November 12th, 2010

Foundation-Free Friday: Irina Shayk in ELLE Espana


Here’s Irina Shayk. Watch her pose sans cover-up or concealer for ELLE Espana.

Yup, it’s that kind of news day.

At last night’s Glamour awards, Ms. Shayk revealed that her top beauty secret is being in love. Of course, we’d be in love with our man’s new 20 million euro La Moraleja mansion if he had one, too.

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76 Responses to “Foundation-Free Friday: Irina Shayk in ELLE Espana”

  1. sara says:

    She is very pretty but there is a fine line between confidence and arrogance which ronaldo crossed a loooooong time ago but i do hope she doesn't. plus i don't think you need to flaunt yourself at every oppurtunity and i think dressing more modestly is a lot more classy. but she is blessed with her looks :)

  2. vixtoria says:

    nes flash, they broke in nov after glamour awards. she was never his real girlfriend, he used a guy named peter listerman who gets russian women for celebrities and rich men. because it is easier to throw something away if you bought it. donrt believe me google it peterlisterman and irina and on her fan page in fb there is a recent photo of her with peter. she posted it from her mobile. and katia cris sister made statement to portuguese press that cristiano will remain single for some time now. so everyone can stop talking about irina and cris. they are done. they never officially announced their relationsip publically so they arent going to exactally announce their break up publically either. also she was once married to a muslim mode, irina is muslim, thats why she sometimes goes by sheik, wikipedia it. after her trying to sue gq she is donr in spain now. and her agency is pushing intimissi so hard right now because thats all she has. and she is still using his name to try and grasp onto her failing career. but since their will be no new photos of her imerging in the press with cris, she will eventually have to give up or ask peter to find her another cash machine. poor cris.

    • Swedish girl says:

      ahhh so they broke up? Just wonder then why media is now showing them having travelled reportedly to maldives on the 24th december for a romantic break? Or might these pictures come from an earlier trip he and irina has done and media not picked up on it? I'm just a little confused by this whole thing, but make sense what you are writing.

    • Swedish girl says:

      ahhh so they broke up? I saw some pictures of them going to Maldives on the 24th December, in the media, which makes me wonder if it is really over?! Or maybe these pictures of them was from earlier this autumn, and media just found out?! Your comment make sense, but still a bit confused what really is going on between them.

  3. aps says:

    I really can’t stand this girl. Can’t wait for her to disappear

  4. laz says:

    we must have different views on the agency one as the way i read it irina acted very unprofessional and quite poorly and tbh i don't blame her old agent for sounding a bit bitter – she has every reason to feel aggrieved by the whole thing (prehaps this woman shouldn't of 'bitched' about it to the russian media as you put, but how you got the agent as the 'villain' of the piece and not irina i have no clue!) that bit you had trouble understanding is about after the agency wanted to sign her up but noticed that rich men were interested in her, so they were worried that she would get her head turned by one of them in the future and start neglecting her modelling work down the line which would reflect badly on this agency. so before offering her a place at the agency and spending a lot of time and money improving and making her a top model they just wanted to sit her down and make sure that she was serious about modeling/that it wasn't a joke or something to pass the time unless a rich husband came along, which is fair enough from the agencies point of view that they wouldn't want to waste time and money on someone whom was not going to play by the rules. Irina started to cry at the suggestion and said of course she was serious, like she was surprised that they asked. but as written in that article she didn't keep her word. The agency did not call her names when she finally turned up, they were obviously panicked when she went missing and thought something bad had happened to her and of course questioned her whereabouts in a slightly aggressive manner (any person would react the same way under those circumstances) but for her to turn and complain to her male companion whom she should not have been with in the 1st place or had the right to complain as it was her in the wrong, and then for him to vocally attack her agency for the sheer fact that her agency had reacted angrily to her actions because they had been scared about what had happened to their client is both unacceptable and bad behaviour from both irina and her male companion side and show's irina to be a shy and manipulative girl in my eyes, but we must of viewed the article differently but her agent is not the bad guy of the story, it was even mentioned at the end that on the one hand the fact that irina (the model) has become famous is a source of pride for the agency as they were her first agents so they played a big part in her rise to fame, but that her agent has nothing good to say about irina (the person) herself, which after reading that article i don't blame her agent for feeling that way about irina! (prehaps this briefer version of the story may help )

    on the listerman story, no one knows how much truth is in that story but from the photo's in the article it is obvious that at the very least irina and listerman did meet at least in the past and at least had a brief association but whether were in contact with each other after those photo's were taken and further more still in contact now i don't know. All i know that listerman is a well known pimp/matchmaker in russia (and the celeb world as well i think) and that this story was all across russian mainline news, even mtv russia so chances are that irina's family saw this story and told irina, whom never commented or denyed it making me wonder if there was in fact some truth in listermans words and that irina's or perhaps even cr people blocked the story from making it any further than russia as they would not be able to deny it if it was true and this story would bring both a lot of bad press and add evidence to the pr relationship theory!

    but as i mentioned before it is very strange that the spanish/portuguese/english/americian press have dug up zero irina skeletons in almost 6 months, it does make you wonder if irina and/or cr's people have been doing a cover up job from the press and public!

    • Skye says:

      Oh, ok. I nearly broke my head trying to understand what they were getting at in the original article- the shorter link makes things much clearer, and if it's true then that's really bad behaviour from Irina. And thanks for clarifying the Listerman thing too, I was quite confused at first.

      If there are other skeletons in Irina's closet, I doubt Cris's PR people would waste time hiding them for her- they've been hooked up for long enough by now to break up and no one to really notice. I mean, he could just say he's got no time since he's busy being a dad and all, why the need to keep a fake relationship going when you have a good excuse to get out of it/ do an image rehab?

      • laz says:

        I don't think it is a fake relationship, just that pr reasons are a major factor behind it

        i think there are definitely more skeletons and i do have a feeling that one party is probably covering them up – most likely irina's pr people, but if cristiano's main desires/qualities that he is looking for in a girl is her looks and a girl that his pr can mold into the perfect pr image partner and future wife for him than irina would fit the bill perfectly and it would explain why she is (1) still his gf and (2) why his pr may be helping irina in her public image and keeping certain past things of her's hidden for the the press and public.

        i really hope that cristiano is not that shallow and fame hungry via his pr image as the world already has one posh and becks, there no need or room for another but if it was a genuinely kind decent normal girl whom reasons for dating him does not include his fame and fortune then he should end it with irina right now as she is not that girl, will never be that girl and is and will probably always be the complete opposite of that girl and is the type of girl that it would be dangerous for him to keep around for too long!

  5. Homeskillet07 says:

    lol….because the paparazzi aren't annoying (not that i'd know but i think on a bad day anyone would flip the paparazzi off).

    she looks pale and drained in this but she's still prettier than most.

    • Dru says:

      Sure, she's prettier than most, I guess all we object to is her tendency to play all coy while milking the fact that she is Cristiano's gf for the publicity. (I get why Spanish Ellle, Harper's etc want her in their mags, obvs they'll get eyeballs because they feature "Cristiano Ronaldo's girlfriend but she's still not known for much else).

  6. Vernanda says:

    She is GORGEOUS. I bet mostly all of you who trashed her are UGLY !!! STOP HATING

  7. Skye says:

    I have a question: why would anyone get botox in their mouth? Isn't botox supposed to freeze your facial muscles? I never knew it could also be used to make lips fuller- thought that was collagen that made the trout pout (one can see the cupid's bow on this girl's mouth in old photographs, but has she been having fillers put in her upper lip recently?).

  8. anonymous says:

    In the summer, Irina gave the paparazzi the middle finger. She is conceited and has let her 15 minutes of fame gone to her head all to fast. PLEASE, she has NO right to flip the paparazzi off or anyone off for that matter. Angelina Jolie she is not. She is still a D-list celebrity and is Natalia Vodianova or Gisele Bundchen. I'm pretty sure those celebrities get MUCH more publicity than her. Without the paparazzi following her around, no one would even know she exists. I understand that the media is often an invasion of one's privacy but that's if you're A-list celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson, Gisele Bundchen, Beyonce, or even CRISTIANO RONALDO. These are all A-list celebrities. As far as Irina, it was only 4 or 5 paparazzi following her around and she thinks she's better than them and is a big shot and gives them the middle finger. Well, you know what Irina? You can go f*ck yourself. Don't act like you don't like the recent attention. Also when she was standing outside a resteraunt with CR in New York, she gave the cameras a really dirty stare. Get over yourself, Irina. The parparazzi aren't there to see you, they were there to take photos of CR who had just announced he had become a father. What does it mean to be famous? It means everyone knows who you are and the media as well as one's fanbase are both factors that make someone famous. So in one way or another, Irina depends on the media. Without the media reporting things about her each day she would stay unknown like before she met CR. This girl needs to get over herself and get a reality check. Yeah and Irina, everyone would be "in love" if their boyfriends got paid $30 million a year.

    @Suzie: we are not jealous….I assume you think everyone on this site that doesn't like her (which is actually basically everyone minus you and 2/3 other people) are jealous? I suppose when people don't like you, your parents just tell you they are jealous? I don't like Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Heidi Montag…does that mean I am jealous of them? No. It simply means there is something about their personality or behavior that I dislike. It is the same case for Irina. Yes, it is true a girl doesn't need to be famous to date someone like CR. He even stated this himself. I mean Kaka's wife, Caroline Celico is not even a model or anything…she was definetly not famous before marrying Kaka but EVERYONE LIKES HER. Why? Because she is not a gold digger like Irina Shayk and treats everyone with respect, including the paparazzi.

    • Skye says:

      You know what, I said she was beautiful earlier in the thread and I still think she is but the more I hear about this girl, the less I like her- why can't Cristiano date a nice girl who'll keep their relationship quiet and not exploit him for fame? I have noticed that she is doing a lot of Spanish magazine jobs now, though, in addition to her regular underwear jobs- if CR was still at Man U we'd probably have seen her in a ton of UK mags.

      I also agree she could take a leaf out of the book of the classier Real Madrid WAGs we know of like Carol Celico or even Sara Carbonero- the latter also has a high-profile job and all of Spain knows about her relationship with Iker but at least she never talks about her relationship or says rubbish like 'being in love is my beauty secret', ha! (has anyone noticed, she and Irina have v. similar coloring- brown hair, green eyes and tan)

    • SoccerLoverrrr says:

      i couldnt agree with you more!! :)

  9. anonymous says:

    @suzie: "I'm not blinded by jealousy like some others here…"
    Yeah what you're blinded by is ignorance. You are ignorant to think that Irina is really "in love" with Cristiano. In love my ass. In love with his BANK ACCOUNT if that's what she meant. Irina needs to shut the hell up…she is such a hypocrite. She hasn't even admitted to dating Cristiano even though EVERYONE knows they are a couple right now. Ok, so if you want to be a private person why do you say disgusting things like "being in love" is your beauty secret. Yes, falling in love is a beautiful thing- I mean look at Kaka and his wife. However, Irina does not seem like the person to fall in love easily. Think about it- if Cristiano was some guy who worked a job that paid $30,000 a year do you think Irina would even give him a second glance? I think not. Does his wealth have anything to do with her "love"? I think so. She is NOT a supermodel, Gisele is a supermodel. Kate Moss is a supermodel. Heidi Klum is a supermodel. She is not a supermodel. Notice how all her recent bookings are in Spain…are you gonna tell me it's just a coincidence that she just somehow landed the cover of Elle Spain and it had NOTHING to do with her relationship with Cristiano (who plays for Real Madrid IN SPAIN)? I think it would be an understatement to say that her relationship with Cristiano has more or less opened up some job opportunities for her and gained her some publicity.

  10. Dru says:

    You know, she's pretty but needs to shut up yakking about her dating life, it's not classy- for all that we complain about Sara Carb, at least she has never spoken about her relationship to any magazines, even when people go after her about it.

    Also- does anyone else find wearing fancy underwear and socks in a shoot funny?

  11. Dru says:

    I think she has a pretty face- prettier than whatserface anyway, though that is not saying much- and I'm not sure those lips have actually been collagenised- given her underwear model status I'd be more likely to think she has had a boob job than a lip job!

    (lip job makes no sense, she had very full lips to begin with, if she has been messing around with her face then it's too bad).

  12. Delicious says:

    To admit everything:
    I don't she's ugly. She definitely isn't! She's beautiful but there are of course better models. I have to say that I'm a bit jealous because she's dating Cristiano. I mean who doesn't want to date him? But their relationship doesn't seem to be that real. I mean they don't look like they're sooo in love.
    And the last thing: I've never heard of her before she was dating Cristiano.

    • Dru says:

      I agree, I think she's pretty. Wonder what Cristiano is still doing with her though- they were together since spring and if they're still together that's practically long-term by his standards.

      I don't think any of us had heard of her before she was dating Cristiano, lol. But then, most models unless they're the really famous VS girls (Gisele, Heidi Klum, Alessandra Ambrosio etc) are people none of us have ever heard of anyway, it's like supermodels don't exist any more.

  13. notimpressed says:

    There's something very hard (and plain) about her face even when they photoshop her, which is weird since she's only 24. She must have had one hell of a hard life before she lucked up on her cash cow, I mean "boyfriend". *giggles*

    LOL@ being in love. who wouldn't love a golden goose? Wonder if he feels the same way…..somehow I doubt it.

  14. Georgina Sanders says:

    Oh, so basically she can walk the runway show of Victoria's Secret because she's not signed for Intimissimi exclusively. Thanks for clearing this up. I thought she was signed for Intimissimi for like a contract or something but turns out she just appears in their campaigns. Many assumed because she's in a lingerie campaign that she can't do a fashion show for another lingerie brand. But this makes it more clear that she's rejected for VSFS this year. LOL!

    Who knows, maybe she'll come back and try for it again next year and maybe she'll be accepted. But I don't think I can handle looking at her joker-faced smile due to her collagen-injected lips. But that's just me. Maybe guys will be playing at their ding-dongs when they see her on the telly 'cause in fairness, her body is good for lingerie.

  15. jacks says:

    If speaking the truth is to feel jealous sorry, if you tell me something important that she made fashionable in 2010 to win a prize for best international model (and romancing the CR and Armani campaign) I consider it a step model do not need a man to her fame. For example this year Alessandra Ambrosio (which we consider a top model) paraded in all major fashion weeks (Prada, Louis Vuitton, Dolce and Gabbana, etc.) One appears in Vogue Nippon , Italy, USA, Love magazine, etc, besides making the campaign by Moschino, Loewe and will replace the Madonna in Dolce and Gabbana campaign, that to me is that being a successful model and you can win a prize of recognition international sample of me now that Irina did (not involving any man to promote her career) that is not jealous is just the reality is stamped the fact that it is only one serving.

  16. Denisea says:

    Why I hate this fame whore:
    Acts anoyed at the paps but loves the attention
    No fashion sense
    Has a man's voice
    Using CR for his status

    Why is the media hyping her up?

  17. Leya_S says:

    I don't know, I just wouldn't characterize her and CR as a couple who strike me as being "in love" really. It just seems more like "I'm hot, you're hot, let's do this."

    • maya says:

      The problem is she's not hot!!

    • Dru says:

      Oh, I can get behind that reasoning. Back when her WAGness was found out they actually seemed to be having fun but I think when it comes to Cris, we're justified in assuming he's not really in luuurve with whoever he's dating anyway.

  18. jess says:

    imagine the steamy sex they have

  19. Susana says:

    She only gets press because her people let the press know where she and CR will be. She's lied so many times about her past (and then laughed about it as if it's cool to do so) who can believe anything she says? One only needs to lisen to her annoying voice at the Grey Goose launch to understand that CR must wear earplugs when he's around her.
    And to those who said that CR has no style…neither does she. Those dumb shoes she wears all the time are soooo two weeks ago. The other night (after she had tipped off the press to their whereabouts in a parking garage), she was wearing a getup that made her look like any cheap hooker on Sunset Blvd.
    I'm sure she sees dollar signs in her eyes when around CR…and publicity. I can imagine that CR is getting something for his services in return.
    Irina Shayk?
    Irina Skank is more like it.

    • Skye says:

      Curious now- what skeletons does this girl have in her closet? I thought she was cute when it first came out that they were dating, he looked like he was having fun but too bad this one turns out terrible like all the others.

      Kind of surprised she and Cris are still together afte more than 6 months, like someone said that's like a decade in dating years for him. And besides, if he doesn't like her he can always finish things between them, it's not like he's never dumped a publicity-hungry skank before.

      • laz says:

        There are only 2 skeletons that i can think of ( the peter listerman one –, and the lesser known one involving her first modelling agency back in russia – – but they never got any further than the russian press which is very strange as true or not, papers like the sun and perhaps us weekly would of had a field day with these stories. Either media sources in spain/portugal/uk/us, aka the countries most interested in this relationship haven't bothered to research russian google or what looks more likely, irina's ppl (or even cr's ppl if my instincts are right on this and a major reason behind this relationship is so that to the public at least ronaldo is dating the perfect woman and is in the perfect relationship, ie…he is dating her to improve his pr image, esp after what happened over the summer, which would explain why zero of irina's past skeletons have appeared in the major worlds press if indeed either irina/cr ppl are using official means to stop digging or the printing of the finds from these digs going on and would also explain why cr is still dating her, as if nereida was giving the press just half of the relationship hints, quotes and general interviews about herself that irina has done in the last few months she'd be long gone right now!)

        But yes, everyone on this planet (or at least 99.999999….%) has skeletons in their personal closets, things that the bad gossip press could turn into scandals or at least an interesting story and i don't believe Irina is any different. In fact i'd say that there are quite a few bad stories and perhaps even things that could be turned in scandals by the press, not just the tales in the 2 links above. It is far too quiet from the press, as they haven't even written something remotely negative about her yet outside of russia, which is just plain odd and suspect, the press are making her look too perfect (giving irina an image that is too good to be true, so logic wise she probably isn't, and perhaps even the opposite) – just adds to the theory that someone/ppl have been hired to keep her not so pleasant past actions from reaching the press. The truth of the matter is that there are several dodgy rumors going around about her and that she has both lied about and keeps altering the stories she tells about her earlier years, sometimes only slightly but it's still technically changing her life story.

  20. Cammie says:

    She has been getting SO much work in Spain because she is dating Cristiano, I notice she needs guys to enhance her career..Kanye West, Ryan Leslie and now Cris. Victoria's Secret just turned her down for their runway show…It's obvious she is only dating Cris to get work…She looks like a low-rate version that pic..

    • vmj says:

      I was watching E! News yesterday and they were covering the Victoria's Secret show and after party. I was looking to see if Irina made the cut, since her people have made the media think she is some top supermodel and such… and looky here she is no where to be found! WTF!!! I agree… she is getting press because of the men she is with. She was at some event in New York posing with Ethan Hawke… I have no idea why she was there? Ethan has this look on his face which is priceless… like who is this chick standing next to me look.

    • Georgina Sanders says:

      Haha, she's still around?

      There is an intense rumor that she tried out for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show this year. She made the final callback but didn't make the final cut of girls to walk out in the show but because she is the spokesmodel for Intimissimi, she's forbidden to do so. The people at The Fashion Spot want her there because men like her, she looks good in lingerie and she's dating CRon, hence the publicity of the show. But many also agree that her personality on the runway is soooo effing bland that she can't possibly handle being in the VSFS.

      My thoughts, if you're the spokesmodel for a lingerie brand and you go to a casting of a fashion show for another lingerie brand, what's up with that? Can't you wait for your contract to expire first?

      P.S. And speaking of VSFS, I'm eagerly anticipating it on November 30 because I've already seen lotsa pictures and the wings look incredible. Plus, Lily Donaldson, one of my favorite models as of the moment, is walking there and she looks DIVINE. But let's launch first the new Spanish kit on Monday. :-)

      • Cammie says:

        I forgot she worked for Intimissimi..She is way over her head…

        • vmj says:

          I think it would also be kinda weird to have Irina walk the runway for Victoria's Secret when Adriana Lima is in the show. Irina does look like Adriana, minus the personality and class.

  21. JVD says:

    *Yawns*… she's been on her "I have a famous boyfriend so now I'm a real model" tour in the Spanish/Euro press for a very long time. One of the few reasons I'm glad I don't live in Spain. Can't we find anymore EPL hookers to gossip about?

    BTW, she and Ronnie are nearing a year together right? That is like a decade in CR7 years. Milk it for all its worth, CrisRina (do they have a smuch name in spain???).

    • Rachel says:

      Nah, I think CR7 and Irina have been together since late spring, but I guess thats around 6 months which is super long for him regardless. I don't understand the necessity for the plumped lips, it's just awful and she looked better before.

  22. Whitney says:

    I love her! but is it just me or did she have her lips injected with filler?

  23. Maria!! says:

    she looks good but i don't like her !! Unfortunately her relationship with CR is going stronger & stronger =/

  24. swaggerjacked says:

    Sounds like Ashy Jesse is over posting great tings about her girl! Great bod, average face.

  25. toots says:

    Oh yes, and answering the question she has botox in the mouth on the Facebook page of her agency (ARC) has a picture of her before and after and also just looking at the photo of NY that she is with Sister and sees that the mouth of the sister and quite different from hers.

  26. toots says:

    What irritates me for Irina is the fact that people put her up than she really is saying that she is a supermodel but never came out important work taking off her campaign for Armani Exchange (not the main one being Giorgi Armani), she won a prize in Madrid as the best model year frankly ridiculous, the only thing important thing she did this year was dating Cristiano Ronaldo, in fact they had to have said that this award and for her dating CR, because the only job I saw was she doing out at GQ magazine, fashion week she modeled for any major label and never appeared in magazines such as Vogue weight USA, Italy or France or any fashion magazine relatively important that the unique she has appeared in magazines Spanish (yes even the fact she is the boyfriend CR), and other fact she is a lingerie model but did not even participate in the parade or part of the team that Victoria Secret is the highest ranking models for lingerie as she did, I consider a model B and most people would not even know who she is if not for the fact that she was dating a famous player.
    And she is only doing to him what other girlfriends make his fame and drawing him to gain recognition in the media and money.

    • Regina says:

      What you said is So true, the fashion industry in Spain is kissing Cristiano butt, by putting this fake lip chick on magazine covers, and it's so obvious, what she is doing, she can't do anything without a famous guy helping her. Victoria's Secret turned her down. Natalia.V is more a international model of the year then. All she is a fake lip..lowrate Angelina who uses men to get ahead. Cristiano please wake up and get rid of THOSE chick.

    • Dru says:

      I think she's been in Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issue since 2007? That's considered pretty high profile for a model. But with underwear models, it's difficult to make the switch into 'high-fashion' because Vogue, designers etc generally liked girls to be straight-up-and-down these days with no boobs or hips, nowadays mostly models do VS, SI etc when they've grown a few curves and can't really do runway/editorial work any more. Irina, I think, has been too curvy for runway work from the start so this is the kind of work she's known for.

      There are exceptions like Gisele who keep doing both, but most models get only one kind of work (underwear/lads' mag vs. high fashion). This season is an exception, the most famous VS models like Alessandra Ambrosio, Adriana Lima, Miranda Kerr etc actually walked Fashion Week but they're like top of their game, I don't think Irina was ever in the same league.

      • toots says:

        She appears in Sports Illustrated's swimsuit since 2007 but people only realized this in 2010 after she dating the CR, even doing that kind of magazine only has great weight if you and the cover model she never was, I know she'll is in the next Sports Illustrated's now we see if it will be the cover model (for dating Cr, obviously)

        • Dru says:

          That's what I was saying, she is not a high fashion model and never made a name at that kind of work, and it's only the tippy-top of lingerie models who get to do that kind of work (she's not really at the Gisele level, obvs and ALL her high-fashion bookings are in Spanish mags where guess who plays for a Spanish club?)

          She's about one step up from Abby Clancy etc, but if she keeps this up she'll fall to their level which I think is just sad.

  27. rubyqueen says:

    hot body hot boyfriend and a even hotter bank balance.I WANT TO BE IRINA SO MUCH IT HURTS…:(

  28. suzie says:

    She looks beautiful to me, but then I'm not blinded by jealousy like some others here.

    • Cammie says:

      Iam not blinded by jealous..I find young Jaclyn Smith, Gene Tierney stunning…Models like Adriana, Emanuela De Paula, Ana Beatriz, Doutzen Kroes…..Beautiful..Gisele has a amazing career…I won't mind look like one of those women or having there career.

      Because I don't like a girl with a joker smile …Iam jealous…Okay..if you say so.
      There is nothing about her I want to be…

    • toots says:

      If speaking the truth is to feel jealous sorry, if you tell me something important that she made fashionable in 2010 to win a prize for best international model (and romancing the CR and Armani campaign) I consider it a step model do not need a man to her fame. For example this year Alessandra Ambrosio (which we consider a top model) paraded in all major fashion weeks (Prada, Louis Vuitton, Dolce and Gabbana, etc.) One appears in Vogue Nippon , Italy, USA, Love in the magazine, etc, besides making the campnaha by Moschino, Loewe and will replace the Madonna in Dolce and Gabbana campaign, that to me is that being a successful model and you can win a prize of recognition international sample of me now that Irina did (not involving any man to promote her career) that is not jealous is just the reality is stamped the fact that it is only one serving.

  29. Ame says:

    Someone is ripping off your articles, thought you might want to know…

  30. Dru says:

    Is he still seeing her? Cause that's practically long-term, for him…

    About the lips, I'm reluctant to declare them unnatural- my own (never been near fillers in her life) mother has a mouth like that, and part of why it looks the way it does is because her upper lip is fuller than her already very plump lower lip.

    Also, foundation or no, she's beautiful- there are some raw good looks right there, back when Cristiano first announced he had a kid I thought he'd had a child with her since I had no idea how long they'd been dating- and all I thought was 'that kid is going to be seriously gorgeous, if only they don't give it the same dress sense as its dad". Good call from Elle España putting her on the cover, though- makes sense since the boyf's club is Spanish, and this will obviously get plenty of eyeballs there.

  31. Beth says:

    I think she's beautiful, it's just such a shame about those lips.

  32. Bebo Ronaldo says:

    I mean *luving* not living!!! Auto correct is a pain up the airbrushd ass!!!

  33. Bebo Ronaldo says:

    …my very biased cristiano living opinion to be precise!!! LOL :P

  34. MrsCRdSA says:

    The only style I'd like to see her with, is the SansCristianoLook!! That said, at least she is for once not wearing these brown Louboutin mesh peep toes….

  35. Bebo Ronaldo says:

    She’s so full of herself…first she thanks her parents fir making her beautiful (who said she’s beautiful anyway? She an underwear model…she’s got boobies that all!) and now she says that her top beauty secret is being in love…come on, we know being in luv is a beautiful thing (*sighs*) but it ain’t doing u no good gal…I mean ur ASS needs 2 b airbrushd (probably as well as alot if other things) and those lips hav sooo been collagenised so evn if sum people (defo not me) think she’s pretty…it’s not entirely TRU then is it???…but that’s just MY opinion!!!

  36. [...] a interview at the Glamour awards, Irina stated that her top beauty secret is being in love. Barrrffffff (yes i am totally sipping on [...]

  37. BarceLisa says:

    I would give Irina $10,000 a day to NOT get out of bed.

  38. pooky says:

    Step away from the collagen needle Irina!! Those lips are heading dangerously into "trout" territory…

  39. lilygold says:

    I wish I woke up in the morning looking even half as good as she does.It takes me three cups of coffee, copious amounts of Dr Hauscka Rose Day Cream and a spoonful of Clinique foundation to even dare leave the house !

  40. She may not be wearing concealer but that's an airbrushed ass if I ever saw one.

    • Dru says:

      Well it's the magazine that decides that stuff, not her…blame Elle for this one (and what's with the socks – socks! being visible in a 'sexy' shoot?)

  41. gin_in_teacups says:

    So much about this makes me like her but when people say they are glowing and beautiful from being in love it induces an ate too much candy sick feeling in me.

  42. MadameGourcuff says:

    not impressed

  43. Rossanera says:

    Either way, she's stunning.

  44. Thea says:

    foundation free my ass! That's what they call in the industry a 'No Make Up Make Up' and it takes hours and hours!

    • @DebStimson says:

      Somewhere online there's a video of this shoot. There's other models too. And yes…this "just out of bed" look was SO staged. The video shows these models getting the hair tousled, sprayed, etc. Can't quite recall about the make up tho.