July 9th, 2007

Frank Lampard: Nothing Happened, Okay?

image: news of the world


Frank Lampard seems to have gotten himself into a sticky-icky situation in Vegas. Granted, Vegas is a city built for sticky-ickys, so this should come as no surprise, really. Vegas = gambling, alcohol and women. This = a very happy place for the ballers amongst us, who have few other interests outside these areas.

Anyhoo, Lampard has been in Vegas since Weds, on a lads-only vacay with Teddy Sheringham, Wayne Bridge, and Glen Johnson.

Reports are flying that Frank hooked up with an Eastern European brunette and spent four hours with her in the private villa the boys had rented at the Wynn Hotel. Let us just mention here, the boys all had their own suites at the hotel, but booked a villa specifically for other purposes.

Says the croupier at the table where the boys were getting their gamble on:

“They were laughing about taking women back to the hotel’s Fairview Villa.

“I heard several telling girls they had their own suites, but had hired the villa for fun. They called it their ‘P*ssy Playhouse’ and were being quite crude.”

We refuse, on principle, to comment on the name of the playhouse. We simply cannot.

Frank is furiously denying any funny business occurred, and spent Sunday dealing with a stack of calls to his mobile, repeatedly yelling, “Nothing happened, alright?” down the phone.

Interesting, no? As is the photo, above, of Frank with the mystery lady. She was reported to have been crying after discovering that Frank had a family back at home.

Lest we forget Frank’s daliances in the past: nine months ago he was busted with a blonde in Barcelona and we vaguely remember some Cyprus orgy scandal where Frank admitted he had made an error or two in judgement.

We’re thinking the true error in judgement comes from fiance Elen Rives, (who gave birth in May to their second child, Isla). She should have married Lamps a long time ago so that she could be taking him to the cleaners in a swift and lucrative divorce settlement.

Link: Lampard Denies Vegas Fling

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17 Responses to “Frank Lampard: Nothing Happened, Okay?”

  1. StevieG says:

    for elen i mean….. i wud never feel sorry for tht other stupid women

  2. StevieG says:

    OMG this is a disgrace i feel so sorry for her she probably never knew he wud do anything like this so bad…..

  3. lilly says:

    hey franky i love u,youre family and also youre cute isla and luna!i’m sure u love youre family .they just tell lieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! i love u so much !plz tie the knot sooner!

  4. yousuf omar cra says:

    love chelsea love lampard plz help you lampard morinho oh tnxk chelsea plz help you team me20yearsa alld love team love drogba

  5. Becca x says:

    Which Firend W This.. AndHas She Bee Livings in The 15th Century.. Eeryone From The North Pole To The Sout Pol Knows Who Frank Lampard Is..

    Little Whte Lies <img src="http://www.kickette.com/images/smileys/raspberry.gif&quot; width="19" height="19" alt="raspberry" style="border:0;" />

    Becca x

  6. Yan says:

    The funny thing is that one of my friends happened to be there and didn’t know it was Frank Lampard the famous football star.

  7. Becca x says:

    Lozza…. Get The Shite Out Of Your Eyes Darlin.. Sorry To Put It Soo Bluntly But When A Famous Footballer Is Pictured Wth A Pretty Brunette Girl In A Different country ItNormally Means Something Fishy Is Go8ing On!!!
    He Might Love Elen And There Kids But I Guess his Girl Just Got The Better Of Himn!!
    Becca x

  8. lozza says:

    this has happened to many tyms to be true!!!!

    the first one may be true and da newspapers probs thought that wud break frank n elen up so they keep in to and writing rubbish. jst cos frank iz seen wiv anova woman dont mean he iz cheatin on elen. he loves her and iz 2 daughters

    xxxx mad

  9. cjh says:

    definitely guilty.  i have a friend that works for a professional basketball team in the states and tells me how the players cheat on their wives and girlfriends all the time, so i can only imagine how bad footballers are.  the WAGS know if they put up with all the fooling around a new designer something is on the way.  not a life i would chose, but fame (as in, being famous for dating someone famous) can definitely change people.

  10. Jim says:

    This whole site gives a grave disservice to women’s lib. The WAGS use the ballers more than vice versa. What do they expect?

  11. tammyv says:

    Is anyone really surprised by this? Seriously?  I assume that they all play around.

    When your boy goes to a different contient to have a boys-weekend in “Sin City” where what happens there stays there (i guess not really), he is up to no good. No good comes from that trip especially since they are looking to be up to no good.

    I am sure Wayne Bridge was a paragon of viture as were the other boys…

  12. Paula says:

    Fat Frank.
    May your c**k turn black and drop off!!

    <img src="http://www.kickette.com/images/smileys/lol.gif&quot; width="19" height="19" alt="LOL" style="border:0;" />

  13. Helena says:

    I agree Carly..these footie women are a disgrace to women’s lib..Emmeline Pankhurst is probably spinning in her grave as we speak!! LOL

    Fat Frank thinks because of his fame and money that he is invincible..and that all he has to do is buy the missus a nice LV handbag, Dior dress and Chanel shoes at the airport duty free and all will be forgiven by the little wifey.

    ..and I have a nasty feeling that is what will happen.

  14. carly says:

    These footballers do whatever they want, with whoever they want and these poor women have to put up with it…Well, not exactly “have to” but, you’re right Kickette, until the deal is signed they have no rights whatsoever.
    This whole footballers + wags fever is doing a terrible service to the women’s lib. Seriously!

  15. Cate says:

    Dear Helena,

    I don’t think American(s in general) airports know what “duty-free” means. I could be wrong.

    As for Frank, meh. I’m not surprised. Well, I was a little, since about ten minutes before I opened up The Sun and read about this I was taking a shower and thinking, You know. I don’t think Frank has been accused of cheating on Elen. Huh. Guess he’s the better of the Terry/Lampard duo. And then I was a little disappointed, but not really. I’ll continue to cheer them on from the side-lines but I don’t know how seriously I’ll be able to take them.

    Besides, they’re footballers. Like you said, Kickette, they’re simple creatures.

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