June 16th, 2011

Finger Food Festivities: Kaká’s Son Turns 3

Image Credit: AgNews.

Along with bouncing balls on Mickey’s nose, Kaká and his fantastically put-together family have been quite a busy unit recently. Last Friday, he and wife Caroline celebrated their son Luca’s 3rd birthday, which turned out to be a dual purpose party as it also marked their two-month-old daughter Isabella’s first public outing (which happened to be in front of the cameras). C’mon now, isn’t this the cutest clan you’ve ever seen?

For the terribly nosy Kickettes, other guests at the shindig included Original Ronaldo’s son, Alex, daughter, Maria Sofia and ex-whatchamacallit, Bia Antony. A star-studded gathering, if we say so ourselves.

Sidenote on the side-eye: Luca was all biznazz about his birfday. If looks could cause paper cuts…

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23 Responses to “Finger Food Festivities: Kaká’s Son Turns 3”

  1. Ella says:

    LMAO!! cuteness attack, that is definitely the child of Ricardo Kaka, the resemblance is there for all to see!

  2. Crackers says:

    LOVE Isabella's perky little wide-eyed face. So, so adorable.

  3. Raincitygirl says:

    I'm Canadian, and I find Kaka and Caroline's religious zealotry to be freaky as hell. They seem like hardcore fundamentalist types.

    With cute bubbas, granted.

  4. sergioramos says:

    i thing Isabella looks like her stunning mother
    and Luca looks like his daddy
    very nice family and may that smile last

  5. Lilly says:

    I kinda share the same feeling. It's not like religious people "freak me out" or anything, but if I'm having a conversation with someone and he/she resorts to religious dogma instead of common sense that basically kills any attempt at constructive dialogue. It's like I can't put their opinion to enquiry, coz I fear I might insult them.

    • Lotte says:

      I know, it can be very tricky. I really, deeply respect peoples personal beliefs, but when you have been brought up the way I have been it's difficult not to sound as if you are arrogant or disrespectful when you discuss such matters.

  6. LlilMizRed says:

    What CR Jr wasn’t invited? Or isn’t he allowed to see his future bride until she’s of age?

  7. Fabiola says:

    I love Caroline so much! She's so gorgeous.

  8. backoffmyNando says:

    Aww Luca looks just like his daddy :)

  9. @DebStimson says:

    It is not too uncommon for people to be be as devout a Christian as Kaka & his family here in the US. I was raised in a church where there were many.

    • Lotte says:

      I guess I'm sensitive as I said. It's the way you have been brought up and the general culture around you. In Sweden she would be considered a fundamentalist. If a swedish politician would say "God bless Sweden" he would be sooo critized, but in the US that's very common. Just to take an example.

  10. bri_saldana says:

    Wow…this kiddo is gonna be as stunning as his father; what a beautiful family!!

  11. Katherine says:

    I'm impressed. At 3 years old, Luca's already got a bitchface that can rival Fernando Torres or David Villa any day. Imagine how fierce it'll be when he's older…Also, might I add, he looks like Kaká's identical much younger twin in the second picture?!?! Unbelievably cute.

  12. earidurt says:

    those beautiful children make me want to go out and reproduce right now!! luca has got to be the most gorgeous child i've ever seen. this family is just absolutely stunning.

  13. mochara says:

    I actually can't believe how gorgeous she is! What a beautiful family…

  14. Lotte says:

    The kids are absolutely adorable! And Caroline is very beautiful. But am I the only one that is a bit freaked out by her over zealous religiosity? Maybe it is because I'm swedish. Swedes are known for being the most secular people in the world. Religion tends to scare many of us. Anyway, birthdays are important to three year-olds, and I hope Luca had a good one. By the look on his face he wasn't going to let anyone ruin it :) .

  15. missesoezil says:

    O.m.gee he looks exactly his yummie pappa< pretty hot mama/smokin'dad marks beautiful children

  16. LindaTuga says:

    Familia lindaaaaaaaaaaa!! They are all so so cute. Feliz niver Luca.x

  17. Leonor says:

    They are such a beautiful family! The parents are as adorable as the bubbas.

  18. JA7 says:

    Happy belated birthdaaaay Luca!! I LOOOOOVE this family! I loveee baby luca! He is sooo adorable, and in the second pic with caroline he looks like Kaka's clone woow! :O Annd and caroline is just too beautiful it makes me wana curl up in a fetal position o_o

  19. Mary says:

    They are definitely my favorite futbol family! :) It's adorable how much Luca looks like Kaká!!!
    Oh, my heart!