January 12th, 2010

Fertile Footballers: Baby News and Updates


Alex Gerrard and daughter Lexie brave the snow on their way to lunch in Liverpool. EDIT: Alex is not pregnant. We are using her for her daughter to illustrate a footballer baby story. Resume life as normal.

Footballers, they’re such fertile chappies, aren’t they? Let’s get an update on what’s happening with some new(ish) arrivals and announcements.

jan12albi- As we previously mentioned, Raul Albiol was given an early surprise on January 7 when daughter Alma was born a little early. FYI, his first child, Azahara, was born in mid-March of 2009. Do the math. And light a candle for his girlfriend’s internal workings.

-  West Ham’s Valon Behrami, husband of Italian TV-gal and sometime model, Elena Bonzanni, have an edible baby girl named Sofia who’s turning 1 next month.

Djourou- Arsenal defender Johan Djourou’s girlfriend, Emilie, gave birth to an oh-so-presh baby Lou in late October.

- For those asking, yes Carly Cole is still bumping along – her and hubby Joe’s baby is due in March.

- Congratulations are in order for Arjen Robben , whose wife is due to have their second child in March. Don’t let the receding hairline/partial baldness fool you, Arjen is a spry 25 year old with obviously superior swimmers.

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34 Responses to “Fertile Footballers: Baby News and Updates”

  1. Lille says:

    Just cause its physically possible to have 2 babies in less than a year doesnt mean you should. The body needs time to heal. In fact the doctor says you should wait at least 6 weeks before having sex again..Is she already pregnant with her third? And this girl is only like 18.

  2. Portia says:

    Alex must be mad to brave the ice in them boots, that’s a snapped ankle waiting to happen.

    Props to Albiol’s missus. Two babies in less than a year? Wow!

  3. Solida says:

    love Alex's look!!!!

    oh, lexie!!!! how adorable!!!

    love the Gerrard family, esp,the daddy one!!!!

  4. angie says:


    not a big fan alex's fur top though:S

  5. Tash says:

    Lexie is soooo cute! :)

    o god this must be the billionth time Alex has worn those garish boots :S seriously! give em a rest.

  6. KateAlonso says:

    is it me or Alex is wearing the same jeans and the same boots again? btw hate the boots. Lexie looks adorable :) congrat to all happy parents, Albiol looks awesome with his newborn ;)

  7. Pamela says:

    Albiol–When is yoUr third kid gonna be born? In June?

  8. Regiii says:

    Oh gosh! It's a great thing I don't live in Liverpool otherwise you'd have read the news that little gorg Lexie had been kidnapped that day!!! She's soooooooooooooo "squeeze-me-i'm-cute"!!!

    No comments on mom's boots, you girls had it all covered already!

    Congrats on all the other baby news!

    And yes, Kickette, you were pretty evil with that misleading headline. Shame on you!

  9. HiL says:

    can anyone confirm if Lisa Carrick is pregnant?

  10. coleen says:

    Eric Abidal is novenbre since late father of a little girl. here’s a photo of his daughters http://profile.ak.fbcdn.net/v22940/898/8/n1258231291_2800.jpg

    • coleen says:

      Eric Abidal is a new father of a little girl since late November.

      sorry for the spelling of the message before

  11. Pamela says:

    Wow Raul had his first baby less than a year ago(March 09) and now he has another one born last week. So that means that a month after the girlfriend gave birth she got pregnant again!! 2 babies in less than a year! :S

  12. Adele says:

    im not keen on alex’s outfit, those jeans are awful. and why would you wear boots like those in this weather?? how cute does Lexie look though??
    How is Emma Neville doing?? isnt she due to have another one soon, and isnt Molly 1 soon??

  13. Sarah says:

    Awww baby Djourou!

  14. Alisha! says:

    I don’t blame Raul Albiol’s girlfriend…if I was her I’d struggle to keep my hands of him.

  15. Samantha says:

    She looks ridiculous out in the snow wearing that. The whole ensemble is horrid, but especially the boots are hideous and can’t be safe in all that snow and ice. And I totally thought she was prego again too, tricky Kickette!! LOL!

  16. carly says:

    wow, I have to admire Alex for daring to walk in the snow with those awful things on her feet. She has no sleeves …brrrr.

  17. pon says:

    How does Alex walk around in those shoes??? Liverpool is one big ice rink, I can barely stay on my feet in my comfy shoes.

    All the babies:D Arby was pretty fast then.

  18. Riya (Come on you Reds!) says:

    O.O I almost went crazy thinking Stevie had another one on the way. Oh dear god I need to calm down. False alarm.

    Congrats to all the families and their cute new additions!

  19. Abbie says:

    Fancy wearing shoes like that when its icy xx

  20. Anya says:

    After you give birth, you can't have sex for like six weeks, can you?

    God, I feel sorry for Albiol's lady. Two kids in such short period of time. So the third one will be…in August?

  21. jasmine says:

    first time in ages!love her outfit but she could break her neck in those heels and the ice. Lexie looks cute!

  22. Jane says:

    i am not a big fan of what she is wearing. I think she has tried to hard.

  23. Boston Red says:

    Dear lord I thought Alex was pregnant again too! She looks nice there aside from the Snooki poof…. bit ridiculous to wear those boots on ice too.

    Congrats to all of the new parents!

  24. Mel says:

    Is Alex ever seen with both her girls at the same time. It seems she is favoring Lexie…

    But I love her outfit, aside from the boots. They would equal broken ancles on me…

  25. rory says:

    Congrats to all of the but as I saw the pic of alex the second thing that came up on my mind was her outfit I dont how col it is in liverpool I can only assume its freezin so what is she wearing ?? Come on her little daughter is with her what kinda example is she ?? isnt it mor important to be healthy than to wear cool outfits? just sayin….no offense

  26. FootballerChick43 - says:

    Congrats to all of them! :)

  27. Baby Freya says:

    When I saw the pic of Alex I thought Stevie was in line for baby number 3! And then the rest of this post paled in comparison to the happy-baby-making dance by brain was doing over the thought of Stevie having another little addition to his gorge family!

  28. Louise says:

    Saw the "baby news" headline and then a picture of Alex Gerrard and I went into a tizzy until I clicked and realized that she was only there for the adorbs Lexie and not news of an incoming.

  29. Merel says:

    Look, Alex is outside with one of her daughters. Shocker!

    Congrats to all of them and especially ro Arjen ofcourse. :)