November 14th, 2012

Francesco Totti & Ilary Blasi: Serving Up The Side-Eye

abbey clancy WAG bikini serie A ilary totti

Francesco Totti and his wife watched Novak Djokovic defeat Roger Federer in the ATP World Tour Tennis Finals in London over the weekend. Any more sightings to report, Kickettes?

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14 Responses to “Francesco Totti & Ilary Blasi: Serving Up The Side-Eye”

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  2. sohbet says:

    asd good luck with those plans for world domination (if they involve footballer bo

  3. Thank you, and good luck with those plans for world domination (if they involve footballer bo

  4. Sara in Paris says:

    Just looking at Totti’s face makes me nostalgic…….

    … Anyone miss the good old days of 2002-2006 when the Italian squad was FULL of goodies? … May I remind you of
    -Del Pieroooooo
    -Luca Toni

    (Let’s not forget those who are still as yummy in the squadra: De Rossi, PIRLOOOOO, Barzagli, Buffon!!!)..

    Ahhhh, nostalgia, nostalgia.

  5. James says:

    Ilary Blasi she was pretty at some point of time or I used to think but Totti is looking cool as usual.

  6. Loninha - Brasil says:

    What did she do to her face? OMG … botox in the mouth no no no!!

    • Sara in Paris says:

      She has lip fillers, cheek implants, breast implants, you name it!

      ….that being said!! GORGEOUS TOTTI! My first footballer crush when I was a teenager! I remember just having had the internet and finding a fan page called ''Totally Totti'' that took ages to load (modem connection back in the 90s). Over a decade later, he's just as yummy, if not better. Like a good Italian wine.

  7. xoWinnie says:

    i believe she was prettier at some point…or am I mistaken?

  8. Lala310 says:

    Sergio Aguero was also there. He even played some tennis!

  9. KMS says:

    No but i spot her disgustingling collagen enhanced lips…. ick.

  10. Anita says:

    What a beautiful couple :)

  11. Lara says:

    omg i wonder when this man will stop being so sexy!ugh
    And to be honest i think he should be number 1 or at least 2 in the Hot H.o.F.just a thought =)

  12. RobinS says:

    I do believe Juan Mata also attended the games last week. And by believe, I mean I know, since I drooled all over my computer because of those pictures. And yes, hair dryer was needed to dry it out.

  13. tammyv says:

    I love him/them