February 14th, 2012

Finest Five 6.5: Say Hello To Our New Sizzling Sweethearts

Happy Valentine’s Day, Kickettes!

Usually we hate having to mix our “classies” and “one-nighters” wish lists, but today’s festive spirit has put us in a lovey-dovey (and lustful) mood.

Not quite ready for a total Finest Five re-shuffle? Neither were we, but we still think our readers will be giddy with man meat glee once you see the modifications made especially with you all in mind.

A friendly reminder that The Finest 5 is a completely subjective Kickette list and we rarely care what other people think about it.

And also, this is strictly an objectification of man flesh. If you have nothing nice to say, at least bring presents. We have tolerance as slim as our waistlines for rude or lewd musings, so let’s play nice in the comments and we’ll all get goody bags on our way out.

1. Lance Parker (Former Spot: N/A)

Pic from Lance. Gosh how we love him and his helpfulness.

We are body-worshippers by design, and Lance has bulldozed the hot competition since making his debut onto our scene.

FC Edmonton's Lance ParkerSteamier than Victoria Beckham’s broccoli, many Kickettes share a mutual centre of the universe – Lance’s six-pack. One thing we neglected to mention in our interview with LP is that he owns (and regularly wears if the time/place is right) cowboy boots and hats.

Our lady boners have mini bone-ettes. Excuse us.

Why has he been fast-tracked to the top of the Finest Five? Well, as reader Mata put it: “Kickette soldier boys and girls of all colours, creeds, nationalities and orientations, united by a common lust! This guy’s beauty is I think the only time I’ve ever seen everybody here in agreement…”

Before announcing our new F5 line-up, we asked the male model/NASL player for his thoughts on making our best of-the-moment list of ‘ballers. In his comedically humble opinion, Lance said: “It’s always fun to see yourself at the top of any list. Well, unless it’s something like the FBI’s most wanted list or something like that…”

We’re off to Edmonton in search of some new stamps for our passports, Kickettes. Wanna come?


2. Cesc Fabregas (Former Spot: 1)

For those questioning Cesc’s spot on the F5 list, by all means, continue to question.

Just understand that he and his evolving hairstyles are going nowhere else at the moment.


3. Olivier Giroud (Former Spot: N/A)

We love this guy’s face and so does the camera. Olivier, like Yoann, is sophisticated hot; a smooth as butter ‘baller with dimples who takes our breath and oxygen masks away.

Not only does he get our bona-fide fine backing in 2012, he got his country’s sexy seal of approval in late 2011 as well. As the Kickette archives is quick to point out, we require our yummiest of strikers to be tough and strong-jawed, like this man. Plus Olivier looks like he could make a mean omelette. In the morning. After all the sex.

So, as long as his girlfriend, Jennifer, is okay with it, we’ll take our egg whites scrambled and topped with spicy salsa. Please and thank you dearly, Mr Giroud.


4. Marco Borriello (Former Spot: 2)

Of the moment list hot soccer footballers KicketteMarco Borriello is our #1 F.I.L.F., which alone warrants his place on this list (albeit a few spots lower than last time). A habitual scene stealer for some right and oh so wrong reasons, we’ve decimated our 401Ks to capture this fleshmonger’s physical art for the front page countless times and neither him nor us are showing any signs of slowing down.

In case you’re wondering, F.I.L.F. is an acronym we coined to describe players we’d like to do not-so-PG-13 things with.

Image: REUTERS/Giorgio Perottino.


5. Carlos Bocanegra (Former Spot: 4)

A reliable product on top and man parts we already know intimately down below (and are willing to explore further), we will option the club and country leading man as captain of our beds, breakfast nooks and/or balconies anytime.

Yes, Carlos has slipped a bit, but we still find his body of work to be ridic and wish to marry him/it. Twice.


BTW, we said buh-bye to Aitor Ocio and Jack Rodwell. Show of hands for who even noticed?

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150 Responses to “Finest Five 6.5: Say Hello To Our New Sizzling Sweethearts”

  1. Carla says:

    Yeah….uuuhhhmmm Kickette… THIS LIST IS MISSING SOME SERNANDO!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Mag says:

    CANEhhhmmm, can we please replace Cesc with Sergio?…. PRETTY PLEASEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Katie says:

    I don't see all this fascination/lust/desire/infatuation with Cesc, I really don't…..I'm trying, but it baffles me, ladies.

  4. Lily R. says:

    to the kickette ladies: well done with Lance Parker. The man is sex on legs. yumm <3

    also, yay for Boca still being on the list! *chants* Boca! Boca! Boca!!!

  5. blesdetoi says:

    Where is Kevin Prince Boateng on this list??????????! That man is an absolute hunk and way underrated, we need to see some more of him on Kickette!

  6. Dario trentin says:

    Where is Del Piero?!?! I

  7. Violetta says:

    Ladies and Gentleman. I think I can bring some PEACE to this discussion making my personal statement. Me, being a die hard el Ramo admirer (for a very weird, personal reasons:) I DO NOT WANT HIM TO BE INVOLVED IN 'this' Fine 5. I think I will double the "Talking Balls" opinion. He is TO MUCH to be included in proposed company (- Cesc!).Boys are gorgeous! BUT they just happend to play in another league. Lets be honest: Dear Kickettes seems to building up a bit of controversy to spice up our life. In my eyes there is no need to include SR4 in this competition as he won already:).The only missing fact in this situ is The Ramos in a HOT H.o.F. P.S. I love you all, guys :) .

  8. Susana says:

    No Gourcuff, no list. :(

  9. celia N says:

    Thinks God the RAMOS is not in The Finest 5 ;) dont get this fascination

  10. Anna says:

    The Ramos ? are you kidding me ?

  11. Ongaro says:

    OH MY GOD OH MY GOD! LANCE PARKER IS FROM MY HOME TOWN'S TEAM! finally we have international attention, if not for our skill then for our hot players! yessssss

  12. Jayy says:


  13. Bats says:

    No more Aitor? But that Lance Parker's pretty hot, eh?

  14. Melsor says:

    Cesc should be back at number 1! Pique and Kevin-Prince Boateng should also be on it.

  15. CNH says:

    SO Happy that Lance is at the TOP!!!
    So happy he lives in my city. Now where does he hang out? hmmmmmm

  16. Louise says:

    Osvaldo! He never gets a shout out on here.

  17. jenni4955 says:

    I think it's time that Erik Lamela made this list.

  18. Danielle says:

    1) you ladies need to create a "Bench list" that way we can have ALL of the hot men!

    ^ that needed to be said with authority. We want them and we want them now.

  19. laligaforladies says:

    Thanks for bringing Lance Parker to my attention. I have family in Alberta that I really should visit…

  20. cutegun says:

    I love cesc. and i think he deserves to be in the F5.. but where are my german boys (Mats Hummels for example <3) but I have to admit, the list is quite good! They all deserve to be in it.. But Cesc is just the King of the F5.. There's no F5 without him :D Cesc has it all! Looks, Cuteness, Sexyness, Character.. everything.. well except he plays for the wrong team (Real Madrid Ultra talking xD) ..

    But I have to say.. I'm missing the young germans like Mats! Especially MATS HUMMELS!!! XD

  21. boston79 says:

    Sir Lance-a-hot and Olivier are making my day at work!

  22. FabregasPublicist says:

    Okay, reading some of the comments are making me a little sad. Cesc deserves his place there, whether we like it (or him) or not. Even though he has done some things we totally hate, he still gives us something to make us lust for him (I know deep inside each and everyone of you lust for Cesc Fabregas! Hahaha!). I hated him so much when he left Arsenal (and the hurt's not yet gone) but I can't hate him for the other things that make him Cesc. You know what I mean?

    If anyone would still disagree, let me open up a proposal. Ever since the F5 list was created, Cesc has been removed from the list for, if I am not mistaken, only two times. That means he is on the F5 list longer than anyone else who made the list. So I'm pushing for a campaign to put Cesc in the HHoF.

    And if people would accept my proposal, I want to see my baby, Aaron Ramsey in the list! Hahaha!

  23. ingrid says:

    Iker. Alonso. Ramsey. MUST BE HERE! :)

  24. Alexxx says:

    Go Lance!! :) Love all the choices cept' Cesc

  25. AKA says:

    Forgive me my skepticism, Kickettes, but all of these guys look…. the same? I'm all for admitting I wouldn't say no, but how about some diversity next time? Not everyone goes for cookie-cutter (ish) Dark, Swarthy-Sexy, and Stubble.

    • mata says:

      Agree with you completely. There are different types of attractiveness, but this list caters to just one. Where's the "can-take-home-to-meet-mum gorgeous" (Joe Hart, Mario Gomez, Hummels, Ramsey), the "sweet personality philanthropic gorgeous" (Llorente, Dzeko) or the "quirky-not-for-everyone gorgeous" (Bale). The list needs to have something for everyone.

  26. Skyeee says:


  27. Nelz says:

    dear kickette,
    You need a list like the hof or the finest 5 for baby ballers… seriously… there are so many fit as heck young footballers (eg Sergio Canales) and they are not on any of the lists just because they are far too young to daydream about.

  28. xoWinnie says:

    *drops cutlery*

    ….no Sergio? AGAIN? that's a joke, correct?

    this is the only time Drake hand-shaking motion from 'The Motto' is appropriate.
    yes, i did it. judge me. *throws on the stunner shades Horatio Cains tha f*ck outta hurr*

  29. Kris says:

    Am I the only one who likes Mats Hats Hummels to be on this list??!!

  30. Heather says:

    Lance Parker is a complete BABE! well deserved 1st spot. can't help but think Lucas Piazon should be on here, though?

  31. doug says:

    I agree with Carlos being on there. But my others are Phil Jagielka, Paulo Ferreira, Erik Lamela, and Valerio Verre. Kun does it for me too.

  32. Agnes Wonka says:

    Where are CR? and Sergio? and Karim Benz?
    I think we should vote the players in the Finest Five!

  33. GWTW says:

    Olivier Giroud and Marco are the only hotties/ finest on that list the rest MEH!

  34. Sara P says:

    Hot damn #1 is good looking. How did I miss any mention of him lately? Anywho…still wondering how the HELL Fabregas continues to end up on this list…let alone at #2. Have you seen how hot Bocanegra is lately, Kickettes? He definitely deserves a promotion! He is always and forever #1 on my list.

  35. blake2108 says:

    I know my football, but apart from Cesc I barely know the rest, and I'm not attracted to any of them. :(

  36. mata says:

    Boring Boring Boring. Yawn.

  37. Alone- Brazil says:

    Mario Gomez ! Mario Gomez! Mario Gomez ! Mario Gomez !
    I love the French, but still prefer the cat's Yoann Gourcuff! Thanks!

  38. aninjasdream says:

    I don't like the list! I don't like the list! I don't like the list! I don't like the list!

  39. mary6blue says:

    I looove that you're still in love with Cescy!!! He deserves it! Cutest of all ;)

  40. Zahara says:

    where is the spanish boy love? WHERE????
    im sorry, i dont agree with this list!
    i do not see fernando llorente, and he is, as you all know, a sex god.
    why isnt he on the listtt? :0

  41. Carolina says:

    Torres!! Torres!! Torres!! Torres!!

  42. Jayy says:

    PLEASE DONT EVER DEMOTE BOCANEGRA. That man is a firm favourite and you can rely on him ;)

  43. Christina says:

    I love Cesc despite the hair mishaps and would be devastated the day he didn't make the finest 5. Also I wish Yoann was on the list, not just his countryman.

  44. Sexy4SoccerPlayers says:

    Why are these guys all brunettes?? What happened to all the sexy blonde soccer players?? Sure these guys are all sexy but i’ve seen sexier German soccer players :D

  45. [...] THESE LADIES DON’T DISCRIMINATE. The ladies of Kickette have a new set of rankings out. Number one on the list is a guy that plays in the US/Canada second division. // Kickette [...]

  46. gigi says:

    I'm so happy Borri's still there. I love him! I just really, really wish he was playing better, you know? Tired of seeing him on the bench. Well, at least he's learning to pass really well now.

    • gigi says:

      By the way, his new Facebook page seems to be quite active compared to the old one. He (or his manager?) are updating regularly. Yipeee!

  47. Kyra says:

    Oke a new Finest Five list. Here's my favorite for the new H.O.F. list then : Alessandro Nesta please!

  48. kel says:

    To be honest, not only do I find all of these men Meh in the extreme (apart from Cesc, whose personality can be sometimes adorable) I don't even know who most of them are. Nor do I care.

  49. DrStrangelove says:

    Lance Parker? I abide. The rest, not so much. Personally speaking I think Cesc is being levered out of the Five slowly. No Aitor he-makes-me-wish-I-was-a-lady-so-I-could-have-his-babies Ocio? :( (

    Did we ever find out if Lance Parker was gay, Texan, married or southern?

  50. destroyedbymadness says:

    One word – RAMOS.

  51. IrishBlue says:

    Ah I am so for Lance and Olivier making this list! It is about the men of the moment and these two certainly are :-)

  52. Kristina says:

    No, none of these fine gentlemen is on my Finest Five list. Sorry.

  53. S4Jill says:

    I"m not sure who chose these 5 but they're definately not the hottest bunch around. Why oh why is Fabregas still on?? Where's Ramos, Aaron Ramsey, Theo Walcott etc
    I think there needs to be a recount!!!!!

  54. Kelly says:

    Mmmm…Lance Parker.

    Juan Mata for version 7.0 of the list!

    • Gladys says:

      Totally agree about Mata. Add brains, personality, and a talent contest (might have to make him sing) and he basically blows the competition away!

  55. Kate says:

    I love this list! I especially approve of Giroud making the cut. But Aaron Ramsey needs a spot pronto, and Ramos just needs to skip straight to the Hot Hall of Fame.

  56. zoraida says:

    idk………..torres and ramos are missing…………..

  57. Leah says:

    I may be the only one these days, but I still love Nando.

    • DrStrangelove says:

      Not the only one! And neither am I, judging by that comment's +12 mark.

      Nando fans of the world, unite and take over!

    • April says:

      You aren't, though! Kickette does and just doesn't want to admit it in F5 fashion;) I feel like they average on mentioning him or reporting on him about once every 1.5 weeks, which may be more than any other footballer on here. That alone is a feat, with all the hot players out there. Maybe they'll admit it one day with a spot on the HHoF instead.

    • Kat22 says:

      You're definitely not the only one! I have a bit of a soft spot for Fer as well, although I will be honest and admit that I preferred him at Liverpool. He just seemed so much happier there and always played with a smile on his face whereas nowadays he cuts a frustrating figure on the pitch. Sometimes I think he needs to leave Chelsea to save what's left of his career.

      But, back on topic – he is definitely finest five material. Gorgeous body, gorgeous big brown eyes (I'm a sucker for brown eyes) and an accent that just makes you melt. Not to mention that he is a family man instead of the stereotypical footballer who goes trawling through bars etc.

      So yes, bring him back to the F5. Or alternatively straight to the HoF! :-)

      • Kat22 says:

        *frustrated figure, not frustrating.

        Although it is kind of frustrating for us to watch him go through this misery.

        I guess that's what you call a Freudian slip. ;-)

        • April says:

          I was going to say.. both apply, lol.

          And I am with you… while I really wanted it to work with Chelsea, I have a feeling he'll be going this summer, if they can find a buyer. Makes me sad, because I like him in the English league… just think he picked the wrong type of team and wish he'd held it out at Liverpool, at least until the summer to see what else could have happened. I feel like Kickette may regret their snubbing him from the hot lists when and if he ends up in a league where the broadcasting isn't as readily available as the Premier League. I know I will!

          • Kat22 says:

            Well, if he does go back to Spain it'll be okay, because Sky Sports show all the La Liga games. If he ends up in Italy or somewhere else then we probably won't be seeing as much of him.

            I really think he needs a change of scenery now before his whole career goes down the pan. Let's just hope that he still makes the squad for the Euros, because if he doesn't it will probably be the final blow to his already fragile confidence.

            • April says:

              Ahh… In the US you have to have GOLTV, which doesn't come in most standard cable television packages (have to pay extra). ESPN3 sometimes carries a few La Liga games, but it's usually the RM's and Barca's. Funny enough, Serie A is played here on FSC somewhat. So it will only be me that is left wanting. Sounds about like the story of my life. :)

              He seems to really want to stay in England.. has mentioned it several times in interviews, and has said he's even got his family settled in London with kids attending school (I figure this is like daycare since they're young?). Has said he feels more loved in Spain not playing there than when he did, and he prefers that. Hmm. Maybe Harry takes on England, Benitez goes to Spurs, and Spurs buy Torres? Stranger things…

              • Kat22 says:

                Ha – imagine that!? But, like you said – stranger things have happened. When it comes to football, nothing surprises me anymore.

                I heard the bit about his kids attending school as well; must be something like daycare or play school. He's always said he wants to stay in England, but can you really see him change teams again? How would the Chelsea fans react if he goes to say Spurs? He's already p*ssed off the Liverpool supporters, so I'm sure he wouldn't want to make any more enemies?

                Don't know, I suppose at the end of the day he has to do what he thinks is best for his career. I remember reading an interview a little while back where he was asked about returning to Atletico and he said he wouldn't like to go back until it's time to see out the rest of his career. So I guess there's not much chance of that happening now? But then I guess if Chelsea want to get rid of him in the summer and do a swap with Falcao he wouldn't really have a say in the matter??

                It'll be interesting to see what's going to happen this weekend with Drogba coming back. And next Tuesday for the Champions League. If AVB is going to drop Torres straight away then surely that would be a huge blow to his confidence.

                And now I'll stop waffling and make some coffee. :-)

                • April says:

                  The whole thing makes me so sad, because it almost seems irreparable at this point. You're right, he'd piss of the Chelsea faithful that stood by him, but a good rest of the Chelsea fans think he has 0 chance of coming back and doing any damage, so they would take the first team that would offer up anything for him, probably even within the Premiership. However, the likelihood that a Premiership team would take him on, at anything above 10m, is pretty much nil.

                  Regarding the swap- Chelsea have to buy Falcao out of contract (dunno how much it is, but he is owned by a third party). And Torres would have to agree to terms, I believe. But if he and the club agree it is best for him to leave, I wouldn't be surprised to see him negotiate a pay cut just to make some other teams more likely to bite. He doesn't seem to want to go back to Spain based on a number of recent interviews, so I am surprised when people say he seems to want to go back. And he's said a couple of times that he only wants to return to Atletico if he felt he still had something to offer them. Honestly, while Atletico fans still have a lot of love for him, I doubt they'd want to take part in a swap for Falcao, unless they got quite a bit of cash in addition.

                  If Chelsea can't get a decent buyer and someone that Torres would agree to terms with, I wonder if a loan somewhere, maybe even in the Premier League, wouldn't be a good option. Could allow him and his family to stay put, or at least not have to completely relocate, and maybe let Chelsea see if he can get his groove back elsewhere. I do think that if Rafa returns to the PL, he could be up for bringing out the best in Torres again. He's commented on him in more than a few interviews recently.

                  Wee- now I get to go grocery shopping!

    • Kristina says:

      Oh no you're not!

    • Jen says:

      Yes he has it all, except maybe good sense for leaving Liverpool for Chelsea(broke my heart). But his amazing looks, his eyes, his family man/stay at home/non party persona is still so sexy!!!!

  58. Laura says:

    No Ramos? I feel like this list is void without him.

  59. tlc says:

    Where is Yoann??? Love the list but my guy isn't on it! :( Lance is really yummy!

  60. earidurt says:

    I am happy with everyone except Cesc…..sorry but he ain't what he used to be. Ramos just can't seem to catch a break around here, can he? Lol. It's time Sergio get in on the F5 action.

  61. katie says:

    <3 THIS LIST.
    borri needs to go though AND AARON RAMSEY NEEDS TO GET ON.
    oh god aaron is just too hot.
    please and thank you.

  62. liz says:


    • Lexy says:

      unfortunately I can only click the thumbs up button once…Or Kickette would surely notice Ramsey's hotness by now.

  63. jayy says:

    You forgot Lashes kickette! Remember Lashes?!? The sexy Frenchman who made everyones lady parts tingle with joy? I understand Lance being on there and thank goodness jack Rodwell was demoted but how cesc is still there, despite all those hair failures is beyond me! Xx

  64. littlegreenpea says:

    But, honestly, Ibrahim Affelay or Eric Lamela or even BOJAN should be on the F5 instead of Fabregas. Well done, though. Olivier Giroud was a great decision. :)

  65. Mari says:

    Fabregas should definitely return to his #1 position: he's a little bit of a bad boy, a little bit of a mama's boy, all in one!! He also has the cutest smile, and that sexy spanish accent, when he speaks english.
    And that's why I think another spaniard should make that list: could be ramos, casillas, xabi alonso (he's just so classy), Javi Martinez (a few years from now, he still looks like a baby)…
    Totally agree on Olivier – super hot – and so is Yoann, who doesn't even look like a football player, and more like a model.
    As a Brazilian, I'd love to add Alexandre Pato, who has really grown on me lately; and last but not least, the Pipa Higuain, witch I think is one of the most adorable players out there.

    • Bri says:

      I agree with you SO MUCH about Pipa =)

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      Awwwwwwwwww pipa's love!!! He is one of ultimate favorites, but I dont think he is one of the finest 5,but again I look at this list and I think oh well he is definitely better than 3/4 of it's :p

  66. Catie2838 says:

    Another Finest Five, another snub to Ramos. Le sigh. But hey, I'm very much ok with Lance Parker getting promoted!

  67. Melaniee. says:

    i love me some cescy but he became less attractive to me after what he did to carla.

  68. nayet21 says:

    The number one is really attractive, but the man on this list that has my full attention is Carlos Bocanegra. He is just soooo handsome, charming and perfect. He's on my Hot H.o F. And btw I think Cristiano Ronaldo should be on the list because he's really fine… Just my opinion ;)

  69. Mrs. Q. Borri says:

    Best Valentine’s gift ever!!! I mean screw the chocolates, the roses all
    That sh*t and just give Marco all night!!! Oh my!!! That man is pure perfection
    At its best, that’s the kind of men i dream about, or more likely fantasy. Adil too
    But for now I’m talking about Marco… lol. Wow, intense!!

    Needless to say that first pic of Lance got my ovaries exploted to the next level,
    It was a party of fireworks … New year’s eve got nothing on me. Period.

    I don’t have nothing to complain about the F5, I think it has something for
    Everybody, we can all agree on one thing no matter who you are, your orientation
    Or what you like, Kickette is the site where all of our thoughts get written by a
    Intoxicated awsome, publisher (s). For that thank you ladies!! You rock at it.! ;)

  70. Kristine says:

    Fabregas? Still? Whatthefuckever Kickettes.

  71. Danielle says:

    Aww poor Cesc has been relegated.
    Can someone tell me what the Hot H.o.F is as I have often wondered?

  72. Houston says:

    French boys are hottest !! Love for Olivier and Yoann !!

  73. soccergirl154 says:

    Fabregas? Really? I think Ramos needs to make the top of this list and Fabregas needs to be out of it.
    Pronto!!!! Please?

  74. liz says:

    Oooohh, Giroud is nice. How have I not noticed him before.
    and this list is a success as long as Boca is still here

  75. black widow says:

    for those asking: iker is safely ensconced in the hot hall of fame, right where he belongs (although if you asked me, he’d be number one and becks would be number 2).

  76. Sarah, Madrid says:

    I don't seem to understand how is Cesc on the finest 5? he is so the guy next door, in matter of fact my neigbhour looks alot like him, I even have a cousin looks like him, nothing specail about him, it is just my opinion. The rest is still meh, but spot number 1 well deserved, earned in my books,

    I will go with the fact that The Ramos is moving straight to the Hot H.O.F, no?

    • TFBlovesArsenal says:

      Please introduce me to your neighbor.

    • Laurean says:

      I really do agree!! I have a cousin to who looks like Cesc and a friend who looks like him. They are both the same height as he is!!

      El Ramos may look horse-y as people put it, but to me that just means he's a STALLION that deserves the top position. Come on Kickettes, you know you want to… ;)

  77. mybabyri says:

    Fabregas doesnt do it for me even messi is better looking to me….

    • I agree 100%! I've never really understood the "Cesc appeal", and Messi I think he's FINE!! This is coming from a proud Madridista , so I'm definitely not biased :)

  78. April says:

    I'm gonna sound like a big ol' jerk… but this list is about as "meh" as the last one, IMHO. I mean, they're NOT ugly… they just aren't the cream of the crop for me. It's like vanilla ice cream. I won't turn it down, but if you offer me chocolate peanut butter or something instead, I'd not even question taking the latter.

    I'm not even into The Ramos, but I still can't believe he hasn't made it… not to mention some others I wont mention by name because I talk about them too frequently. But I am convinced there is something that the Kickette staff must have against Sergio. Is it his tendency to wear questionably-colored pants?

    • Stush Baby says:

      lol, there must be something! What did he do to you ladies? Is there some info we're missing here?!
      Outrageous, endless LOL dress sense? Check! Glorious L'Oreal hair? Double check! A body to mesmerize? Check! A love of showing off said body? Check! Sexy despite the divisive looks? Check! The boy is a lock :D

  79. Lulu McGigglesby says:

    Either the men are getting hotter or our standards are getting lower, but these lists need to be expanded to ten!

  80. Mel says:

    When I think about it it’s understandable that casillas isn’t on the list since he is on the Hot H.o.F.

  81. sarah says:

    cristiano ? iker ? yoann ? beck ?

  82. Natalie says:

    Where is Ramos and Iker???

  83. Kat says:

    I noticed Aitor was gone! I did!! :(

    And is it just me or does Cesc look different in that lead picture?

    Oh and "steamier than Victoria Beckham's broccoli" is a winner of a line, Kickettes!

  84. ReDnt says:

    Dear Kickette, when you will add Alvaro Morata or Lucas Piazon in the list of Finest 5? *just asking*

    • anna says:

      When they hit puberty!

      ..OK seriously, one of them just turned 18 right? They have years ahead of them, don't worry about it.

    • April says:

      Piazon is a baby! Let him grow up before we molest him with our eyes!

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      Morata can't be included, he is a kid, wait couple of years with Lamela?

      • IM070 says:

        We need a Cutest 5 list for all the ones we love, but it isnt right to add them with the big boys just yet :P

        • April says:

          This is true. Little Diego Fagundez (who I want to pinch the face-cheeks of and nothing else) just turned 17 today. If I ever needed to feel old, I needed to only see that tweet from the Revs. When they add a few years, I may be inclined to take a closer look, if I feel like getting my cougar on. Until then, I look at them strictly like any "soccer mom" would!

        • Kristina says:

          Yes, thats it! I want Thiago and Marc Bartra there. But maybe they are not young enough? We should have a "nearly there"-list as well.

  85. mybabyri says:

    this idk just not my cup of te I mean where is the Ramos?!