Nando's Liverpool's Number 9 :)

        • Thea says:

          or chelsea’s new whatever……

          • Laurie says:

            think they don’t have a number 9 yet, so yeah :D
            I don’t care as long as he stays in Premiere League… They don’t show La Liga games in german television…

  33. Jessie says:

    he still looks like a kid but his hair looks much better this way than when it was blond