December 28th, 2011

Football Kit Development: A Kickette Guide For Manufacturers

Image: REUTERS/Murad Sezer.

Remember the other day when we were bemoaning the detrimental effect that kit re-sizing had on our bringing you the best in short tents? Well, since that sad day, Polish NT striker Arkadiusz Piech has shown us there is still room for optimism (although not much else) during Poland’s friendly against Bosnia on 16th December.

Presumably some kind of man parts/fabric snarl up caused this happy accident, but we’d like FIFA and kit developers everywhere to take note. We have no objection to a mid-thigh length in new short designs (speedo-type pelvic wear is quite off putting unless Francesco Totti is involved) but the fabric needs to be snug, stretchy and preferably transparent when wet. Study the above photo of¬†Arkadiusz for further specifications.

Actually, maybe we should cut the hedging and just get them playing in something like this (left). Whaddya reckon? Too exploitative?

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12 Responses to “Football Kit Development: A Kickette Guide For Manufacturers”

  1. [...] LESS IS MORE. WAIT! I MEAN MORE IS MORE! MORE IS MORE! Someone has some suggestions for kit manufacturers, and the words “tight” and “transparent when wet” are involved. // Kickette [...]

  2. casio resin says:

    nice guide. But what happened with Totti. He will be angry if he look that his self has been edit like that. So funny.

  3. ANNIE says:

    Why, why would someone ruin Totti?

  4. lone- Brazil says:

    My God, how awful ! want to kits that have only underwear and socks and nothing else!

  5. April says:

    I think I am the only one that doesn't really dig the Rugby kits on guys. They look like baby clothes to me. Something about a properly fitted football kit just makes me swooooon. Plus, I get to be thrilled at the exposure of thighs and abs, when it happens, and think about stripping all of it off of them after a game.

    I do advocate for the removal of base layers… especially on the bottom… those thighs and bums need to breathe, boys! Oh… and see thru colors are always welcome.

  6. Madeleine says:

    Football teams should have those short rugby shorts, NO BASE LAYERS ALLOWED, and the players should just be shirtless and paint their names on their abs or something. Plus, they could hire women to do the painting. ;;)

  7. Agnes Wonka says:

    Football kits should be like rugby's xD