January 10th, 2011

Frank Lampard: Consolation Cuddles

Ahem. Excuse us for a moment. We just need to save this to the Kickette hard drive for closer examination later. All in the name of science, you understand. (Getty Images/Zimbio)

Seeking solace in the arms of a buff bloke is an extremely popular way to deal with bad news here at Kickette. In fact, we actively encourage the practice, both for ourselves and between men, although the latter is largely to satisfy our slightly odd and potent lust. You may have noticed.

Frank Lampard is a man who is comfortable enough with his sexuality to freely express his affection for other males. And considering the latest news regarding his ex-partner Elen Rives, we’re not surprised he felt the need for a loving embrace or two. What did surprise us was his choice of partner. Instead of common-law husband John Terry, Lamps chose nubile nineteen year old defender Jeffrey Bruma for his post-traumatic snuggles (top).

Is he so traumatised that he requires two men to nurse him through this devastating blow? Or has John’s famous wandering eye been caught by Ipswich Town’s, as the above photo suggests?

It’s stuff like this that can really affect a team’s performance in the league, y’know.

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17 Responses to “Frank Lampard: Consolation Cuddles”

  1. ArsenalFan says:

    ugh please don't kill me ladies but I just don't think Lamps is that attractive! where is Sex Fabregas??

  2. Ines del Sol says:

    Frank and John got their moment too —> http://picture.belga.be/belgapicture/editorial/al… :) so nothing, my dear Kickette , changed :)

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  4. Elmy says:

    Huh…I thought it was Everton who does all the man lovin’?

  5. 2eZ says:

    lmfao Terry is such a dirty player…worst ranked i believe(WHO ATE ALL THE PIES), it's all good tho and Frank looks good as always, back in form for Chelsea :) he made that PK

  6. balicious8 says:

    I remember the last coment i did about Lampsy, i said that i didn't find him attractive. Well, i change my opinion, actually he's very attractive. The worst about him is his style

  7. Leá says:

    Lampsy, I will cuddle with you anytime. ;)
    On a more serious note… John's going to get angry if you're snuggling with everyone but him.

  8. FloraJane says:

    I do find that pic of John and the Ipswich town player rather hot. Notice that the player's number is 8, too. lol John did have some on-pitch snuggles with the real number 8, too. The pics are out there. But I think Frank was only caught up in scoring a goal and maybe Bruma's got a crush, too! Who could blame him. But I don't think Frank or John will ever stray too far from their true love though.

  9. Emily says:

    is it bad that the first thing i noticed about this was Bruma's buttocks? lol

  10. Summer says:

    Oh Lamps you were and have always been lovely and adorable and I'm proud and happy that time has never changed you…Welcome back Little Blues!

  11. anfield_girl says:

    I think Lampsy is cute, although he is a blue. never thought I would say this :)

    • Summer says:

      The same problem Anfield Girl. I was initially only a Reds and I hated Blues with all my heart, but 1 year and half something changed when I saw Lamps…and now my hearts is half Reds and half Blues, but I know that I must make a choice.. one day..

  12. SoccerLoverrr says:

    oh mama! Movee overrr bruma, lemmee comfort u lampard! He looks soo delectable and in need of a kisss (or more)

  13. Thea says:

    He's just consoling himself as well as drama with Chelsea he has to contend with his ex Miss Rivas being on Prime Time Telly every Sunday night – comparing him to Peter Andre when she's interviewed no doubt!