September 20th, 2010

Frank Lampard & John Terry: Broken Bridge Boys

We’d like to think that in Christine Bleakley’s position as loved up girlfriend of the delectable Frank Lampard, we would maintain a poker face when attending games with our injured partner and his dad. Unlike the smug smirk-i-tude creeping across Bleakley’s face (above), say.

However. It’s important to remain realistic. In truth, we’d be leaving vapour trails as we ran screaming around the stands to ensure not one Chelsea supporter or TV viewer was in any doubt as to which boy was our beau. For your restraint, Christine, we admire you.

Also present at Stamford Bridge for yesterday’s game was fellow boo-boo bearer and team mate John Terry. Now, while we have found the activities of Mr Terry somewhat icky in the past, we see no reason not to fully indulge ourselves in the gorgeousness of his kidlings Georgie John and Summer Rose.

Smoosh away, Kickettes. Let those Monday blues just fly away.

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30 Responses to “Frank Lampard & John Terry: Broken Bridge Boys”

  1. JOHN GEORGE TERRY he's my man , he's my man, i love you john terry ,

  2. stopppppppppppppppppppppppppppp i 'm the most who loves him , i love him ,he's my man before you all ok i've been in love with him since 2004

  3. bantlan says:

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  4. Jules says:

    The Terry children just look like their dad.

  5. It’s all about consolation and keeping yourself sane as a bettor. A few days ago I bet 3 games in baseball, went 0-3, lost all 3 in the 9th inning on closer blown saves, one of which was Rivera, if I didn’t think I just got unlucky I’d never wanna bet again, who knows maybe I was legitimately on the wrong side but you have to figure with 3 leads going into the bottom of the 9th you should walk away with at least 1 or 2 wins if not all 3 so i’d like to think it was more a case of serious bad luck than poor capping.

  6. BarceLisa says:

    good to see Frank Sr and Jr having nice father-son time. That is probably why Christine doesn't have her paws all over Lamps. Thank you Frank Sr for sparing us all. JT's kids are so cute but they look bored, kids that age don't like to stay in one place for ninety minutes.

  7. Ines del Sol says:

    Lamps at this pic is looking at John, he's sitting a bit lower –

  8. April says:

    After looking at the people behind John and in front of Frank, it appears Frank is actually smiling/laughing at something John and/or the kids are doing. Too bad we couldn’t get pictures that were taken at the same time.

  9. aps says:

    I gonna echo what everyone else is saying in that I can't stand Christine. She's just so…ugh! The Terry twins are cute though. Their grandmother doesn't look too happy though. Probably still hates John from what he did to her daughter.

  10. Summer says:

    The story between Lamps and this woman (I know her name but I can't write and say it because I can't bear she) remember me a famous tale… The Beauty and the Beast… But in this story Lamps is the Beauty and Christine is the Beast!!! I hope that in this story the beast will not become a princess…but I'm sure this is the reality and not a tale… A beast can't become a princess… You aren't the right person for Lamps Christine!!

  11. Amy says:

    i really dont like christina bleakley since she has started garn with frank, she has got really big headed and she things she is sumet special :S x

  12. Summer says:

    Please Lamps leave Christine!! I pray everyday for this, I can't stand this woman, she isn't special, she isn't handsome, she isn't. She only looks like a frog and so old…

    John is so perfect like ever and his children, Summer and Georgie are so beautiful…. Fortunately the don't look like their mum but their dad… I love you John

  13. Maribel says:

    I find myself longing for the days of Elen…..

  14. Leá says:

    John and his children is beyond adorable. They both look so much like him!

  15. cherryboomboom says:

    the dude in the back of Jt would have been cute if he didnt have a bad nose …

  16. Olli says:

    In the John Terry photo, they all look so miserable, apart from the teddies and the chap in the cap. Who's the blonde in the glasses? She looks as though she would rather be anywhere but there.

  17. blissbubbley says:

    Not a Bleakley fan even before she got with Lamps.

    Georgie John looks exactly like his Dad. Bless!

  18. Monoonie says:

    not many people do like Chirstine huh?

    awww!! look at those teddybears from Jt's kids <33

  19. Ive tried liking this woman, but i just can't…she comes across so fake when she smiles or 'laughs'….yes i know i sound like a right bitch! lol. But she has ruined my morning's now…i want GMTV back!, i cant take her and Adrian 'monotone' Chiles any longer, listening to the radio is way better.

    John terry's kids are adorable

  20. Jules says:

    Bleakley is gross, her relationship with Adrian Chiles is frankly bizarre (The One Show was awful and I’d be willing to bet money Daybreak is even worse). She seems to me like one of those smug women who like to boast how much like the lads they are, they don’t have any female friends because they’re all just jealous of how much the men love her. I’ve thought waaay too much about this…
    To end on a more positive note, as much as I dislike Terry, his kids are adorable.

  21. Thea says:

    Not a Bleakley fan either!!! Can't see why she smiling when her ITV career move is turning out to be a disater!

    • Georgina says:

      Disaster??…please. If getting millions in the bank is a disaster than I wonder what success would be like! I think this woman looks stunning here. She's at a football game with her boyfriend why not smile? Cut her some slack she's just tryna make her life worth living k, geezzzzz…

    • BarceLisa says:

      I think she's gorgeous but after getting shredded by the Iker-girls in the last post about Pastasauce I'm not gonna stick my nose where it doesn't belong. TV presenters have all the luck, Vaya con dios to them.

  22. Claire says:

    Oh… miss Perma-grin. Arrggg… can't stand this Bleakley woman.