August 9th, 2010

Footy Fashion: Behind The Scenes At Jada Styles

Footballers and fashion are a marriage made in heaven. Aside from spending enough cash to single-handedly bring the nation out of a recession, they’ve got the bods to make anything look good.

Jada Pollock, personal shopper, image consultant, stylist and owner of the Jada Styles boutique in London can vouch for this -she’s got over a hundred footballers on her books that shop with her regularly.

And we’re talking household names like Frank Lampard, Zinadine Zidane, Robinho, John Terry (who bought custom kickers for his twins), Salomon Kalou, Michael Ballack, Emmanuel Adebayor, Florent Malouda, Henrique Hilario and Niko Anelka, to name but a few. Oh, and she also styles for Rio Ferdinand’s 5 Magazine.

The point we need to stress: In her day-to-day life, this woman sees footballers in their underwear.

Now let’s get to the insider info.

Didier Droba as a business partner:
“He was a big client of mine and really had a great passion and interest in fashion. When we talked about working together he was really involved- which is surprising, as keeping a footballer’s attention span is quite hard to do. (Laughs). Didier’s very opinionated about clothes and he would always ring me up if he was traveling and saw a new brand or designer he thought I should feature in the shop. If you’re going to have a business partner you want one who will be interested and really involved.”

Why footballers love to work with her:
“It’s the whole shopping-as-experience thing. They like to have someone who’ll pull something special just for them, like if I see a new pair of trainers I think someone might like, I’ll send them over.  It’s all about feeling like you’ve got something more exclusive, that no one else has, so I often only buy two or three of a particular item.”

The skull situation:
“So, a few months before the season ended, there was a 50 Cent concert and a bunch of the guys that went wore a skull t-shirt that was from the shop. The next day, I got all these calls saying, ‘Jada! You sold everyone the same shirt and we all wore it on the same day!’ I was like, (feigns innocence) ‘Oh, really?’”

Footballers are hot, but high maintenance:
“The older guys or the married ones are not so bad, but the single ones are non-stop. I’ll get a message on my Blackberry at 11 o’clock at night asking me if they can send some photos of what they’re wearing so I can tell them if it looks good. It’s crazy.”

Hey, big spender!
“Salomon Kalou is one of our best clients. He loves to shop and comes in nearly every week.”

The best dressed ‘baller would be…
“Samuel Eto’o (Inter Milan), definitely. He lives in the heart of fashion and he’s really up on the trends. I think Wayne Bridge (Man City) has got the type of body where he can wear anything and look great. He’s a really simple dresser – jeans and t-shirt kind of guy – but Wayne’s got a flair that makes clothes look really good. Henrique Hilario (Chelsea) looks fantastic whatever he puts on. Kevin-Prince Boateng, who has been working with us for years, is one of my favourite guys to dress. I often say he should have been a singer not a footballer because he’s got that kind of style.”

Gossip is a no-no:
“In my job I can’t gossip. At all. I am like, ‘I see nothing, I hear nothing.’  I love reading about it, though!”

Keeping it profesh
Everyone asks me why I don’t date a footballer, but to be honest I’ve got so many of them around me and they can be so demanding that I actually want a breather at the end of the workday. I had considered going out to South Africa, but I decided I wanted a vacation from the BBMs and emails. Of course, as soon as they’re all back for pre-season training they’re hitting me up and my phone is beeping!”

[Ed note: Let's all take a few minutes to imagine having dozens of 'ballers blazing your cell phone in need of your "assistance."]

“The best thing about my job is that I have such great relationships with my players – relationships that I’ve worked hard to build for many years. I am very professional with them. Sometimes I’ll travel to see teams, and set up a mini-shop at the team hotel for them to come in and pick up new stuff. As a woman in those kind of environments, you have to be really switched on and totally professional. I just see them as clients, really.

Just clients? Come. On.

“Well… okay, they do all have amazing bodies. I admit to that, I can’t deny it. They’re not even shy about showing them either. So many times at the shop, I’ll say to the guys, ‘Okay, let me just sort the changing room,” and they’re saying, ‘No, it’s okay, don’t bother!’ And they just drop their trousers. (Pause) You know how they’re always wearing those tight boxer shorts? Okay, I admit my job can be very exciting.” (laughs)

Luxury fashion shop Jada Styles offers a slice of celebrity treatment and a range of unique, high end brands – check them out at – 535 Kings Road, London, SW1.

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31 Responses to “Footy Fashion: Behind The Scenes At Jada Styles”

  1. Charlie says:

    It must be an extremely lucky job for her to take. Very few people in the world can claim to rub shoulders with some of the most famous footballers in the world, and she can even boast to have seen them in their underwear. This is almost as unbelievable as a guy having a job that requires him to choose sexy lingerie for super models.

  2. Rosiedilo says:

    Very well done jada……keep up the good work

  3. ArsenalFan says:

    she gets paid to dress them?! I would pay do that!

  4. Mrs.FernandoTorres says:

    if a bunch of footballers numbers were calling/texting me id be in heven. i want her job!

  5. J says:

    She has to be hiring!!! lol I would kill for this job!!
    She’s so luckyyy

  6. bennit3b says:

    Footballers are idiots, they even think they look cool just wearing their boxer shorts in the mirror, stuck up!

  7. Missy Manchester says:

    If this is one of those "sponsored posts" …it's one of the best-written. :)

  8. Tatts says:

    Ummmm…Hello!! Does She need a Canadian intern, i`d come in a hearthbeat :) ) *LOVE HER.

  9. cammie says:

    Most footballer dress too flashy IMO, but they do have the best bodies of all athletes…Maybe Cristiano and Sergio should go to her…

  10. jesmag says:

    Most of the guys quoted look tacky or label -laden. And so original, with all choosing to wear the same skull(yawn) t-shirts. Well done Jada, they deserve to have their money removed (conned) out of them by a smart lady.

  11. cherryboomboom says:

    okay there are two people on my killing list :

  12. Julia D says:

    Can she tell us who’s got the biggest *pay packet*? :D

  13. beri says:

    gosh…this woman has my dream job! i’ll gladly intern!

    now now….someone give Sergio Ramos this chick’s number…he needs to have her on speed dial!

    • DebS says:

      lol…I was SO waiting for Kickette to make a comment about my poor Sergio in the article!

      Wait?! Why send him HER number? I'd help him for free! :D

    • tash says:

      lol she'd never get an rest if that happened-can you imagine how much he would want to discuss his clothes choices?

    • JulieFromParis says:

      Hey, there's no way you're giving any chick's number to The Ramos!! I guess his cell phone is probably loaded with gorgeous babes' numbers and I'd rather have him wearing his gold lamé swimsuit on his head than letting him drop his trousers in front of this "im a professional" liar. :)

  14. JayDee says:

    Is she hiring?

  15. Zus_13 says:

    It sounds like a full time, very tiring job… I think she needs my assistant's services!!!!

    this woman has my dream job!

  16. imhereforthenando says:

    Okay, wtf. How can there be a woman who works with footballers AND gets to comment, "then they just drop their trousers." Besides being paid to tap Fernando's ass, this job is as amazing as it gets.

  17. gillyrosh says:

    Yes…what Jo said.

  18. Liz says:



  19. Jackie says:

    damn! they should make a new show Job Swap… I'll do her job forever and she'll do mine. Everyone's happy… well at least me. haha :)

  20. Johanna says:

    LOL Great article!

  21. aps says:

    I need to have her job. I surely wouldnt get tired of them.

  22. Jo says:

    …[speechless with envy]