May 7th, 2010

Footy Facemasks: Covering Up For Charity

A plethora of footy celebs have been opening their hearts, wallets and ill-advised closets lately and we’re always ones to applaud good work for a good cause. Plus, it doesn’t hurt when charities enlist pretty people to help make the world a better place.

Liverpool’s Steven Gerrard, Manchester United’s Michael Owen and Coleen Rooney (Wayne’s Missus) are just three of the many celebs showing their support for Children’s Hospice week (May 15 – 22). Participants have been asked to design “hero” masks in honour of the work children’s hospice services do, which will eventually be featured as part of the art exhibition, “This is My Hero. ”

If you missed your chance at purchasing Steven Gerrard’s one-of-a-kind stick figure, don’t fret, as his future seems better fit for stage costume design. However, if owning ‘baller artwork is on your bucket list, you can snap up any of these three creations by placing your bid here. The money raised will directly support children’s hospice services.

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14 Responses to “Footy Facemasks: Covering Up For Charity”

  1. COOKIE says:

    Stevie's looks a bit plain, should of put a bit of glitter on it ;D

  2. Rusty (Mrs Clemens Fritz) says:

    Oh my god, Coleen’s eyebrows! Save me!

  3. LEXY says:

    steven is beautiful and the best he is sexy

  4. LEXY says:

    steven is beautiful and the best he is seky

  5. C16 says:

    That's nice of them :)

    I have a huge problem with Coleen's eyebrows. Not looking good.

  6. solida says:

    love to see footballers and WAGs do charity.
    why steven looks so sad? he’s smiling, of course, but it’s not guniune.
    love you so much, Stevie. you’ll always be the one that i love and remember of.

  7. Andrea says:

    Colleen, those eye brows make me think of Elen Rives. Not a good look for either of you. Channeling Cruela DeVille.

  8. Ella says:

    Owen is so adorable! And did Coleen draw in her eyebrows or something? They look a bit odd…..But all the masks are great!

  9. Xavi\Fan says:

    i Love Coleen’s Mask But That Pic Proves She Wears Too Much Make-Up. (When She Is Wearing Make-Up)

  10. LiLi says:

    Coleen’s mask looks very good. Very artistically done.

    Stevie’s looks a bit plain, should of put a bit of glitter on it ;D

    Michael’s looks very patriotic to his United but looks good none the less.

    Stevie’s stick man drawing with the skinny neck is one of the funniest things :P

  11. Amy says:

    when did Coleen start doing her eyebrows so severe?

  12. Miss_Nana says:

    I loved Coleen's mask, it's my favorite of the three. I liked Stevie's too but I think it's a bit too simple (BTW his "stick figure" is very funny). And I didn't like Michael's that much, even though he is one of my favorite players. But it's always very nice to see players (and their other halves in Coleen's case) doing charity and helping people in need. I wish I had the money to place a bid and do my bit to help too.

  13. Thea says:

    It's good that Gerrard still keeps his commoms touch (he he)

  14. Jess says:

    Stevie & Owen – one pic? o.O