September 17th, 2009

Frank Lampard: Snapped on the Street

Frank Lampard in London

Let us set the scene: you’re having a great hair day. You’re wearing matching underwear. You ate a mint mere seconds ago. Then you see Frank Lampard approaching on the pavement. Would you:

a) Feign indifference, ignore him and continue your high street strut to go sort out your banking and other errands;

b) Smile in a flirty way, and carry on walking;

c) Jump on him.

There are no right or wrong answers, just different consequences.

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45 Responses to “Frank Lampard: Snapped on the Street”

  1. Daphne says:

    Ignore him he's big headed enough

    • Manda says:

      Lamps is one lovely fella, and he looks gorgeous on that pic., so i’d either give him this look that’ll make him stop dead in his tracks and wanna talk to me, or i’d bump into him, for some pretend one on one action. i love Lolinha’s response too, i’m also that kinda girl.

  2. Ines del Sol says:

    D. as fr dying

    E. as for ecstasy

    F. as for fainting… maybe he could raise me up? *sighs*

  3. Lilly says:

    hm…that’s a tough one…i don’t want to go for a C or he’ll file a restraining order!
    b probably wouldn’t work…i’m not sure he’d notice my”flirty” smile.
    i guess that just leaves us at A but I’m sure my friends would beat the living hell out of me! it’s frank freaking lampard!!!aaah!

    I suppose I’ll give him a bone-crushing hug, ask him for his autograph and take pics avec lampsie!

  4. Monoonie says:

    only on a different way…

  5. Becca (mrs lampard!) says:

    ahh! erm C , but in a more discreet way.

    but i dont suppose i would be able to contain my excitement , a girl can dream….

  6. Terri says:

    B, but add "bite my knuckle in a omg-he's-hot-but-I-don't-want-to-seem-like-a-stalker kind of way"

  7. Pau says:

    i would ask for an autograph and a photograph, then telling him that he is the best midfielder the world has ever seen, and if that doesn´t do the trick, try letter C!

  8. Zoey says:

    Hello Frankie! C… I wouldn't even bother with b :) )

  9. DutchThinksRamseyish says:

    Yeah so my self respect would go out the window and jump on him so its C for me defo, he is just a sexy guy

  10. Julia says:

    Uhm. I'd ask for an autograph. But B is nice as well.

  11. B.. I'd like him to do the chasing.. :D

  12. FirstTeamCoach says:

    I would not feign indifference, I would be indifferent and would happily walk on by without looking at him! So A is the closest.

  13. NinyaC says:

    Bump on him on purpose :) )) and be like, "oh I'm sorry. Hey, you look familiar. . ."

    On second thought, LETTER C!

  14. autumnmaple101 says:

    Jump on him definitely. He is my idol after all. Might even get a picture and autograph..if he doesnt call the police first that is.

  15. Bella says:

    A. Except my indifference would not be feigned. I will stay with my lovely Italians, Spaniards, etc., etc. & leave the pasty Englishmen to other Kickettes who can better appreciate those translucent blue-white legs.

  16. LoveLamps says:

    D – die. Literally. I would die.

  17. Johnna says:

    A million times C.

  18. Fer_Lahm says:

    C, and then he’ll see me with freak face

  19. MrsC says:

    D. Stroll up in all my fabulousness and ask him if he knows the time. Proceed to flirt my way into his bedroom. While he's passed out, steal Carlo Cudicini's phone number from his mobile.

  20. mrs jt ;) (sarah) says:

    well it would have to be C really wouldnt it!
    how could anyone just walk past such a beautiful man!

    a is deffinatley the wrong answer! x

  21. Zatti says:

    i'd go for b and if he responded…. who knows….

  22. Paxy says:

    I would have to agree, I'm somewhere in between b&c. maybe start with B, but continue it on to a convo to continue on to C

  23. Joss says:

    Most probably B to be honest, I think I have way too much dignity and self respect to opt for C, though I applaud those who do!! Plus, I wouldn’t wanna come off as a groupie/potential stalker,lol! I love Kickette!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PS: Lolinha, I love your comment!!! Cracked me up and made my day!!!lol

  24. FootballerChick43-&q says:

    C. C, C, C. And if that didn't work, go to B. Of course, it'd probably be too late then, but… at least you would be memorable.

  25. Kile says:

    somewhere between B and C.

  26. Lamps' babe says:

    I really don't know,'cos a pic like this must have been taken in only 2 occasions:1) he was coming to my house;2) he was leaving my house…I'd say C…just in case…

  27. Nanou says:

    Hem… C! I’d like to say b and it’d be enough for him to look at me and fall in love… But to be honest I’m sure he wouldn’t. So, the only way to touch him once in my life should be C. Shame.

  28. Lana says:

    Definitely C!!!

  29. Kate says:

    oh, my this one is really tough… ermmm ok, an A. And I’m absolutely sure about that.

  30. Baby Freya says:

    Woah…he looks good! I’d go for option 2….

  31. Lala says:

    Just B, though I’d want to do C…

  32. Elise says:

    Actually, none of the above. Wow- the dream of meeting Frank while walking down a quiet, mostly empty London street!!! I'd make eye contact and smile my best sweet/flirty smile, but keep on walking? Absolutely unthinkable! Completely impossible! I'd say 'hi' and I'd definitely stop him (in a warm, friendly, non-stalkerish way), and being the nice guy that he is, I'm sure he'd stop and chat and then we'd go from there….and with any luck, we'd go to a place where John would be also and then maybe a dual type of option (c) would occur!!! Thank you Kickette- I'll spend many hours with this lovely fantasy!! LOL

  33. Yasichelsea says:

    =======> b =======> c and then… XXX

  34. Lolinha says:

    Knowing myself I’d probably attempt the smile… and stumble on a crack, hit the lamppost, bounce off the post on a nearby car, proceed to trip the car’s alarm, duck for cover… Be completely mortified for a split second, fix my hair and nonchalantly get up, round the next corner, start running and not look back, stop at the first fast food joint for some comfort food, and thank my lucky stars it didn’t happen in front of Iker.

  35. Rebecca says:

    How I love Kickette… Anyhoo, I would probably pick b) and if he didn’t respond I would go for plan B: c)

  36. Anastasia says:

    No right answer? Maybe. Is there a wrong answer? Definitely A.

    I'd like to say I'd successfully do B, but C is more likely.

  37. Biondi says:

    If that’s the case.. Definitely C!!!! I have been preparing all my appereance just for this glorious moment! Haha!

  38. Ella says:

    Based on how he looks in this pic, definitely C!!! He finally is dressed normal and not like a male flight attendant!

  39. Blair says:

    GEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! I’d probably pretend to trip and fall in his arms. Yes, most definitely. I don’t know about that outfit though. Awfully dodgy.

  40. Allyra says:

    No doubt, C =P It would be impossible to resist.

  41. carly says:

    Omg…C! C! C! He's looking so nice and fresh.