June 29th, 2011

Fore! Miguel Torres, Jordi Codina and Pablo Hernandez Tee Off For Charity

Image: Clinica Menorca.

Yes, unfortunately we said “tee off” and not “ripped their t-shirts off,” but one day they will. We can feel it. Perhaps even at our own outing next year? We’ve already established a tournament name (the ’1st Annual Kickette Charity Golf Tournament’), ground rules for players (all male participants must play shirtless) and which charity we’d sponsor (proceeds would be generously donated to our booze and handbag fund).

Until our planning committee gets their tails in gear, however, we’ll focus on this year’s festivities (that we were rudely denied entry to). Two weekends ago, Getafe’s Miguel Torres, Jordi Codina and Valencia’s Pablo Hernandez took part in a charity golf tournament benefiting the Menorca clinic, which specializes in cancer research. We have not the slightest clue as to how a game of golf is played (Note to selves: add ‘research how a game of golf is played’ on our event to-do lists), nor can we tell you who fared the best that day. But, c’mon, how cute was Migi in his matching outfit and accessories?

Bonus ‘Baller: This past Monday, the delicious hunk of burnin’ German love,¬†Bastian Schweinsteiger, played innocent spectator at the BMW International Open in Munich.¬† Once a summer scene fixture, his 2011 off-season antics have been far too quiet for our liking. Maybe we can convince him to join in on next year’s fun with us?


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17 Responses to “Fore! Miguel Torres, Jordi Codina and Pablo Hernandez Tee Off For Charity”

  1. tool steel says:

    Your blog is great. Your thoughts are also very good and i am very inspired from your post. That is why I visit this blog again and again and will come back in future too.

  2. Melli says:

    Haha, , youre right, it is a little bit "I let my girlfriend style me" but it looks great!!!

  3. Liz says:

    You know although I haven't seen much of Miguel Torres in a while, you still get the oomph feeling you know where girls!

  4. Shelley says:

    Miguel Torres is INCREDIBLY hot! He is up there with Gourcuff. Just natural handsome…..no tacky tattoos, no greasy skin, no silly pony tails…just tanned spanish hunk of hotness….

  5. Samantha says:

    Haha! I wish it was "ripped-off their tees", too. But this is for charity, and this makes him even sexier. He looks great, and I love how his square aviator sunglasses accentuate his chiseled jaw. Definitely dreamy. Thumbs up for looking hot AND helping out!

  6. earidurt says:

    torres is gorgeous! another madrid alum that gets my blood pumping is javi garcia…he left real the same time as torres. what a sad day that was lol. they are both soo hottt….but alas javi doesn't get any love on kickette. i am sure they will wise up soon enough cuz javi's hotness cannot be ignored.

  7. LuvinBale says:

    I love Bastian Schweinsteiger! He is a hot bucket of German lovin'!! Yeow!

  8. earidurt says:

    torres isn't that great a defender, he doesn't have much to offer madrid in that respect unfortunately…..his only purpose would be to stand around and look pretty. he does that VERRRRY well. he is soooooo good-looking it hurts.

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      I disagree! Actually Torres did a pretty good job in Madrid esp under Capello who was one of his favs, he has potentials of being an excellent even great one if he continued growing in Real Madrid, but as usual we had to ship off our cantera outside of Bernabeu, he could have grown very much under Jose now and would be amazing back-up on the bench, I have been following him with Getafe and so far he impressed me, he is not CARLOS! but he isn't bad, he remind of Arbeloa, Alvaro managed to grow better because he went to Liver, but in term of club Torres went to smaller one Getafe which didn't help his case, but for me he is still pretty good and if Perez would go for him, he would make a better back-up to Marcelo than Coentroa why? because he would accept the bench role and would help securing Marcelo on starting 11 since Marcelito grown alot in last season. But I know Perez won't and surely he is not under Jose radar.

      • earidurt says:

        he isn't terrible, don't get me wrong….he just isn't good enough for madrid. i am a real madrid fan but i know that this club isn't known for its patience….for torres to flourish he needs to find a club that will work with him and help him develop and fulfil his potential. madrid is not that club…we keep bringing in these players…..like canales and pedro leon and instead of encouraging and guiding them, we end up stifling their growth. torres has nothing to offer madrid…..cuz madrid isn't looking for 'pretty good'…they want more than that especially in defence. it wouldn't be fair to take him from where he is comfortable and gets playing time to then go and stick him on the bench. if torres were to come to madrid, his development would stall. sad but true. as a real fan this is the one thing i don't like about this club…..their lack of investment in their youth system and young players.

        • Sarah, Madrid says:

          I 100% agree with you, of course no-one denied that as a madrid fan whoever support our cantera policy must be blind. Gracia, Negerdo, SOLDADO, MATA, Valero, Miguel to name few all represent what's wrong with Cantera and how we are not invested in it.
          My point is: is Granero a great CMF? no, but he is very good one just like Torres, Torres doesnt have to be starter in Real Madrid, he can work from the bench work harder – unfortunely that's what cantera needs to do to succed – and get his playing time with us. Torres was shifted out to make room for Heinze which I found laughable at that time.
          Madrid should get this, we don't have to posses THE best players but having cantera products in the team something we should do, players who genuinely love us, that's why I would like Miguel back because he does.

          • Deb S says:

            More evidence that I love Una's blog….every time I see Mata, all I can think of is (por favor) Jan Mata. And when I see Granero, I think "Xabi in training" :p

            • Sarah, Madrid says:

              LOL! I really Love Granero, he is one of my fav players, he represents us in the best way possible in statements, classiness, everything truely "xabi in making".

  9. Orangeblackwhiteredblue! says:

    Mi Pablito Hermoso!! :D

  10. Sarah, Madrid says:

    Miguel Miguel Migueeeeeeeeel how can he looks THIS perfect – My perfection, the sexiest player ever that RM let go, we need him back MADRID! Pleaseeeeeee please please! Ramos at the right him and the left, yummmmy!

    Really Perez, Get me back my Torres!.

    • nika says:

      I'm totally with you on that, girl! I miss him too, on Bernabeu! Just imagine, we could have the sexiest duo in defence ever, with Ramos beside him, of course!