February 24th, 2012

Footie Love: Big Up Your Favourite Fangirl Video

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Four years ago, we asked you to send over your footie blogs for our perusal and many were crushed in the stampede to show us what you were doing.

But that was along time ago, Kickettes. Since then, technology has advanced to such an extent that player performance can be monitored via their shoes, managers are keeping control of their charges’ off-pitch activities via GPS (sort of) and everyone with a smartphone is an Oscar winner in-waiting. We might get there one day, too. Imagine the scenes!

While we think about that and laugh for a bit, why not amuse yourselves by sharing any footie fangirl videos you have made/seen/heard about? We know there are loads of them out there, but even with our work ethic we can’t be expect to locate all of the good ones.

Use the epic ‘Sergio Ramos – Sex Faces’ video above as inspiration, and link to whatever you has been tickling you, providing it is (relatively) clean, amusing and well dressed.¬†We’re dying to see what you come up with!

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21 Responses to “Footie Love: Big Up Your Favourite Fangirl Video”

  1. boston79 says:

    I would pay enormous amounts of money to be sandwiched between Sergio (it's more like Sergio's crotch) and Karim Benzema in the shot at 1:00!!!

  2. citlalli says:

    He looks,soo weird!!!

  3. ChefDi says:

    oooooh it's been a while since I spent my vast spare time swooning over a host of player videos … thank you all SO much! These are simply irresistible!

  4. Kristina says:

    I must show you this! This is a true Fan girl video in the sense that it features a true Fan girl. It's hilarious! I don't think she watches the game at all. She only has eyes for the hot coach on the bench. I'd like to think that I wouldn't do the same, but I honestly don't know. Enjoy!

    • Jayy says:

      Big up that fan girl! Haha she seemed just mesmerised at him being so close :P
      You could tell that even Pep was getting a bit distracted cos everytime he looked down the pitch to shout at a player, the legendary fangirl was there with her hand tucked under her chun, just gawping at him!

      • Kristina says:

        I'd like to think that he, at least once, noticed her. When someone eyes you that intensely, you feel it. She's so into him and I don't blame her! :)

  5. elle says:

    And that song is going on my playlist LOL

  6. elle says:

    Oh. My. Ramos. Every time I try to give up my crush on The Ramos you have to post something like this. I'msodistractednow….

  7. Leya_S says:

    *sigh* El Ramos, how I've missed you as I've been drowning in the depths of teaching high school children.

  8. XoWinnie says:

    oh Sexio…

  9. Jayy says:

    Prior to this post, I must hold my hands up and admit – I struggled to see the pull of The Ramos™ and why some girls crooned at the sight of him. However, after this video, The Ramos™ and his sex-faces are growing on me. I cant believe I'm saying this, but I might even have a soft spot for The Ramos™.

    P.S. ATTENTION KICKETTES. My link comes with a health warning. Unless you are fully prepared for the shirtless wonder that is Mr Gourcuff, think twice before clicking this link.

  10. Natalie says:

    Now this totally made my friday!!! Such a gorgeous man!!!

  11. Kristina says:

    That Ramos video was nice! God, there's so much videos and so little time. Are we supposed to send them to you or post them here, Kickette? My friday has already kicked in and my brain is going into semi-coma. You can't count on me to understand every detail ;) .

  12. Sarah, Madrid says:

    Ay dios!!!! I love that this video is included in the end of the week before weekend because my productivity would have went down to -45363536!!

    I want a 1 on 1 session with him experiencing every one of these expression, why isnt so hard to happen!!

    Whoever did it, great job!!

  13. Alyssa says:

    And PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE share your findings with all of us!