January 31st, 2011

Frecklewatch: Fernando Torres Transfer Talk

FT9 arriving at LFC’s Melwood training facilities early Monday. REUTERS/Phil Noble.

We can’t tell if we’ve accepted reality for what it is, or if we’re just sick of having Ronaldo-like flashbacks, but our Fernando Torres transfer anxiety is beginning to move from denial to acceptance.

Well before we transitioned to stage 5, we spent much of our Sunday evening debating heartaches: which is/will be/was the bigger loss to ‘Pool’s heart, Xabi Alonso or Fernando Torres? Furthermore, should either suffer criticism for where they want to play football?

Big transfer news brings up much to discuss – so, for the legions of Kickettes from a rainbow variety of colours, how do you feel about Fer’s adorable freckles and masterful bitchface now? If you’re of a team that has been forced to wallow in your painful-player-moves sorrows, do you have any comforting words or coping mechanisms to share with the LFC-supporting ladies and gents?

Also: £35 million?!

And: Luis Suarez already has his manbag priorities in order. Good lad.

Image: PAUL ELLIS/AFP/Getty Images

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230 Responses to “Frecklewatch: Fernando Torres Transfer Talk”

  1. Juliana says:

    I can't thank you enough for your kind words. You have no idea of how much it made me feel better. I've never looked at this way before. I know he made this for his career but it wasn't enough for me to accept his choice. It seems so obvious now. Sometimes the thing your looking for is just in front of your eyes. I've always have this in mind that players run out of time, because as long as they complete 35 years or so, they can't make it anymore. But I didn't connect the facts. I feel so dumb for not thinking of this before. It still hurts a lot. But now I understand it perfectly and I gotta replace that regret feeling by a I-wish-you-all-the-luck-in-the-world one. Thanks again, Victoria. I wish there was a way I could talk to you, not only by this reply.

  2. LOVELEO says:




  4. Catie says:

    I really didn't want him to leave Liverpool :( . The thought of having to see Ashley Cole anywhere near Nando's freckles causes great distress, but alas. As many have said already, I just want him to be happy, so I guess I'll just have to accept it and suffer. But, I hope he knows as payment he needs to be faxing you Kickette staffers all sorts of ab/freckle/bitch face/super adorable dad pictures at all hours of the day.

  5. anna says:

    I'm not going to lie, I'm absolutely gutted that he's left. I feel like crying just thinking about it, especially because Chelsea are my least favourite team (I hate Terry and Cole).

    I want to hate him but hes too freaking cute!

    I'll just have to think of him as a player for the Spain national team now and ignore the fact that he plays for Chelsea :/ He just wont look right in a blue strip :(

  6. AC_USA says:

    Come on guys dont you want Nando to br happy? I know this broke my hear too because it was so sudden, and i feel like it was handled completley wrong, but believe me no one wants an unhappy striker on their pitch! Its gonna be okay (hopefully) :( (((( I wish him he best !

  7. Lotte (Zlatanista) says:

    I think maybe players in general should be very careful of proffessing their undying love for a club. Perhaps you should be especially careful of expressing the desire to see your children grow up in the town where your beloved club resides. Don't you think? Or is it just me?

    Sarcasm aside, I'm very sad about this whole thing. Ok, I can understand that Fernando wants to try to win titles, but his manner of going about it is dissappointing. And going to Chelsea of all clubs…

  8. nati says:

    Seeing how far he carried Atletico on his own, I just find it lazy of him to leave at such a low point for Liverpool, instead of helping the team through.

  9. Mirella says:

    MaybeI´ll get the most thumbs-down in kickette history for this, i have to point out what I personally learned from this fiasco.

    i became a football fanatic at the Euro 08 (in my country) and ever since enjoyed watching games, regardless of the team´s names on the pitch. I had my litlle likes and dislikes in clubs, but in the end I was a fan of the game itself and the ballers I liked.
    When I fell in love with Nando he introduced me to LFC and everything this club offers: the pride, the history, best fans in the world and the heartwarming YNWA. I was amazed and felt it was finally time to become a real club supporter. The last couple of months weren´t easy for supporters, however I thought that´s the price you have to pay.
    A friend of mine gave me this book "The Boys from the Mersey" by Nicholas Allt. The author talks about his travels with a gang of Liverpool supporters throughout Europe in LFC´s glorious times. I wanted to know more about LFC history, but after a few chapters I had to stop reading, I felt disgusted by the violent behavior of these boys, their hooliganism.Times were of course different then, but the author seemed to be proud of all his actions against opponent fans and as if he would totallly do it again at his current age. maybe I don´t understand because I wasn`t raised in a football environment, but physical of verbal aggressive behavior against other fans feels the same as racism to me.

    So when I found out about Nando`s plans I was totally shocked, as I considered myself LFC fan. I went to the official homepage of the club for support. I did not get support , but a lot to think about.
    About a thousand times I read "Nobody is bigger than LFC" like it is the club´s motto. Did Nando ever state to be more important or better than the club or are fans just suggesting that because he wants to go somewhere else? and what is that supposed to mean anyway? In my mind every single person´s happiness is all the time more important than a club, no matter if it´s Liverpool, Chelsea, Barca, whatever. you see I don`t get it.
    Also ex-fans said goodbye to their beloved stepson by wishing him broken legs, death and this: "I hope John Terry enjoys your wife". That´s disgusting.
    I know people are angry and disappointed, but noone should ever be treated like this. Nando had to face lots of disappointments too the last three years. Because of that he moved on and LFC did too, so how is he worse than the club? Andy Carrol will be wearing the number nine from now on and there was no word of goodbye for the former "legend" on the official homepage. A simple thank you would not be too much to ask for regarding the joy he brought to the club. Instead of that he´s treated like he never existed by officials.
    Let´s face it LFC and its "loyal" supporters don't give a sh***, if Nando is ever going to see the rewards for his lifelong work, if he doesn´t shoot goals for them.

    It´s wrong there are so many people outside who really see their club as their religion. this leads to hatred and violence and it turns this wonderful game into something bad. many of you are currently falling out of love with Fernando Torres, I fell out of love with LFC and know I will never going to be this emotionally involved with a football club again, as I think nothing good comes out of this club fanatism.

    • Crackers says:

      A lot of the abuse you mentioned is more or less standard football fans (football hooligans really) mouthing off, but I agree- bringing his wife into it is just low. As fans, we're disappointed and many of us are angry, but this is still too much.

      And not all LFC fans wish death and nasty things on Fernando, don't give up on the club for this please? It's a small but vocal minority that does this, and as for the club being a religion for some people, I'm afraid that is true in the case of many, many clubs- look at Barca, Real, Man U, or even LFC itself- with some hardcore fans, you'll never be able to convince them that it's "just a game".

      At the moment people are angry that Fern handed in a transfer request and then chose to go to Chelsea (of all clubs) after professing loyalty to Liverpool time and again over the last few years, but I hope we'll become even stronger in his absence, with the new players we've got.

    • Juliana says:

      I agree with you. "When I fell in love with Nando he introduced me to LFC and everything this club offers: the pride, the history, best fans in the world and the heartwarming YNWA. I was amazed and felt it was finally time to become a real club supporter." Same here, except that I'm Brazilian so I did was raised in a football environment, so it wasn't the first time I supported a club. But without him, I probably wouldn't know much things about Liverpool. But it wasn't just because of him. I was, like you said, amazed by the club. It's really a club you support with your heart, you don't feel alone.

      About that "no player is bigger than the club", I can't get it either. I mean, the players are the ones who make the club, aren't they? "Every single person's happiness is all the time more important than a club". Totally agreed. Of course one single player is not bigger than the entire club, but this one sure have given a lot to the club's history. But I really think this is so unnecessary to say. Like you said, he never even stated that. Why would people need to say that? Maybe they were afraid LFC was not gonna do so well without Nando, even if it's a really deep thought. But what I really think is that people say it because they are broken and want to blame something. All this people hating on Nando are just frustrated fans. I know they shouldn't act like this, but in a moment like that you can lose your mind. I don't blame them for that. Wait a few weeks, or maybe months, and you'll see they will calm down and regret the things they said. Who never said bad things when angry?

      But yeah, I think it wasn't easy for him either to leave the club. I don't doubt that he loves Liverpool. And we, as Torres fans, should support him especially in this hard moment of his life. "Instead of that he's treated like he never existed by officials." I COULD NOT HAVE SAID IT BETTER. He left us, he left us to our rival, he broke our hearts. I know. But if it hurts so much, it's because he's still really important for us. So people shouldn't just simply delete him from their lives! As if he hadn't do anything for Liverpool! People shouldn't be so ungrateful like that! What really made me said was to see that, after 1 or 2 days, LFC's official homepage had already deleted all things related to him – even the products! As if he haven't made any difference at all. This is what makes me the saddest and hurts my broken heart even more (as if there wasn't enough pain to feel). People still want to buy his stuff, his LIVERPOOL stuff. We can't have him and we can't even by something to remind of his glorious times at Liverpool and all the joy he brought to us! Not even a single souvenir. That time when I went to the website, I felt horrible. I was feeling enough far away from Nando, and my club seemed to be trying to erase him from my life! It is too much ungratefulness for all the good memories he was kind enough to provide us with and all the smiles he put on our faces. Remember all that. His move to Chelsea is enough to erase all this good moments? Bad things shouldn't nullify the good ones. Don't let it take all the good from you.

    • layl says:

      i agree with almost everything you have said.
      i love football but at the end of the day it is just a game and it is Fernando's job and he chose what was best for him.
      read this, it explains some interesting points: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2011/writers/sid…

    • Erinlfc says:

      Im a liverpool fan and i understand that some liverpool fans have behaved disgustingly towards players who have left but that's SOME fans. Theres a difference! Im not a violent or abusive fan, i love football and even though im a liverpool fan i can admit man united players, chelsea players and so on are good. Im a fan of the game itself not just liverpool. I think you werent a loyal supporter if you can just turn your back on a club so easily. I think you just thought you liked liverpool because of Nando. Dont just think liverpool fans are abusive, you get it at any club, trust me i dont agree with it either. But you are NOT a liverpool fan and never was.

      • jelena says:

        so its ok for liverpool to totally turn their backs on torres as if he never existed but people who are disgusted by liverpool fans and officials cant be considered real fans? come on.

  10. striker9 says:

    did you hear read the interview on the chelsea hp?
    there it said "i want to improve as aplayer and a also want to improve my lifestyle"
    i'm so disgusted.
    i alwys liked nando als a player and as a person
    but that's too much.

    i never thought i would bee so wrong…
    but hes not special….

    he's just money-loving….

  11. nandosfreckles says:

    omg, i wokeup at 3am because i was so upset, i just can't believe it now.
    his posters are plastered all over my room and now i'm gonna have to take them down :(

  12. dontaskmetosmile says:

    I completely sympathize with the Liverpool Kickette Army, but at the same time, I understand Fernando's motivations for wanting to move as well. As one of the top footballers in the world, he want to win titles, regardless of with which team. And he won't be doing that any time soon with Liverpool, at least not this season, and probably not in the next (please don't kill me for saying that). While LFC is (finally) moving in the right direction, it will probably take a long time and a lot of money they don't have (yet) for them to be able to seriously challenge in Europe and the league. I think Fernando has done all he could with LFC, and it's now time to cut his losses and move on.

    It is true, though. He won't look as good in blue as he did in red.

    Be strong, Kickettes, especially to the mums out there who have to explain to their bubbas why their favorite player is leaving their favorite club. That is heartbreaking. My heart goes out to you and your little ones.

  13. Jay says:

    I'd agree. Every fan has the right to get angry and bitter. I'm a hard core United fan to death but i think liverpool fans are justified in being angry. After pledging loyalty whatsoever to one's club, and doing this is rather disgusting. and this could have been me and my fellow United fans a few moths ago.And this is me talking for the liverpool fans and not the torres fans. And nah-uh awesome club chelsea? Really, do they have any home-grown players i'm thinking? I respect clubs that work their way through, not buy. While i obviously hate liverpool and arsenal and spurs (feeling is mutual lol) they have their respect.I can't stand 2 clubs and that city and chelsea cos they think money is the way to success. In today's football loyalty is actually downright impossible. Players treating fans like dirt, I mean there's no rule to so you can't do that, but that's terrible. And players' feelings? Who cares if they are thoughtful or intelligent or kind, they get paid , screaming out loud. And this is the attitude players like torres, rooney, adebayor etc. deserve when they behave disgustingly.

  14. k says:

    I am speechless. I love liverpool. I love Nando. I loves how red suited him perfectly. His freckles…his…everything
    Nando I will still watch you playing cuz I can’t take u off my mind lol! But I’m liverpools fan I will and will always be Red!!

  15. Fareen says:

    I feel betrayed.

  16. mimi says:

    As a comfort for us girls, I suggest a big photo-article about Andy Caroll :D The guy is steaming hot!

  17. Caroline says:

    I have gone from love to hate in one fell swoop,he is the biggest liar and cheesy pig in the game, I never thought he would do this to us! I am even starting to find him ugly, his hair is ridiculous and he shaves his legs (yet I found these things forgivable a week ago!)

  18. FTC says:

    So presumably he wants his children to have a London accent now instead of the Scouse one he claimed not so long ago!

    When will fans realise that NO player has club loyalty, with perhaps the exception of the very few ie Giggs, Scholes et al.

    Fergie must be laughing his socks off just now – £35 for Carroll, £50 for Torres – He is right there is no value in the transfer market, other than his exceptional find £7M for Hernandez

  19. rubyqueen says:

    he's dead to me now.!!thank you fernando for proving that their is no such thing as loyalty and love.!!! and i bet you any money this time next year their will be a sex scandal with his name written all over it.that's proberbly the reason behind this move.??

  20. Leya_S says:

    I feel a little bit like crying.
    I didn't think that Fern was REALLY going to leave! Up until this afternoon, I was still hoping it was just speculation. Link to interview on Dirty Tackle: http://sports.yahoo.com/soccer/blog/dirty-tackle/…

    In addition, Andy Carroll has joined Liverpool (which I have mixed feelings about) after New Castle apparently were like "Dude, we want the money and want you to leave."

    Fernando, I love you, but I CAN'T support Chelsea, even though you're there, now.

  21. Chaz NYC says:

    Kudos to the women of Kickette…I learned about the Torres transfer from y'all while snuggling with a bustier version of Sara Carbonaro at a faux bistro in NYC’s Soho…and showing her your site for a laugh… in the US, the general attitude is lump soccer fans and pedophiles in the same category, hence LFC news ain't in the paper…But Torres is big news to me…BTW, Kickette was a hit with “Sara” who is thinking about stealing your concept…But I told her OUR athletes always marry their high school sweethearts and they tend to be grotesque large men…not good copy at all…

  22. Shamal says:

    He was really the reason I even got interested in CLUB football
    Before, it was only the world cup I was interested in.
    Liverpool is the first club I ever loved
    and with or without him, liverpool have my undying support.

    I think I learned to love the club beyond him and it means so much more than just him
    I think I'm just plain sad about it all. just sad, nothing else
    but it's liverpool forever, at least I know that much :)

  23. Winnie Mata says:

    hate to say i told you so, but hey…i saw right through him from the BEGINNING.
    i knew he moved there for two reasons a) the money and b) to win trophies
    he hasn't won anything to he's now ponying up the cash
    and a probably fourth place entry in the Champion's League
    which he did absolutely nothing to contribute to.
    loyalty my ass! he bailed on his hometown childhood club
    it was mighty foolish for some to believe he wouldn't do it to you
    i didn't expect it would be so soon, but i knew it would happen
    i'm just pissed he's going to Chelsea. he is now a "star" player
    and will undoubtedly benefit by the myriad of jersey sales and buzz, etc on his behalf
    i doubt he'll deserve any of this, and will take the light away from players
    who have dedicated themselves to the club and actually deserve the praise
    as the English say: "bollocks".

  24. Winnie Mata says:

    as an Arsenal fan who feels we got shafted during his initial move to the EPL because Liverpool had more to offer *ahem in pounds* i completely agree with this. he probably also wants to play in the Champion's League next year, and Chelsea MIGHT just make it through, either way he's not getting any younger!


  25. Mercy says:

    I understand the pain of losing a beloved player, especially one who everyone thought would be with the team forever: after being instrumental to the Red Sox's defeat of the Yankees that led to the 2004 World series championship, after professing to love Boston and its fans forever, and despite near total regional admiration, Johnny Damon transferred from the Red Sox to the darkest of all dark sides: The YANKEES. It's like if Puyi (JD was also our 'Caveman') transferred to Real Madrid. It was then that I realized the pain of betrayal on that scale, and it saddened and hardened me. To all those who love Fernando, I feel it. He is fly. But more importantly, he was a nexus of the pride that's so important to any club, and his transfer to a place that perhaps he loves better (or who pays him more) is a blow, and it hurts. I'm sorry, ladies and gents.

    • Mercy says:

      Oh also, in terms of coping mechanisms? I remember that he confessed in an interview that when he told his lovely kids that they were moving from Boston, they CRIED. I feel that any grudge I hold against the man must pale against the psychological burden of knowing what pain he caused his beautiful little babies, and I am sort of comforted.

    • Winnie Mata says:

      man, that is not the same. i'm sure if Puyol left for Real a) he might not make it there alive or b) there would be some bloodshed. there would be another Figo incident for sure lol i think even some Madrid fans might find it disturbing

      • Mercy says:

        No, you're absolutely right. I felt sort of wrong writing that, Because the rivalry between Boston and NYC is NOTHING compared to that between Barcelona and Madrid, and it's sort of frivolous to say that it's the same. There's no centuries-long hatred stemming from political division exacerbated by a dictator like Franco and his policies, which don't need to be elaborated on here.

        But, my love of Barca and my love of the Red Sox are the same, and I was trying to find an equivalency between baseball and futbol lovers, if it were necessary. And yeah, if Puyi transferred to RM, I'm sure it would wreak all sorts of pandemonium everywhere. I wouldn't know how to deal. o_O

      • Crackers says:

        NO baseball team rivalry can come even halfway close to the rift between the teams of El Clasico, and that is a fact. There's more than just football at stake every time the two teams play, as anyone with even the vaguest idea of 21st-century Spanish history will know..

        Besides, Winnie is right- if Puyi ever lost his mind and left for Madrid it'd be worse than the Figo incident.

  26. Nando y Geri 4ever says:

    i'm upset Fernando is moving to one of my least favorite teams, but he'll still be as hot as hell.

    and Fern, come on. We are dying to see baby Leo!

  27. livealittle says:

    You know those talks that your rents used to have with you when you got in trouble? You'd be sitting around the kitchen table and inevitably the rents would break out this golden line of parenting:

    "I'm not angry at you. I'm disappointed."

    And then of course you'd feel about as good as chewed gum stuck because the last thing your little 7 year old self wanted to do was disappoint the rents. I hated that line, but now, I find it applicable to this situ.

    I'm not angry at Fernando, but I must admit I am disappointed.

    To go from Liverpool, one of the teams that I feel has such an incredible amount of integrity and resilience, to a team like Chelsea, which I've always viewed as…well, sketch and full of tacky divas. I feel like he won't fit there, if he goes there. But we'll see, I've been wrong before. I really do wish him well, but I also really feel so disappointed in him.

  28. naylovee says:

    NOOOOO! If Nando really transfers to chelsea, I don't know if I can ever forgive him (real talk) Of all places, CHELSEA? Ugh no.

    I'd rather him go back to Atletico, or even transfer to Barcelona. Ugh.
    & I know this is supposed to be about Torres, but I'm still not over Cesc Fabregas not going to Barcelona.


  29. FloraJane says:


    Has some nice things to say about Chelsea and Liverpool and why he made the move.

  30. cisarovna says:

    I am not convinced the move was 100% Nando's idea. There is something about this whole situation that reminds me of Nomar and how he left the Red Sox. Nomar was beloved in Boston and received many accolades, widely perceived as one of the greatest shortstops. Then he was injured and struggled to regain form, although he was still effective in many ways. Then the new(ish) owners tried and tried to trade him (he was still Nomar after all, highly valued), and eventually succeeded in the mid season transfer window. These are the same people that now own Liverpool FC. They would trade away the heart of a team if they thought it would improve their statistics, and in the case of the Red Sox, they were right, and won the World Series. Sux but is true. Btw, Nomar is married to Mia Hamm, first famous female soccer/football player, and he has family that has played in the Mexican league.

    My real point is, although Nando may have had reasons to leave, the timing (swiftly after the Suarez deal seemed to be a sure thing) make it look like the club was on board from the beginning, particularly the new owners. For the sake of Liverpool FC and its fans, I hope it works as well this time as it did with the Red Sox, who won the World Series at the end of the very season they dumped their "beloved" Nomar.

  31. Jen says:

    I am heartbroken!! Could he have not waited til summer, and given us all a chance to send him off with love and respect. This sneaking away feels very hurtful and selfish…..I know he has his career to think about, but he repeatedly said how much he loves and respects LFC and the fans. If he'd been upfront with us, we would have had more respect for this decision. Having said that, I CANNOT and WILL NOT hate him ever, although I don't know how I am going to react when I see him in a blue jersey. Could he not have gone to another league? Back to Spain, or Italy/Germany? This is a trying time for us Reds, but we will get over it, move on and prevail.
    Good Luck Nando, you will be missed!! I look forward to seeing you in a Spain jersey from now on…..

    PS–Dear Nando, please send me cash for a new jersey with number 8 on it instead.

  32. Jules says:

    I rode the train home with a Scouser. He was devastated and said he made himself watch the ChelseaTV interview with Nando but had to turn it off when Nando began praising John Terry. My friend then said he’d begin taking bets on how long until Terry tried to sleep with Nando’s wife. I don’t think Terry actually had an affair with Vanessa Perroncel but I thought that was hilarious.

    • Kay says:

      He’s climbin in your windows
      He’s snatchin your people up
      Tryna rape em so y’all need to
      Hide your kids, hide your wife
      Hide your kids, hide your wife
      Hide your kids, hide your wife

  33. nandolove says:

    Fernando going to Chelsea of all places?! I feel like I just got broken up with, complete with compulsive eating. At work today I googled 'Fernando Torres, just to check the situ, I saw the deal was done and I stress ate a Luna bar right there, hand still on the mouse. I never thought I would, err, type this but I guess I have to start watching Chelsea. I still love my Reds but Nando is my one and only!

  34. redshedevil says:

    To all the Liverpool kickettes, My condolenses. I totally have been there, when your favorite player leaves your team. I have always been a Nando fan, never a fan of his teams. I am a Manchester United fan, and have always watched the Liverpool matches to see HIM play, and its so weird, that I would feel dissapointed in his decision too.I guess I thought of him more loyal than that.

    However, he was faced with a difficult choice, loyalty to a club, or competing for trophies. He is a player who is not getting any younger. So he has to do what he has to do. I will continue to watch him. My biggest dream would be to see him in White for R.Madrid but I know he hates us. Oh well, I will always support him.

    Sorry Liv fans, may Suarez give you victories (except agains Man U) that will heal your hearts.

  35. Ashley says:

    Thank you Fernando Torres. For showing my friend that their are no loyalties. When Cristiano left Manutd. for RM, oh how everyone went off on him calling him a backstabber, no loyalty to his team, lying to everyone about staying at Manchester United. I told my friends, colleagues that Fernando Torres will leave Liverpool and go to Manchester City or Chelsea. They told me I was crazy. THANK YOU MR. TORRES FOR PROVING ME CORRECT.

    Now cheat on wife so you can prove me correct again.

  36. WakeyWakey says:

    He's got to do what best for him and if going to Chelsea will help him get back on form then so be it.

    I do wonder how Nora and Leo will be though. Surely, Nora will continue on as a Liverpool baby while Leo will be a Chelsea baby. Inner family turmoil commence. lol

    I agree that red is a much more flattering color on Nando, but he can pull blue off.

  37. Khomala Ramal says:

    I think i'm gona cry now…

  38. rose says:

    this is very dissapointing. i fell in love with liverpool thanks to fernando and now that he's leaving it just feels WRONG!! i still love him and he's still one of my favorite soccer players but everything's changed now. I hope Liverpool keeps winning like they have

    • Khomala Ramal says:

      I know exactly how you feel. I feel in love with LFC because of Xabi, Freckle and stevieG. two down… and it's so heartbreaking.

  39. wanniemelon says:


  40. Lily says:

    Okay so confirmed Torres is now a Chelsea player!

    I never watch the EPL anymore, but I thought Torres loved being on Liverpool is there any team politics going on?

  41. FernandoForever says:

    I was never really into soccer until the world cup final, where i saw this adorable little hottie named Fernando Torres. I fell in love with his freckles and his smile and within a week i knew everything there was to know about him. When the Premier League season started i followed his club avidly, and quickly not only fell in love with him but LFC as well. I really cried when I found out he was moving to Chelsea, and the mean comments people posted about him killed me. Though Liverpool has really grown on me I will follow Nando wherever he goes cuz he's my 'baller! I love you Nando, and whatever club you play for I know you'll be great, though I'm devestated to see you go. :'(

  42. L.V.B says:

    Look on the bright side – down in the Chelsea turf there wayy more paps – at least now there might be more pics of Nora and finally some pics of Leo! :)

  43. marjorie says:

    its official he's moving to chelsea :'(

  44. florence says:

    Dear LFC kickettes here’s something I want to say; Why did Michael Owen leave Liverpool? He had been Liverpool’s top scorer every season until he joined Real Madrid.

    Because ‘his’ Liverpool couldn’t win trophies, because he wanted to win champs league bla bla..

    And then what happened? Next year Liverpool claimed fifth European Cup, right?

    So better luck next year? All I can wish right now is keep up good work that we are doing. Ladies 'hold your head up and say We are Liverpool' (with or without Fernando Torres)

  45. GigiSantaCruz says:

    I understand all the fuzz and all the sadness/hatred many people are experiencing right now but we've got to be real. People are saying he swore true and undying devotion to the club, and previous to that, he had said he would be a one man's club, blah blah blah… All I have to say is: PEOPLE CHANGE. I change, you change, Kickette change… Why shouldn't Nando be able to change his ideas, his ideals, etc? Liverpool is one of the foreign teams I adore but I'm not shocked with his desire to change teams. This happens all the time in the corporative world, in football, in basketball, … and the reasons may vary, but who are we to judge his decision? I'm only shocked with the news of his possible departure… to Chelsea.

  46. @CuteNohemi says:

    I am sorry for the Liverpool fans, I guess it sucks that Nando is living. =( Anyways, if you people are real fans and really love Nando, you are going to support Nando even thou he is in the other team. At least he is alive (and not dead)! Isn't that great? =)

    Yes, we have to learn how to let go. By the way, I have issues with Luiz Suarez. Remember the Uruguay vs. Ghana in the World Cup. The hand that stopped Ghana's ball from scoring a goal? Anyways, I guess, I should let go of that too. I mean Luiz Suarez is cute, but I don't know. I guess I hate that I like him!

  47. Xantheina says:

    I think he should be removed from the Finest Five. The way he handled the whole situation and the Liverpool fans was not fine at all. >:(

    • Winnie Mata says:

      i agree! shoul've never been there in the first place, especially with the likes of man-candy that were sacrificed for his place!

  48. florence says:

    That hurts.. really hurts

    Sweet Nando, I just wanted to say that I love watching you and your fab football ability a lot, that is just simply amazing. But thought of you leaving….

    Well we just want a guy (you) who make all others jealous, who would just smile, who just make us laugh, who would make us happy like no one else could, who would never be afraid to say ‘I love this club and stay here forever’ But mostly, we want someone who would be a Legend and would never never never break our heart!

    I'm sorry but you'll unfortunately walk alone Fernando..

  49. anfield_girl says:

    I really don't understand why everyone is defending him! He may be cute and all, but everything about this transfer sucks. I mean, he has been going on and on and on about how much he loves Liverpool and that he'll always be loyal to Liverpool blablabla.
    Well, all that sounds like crap to me right now. I don't think that he realises how many fans are heartbroken now because of his decision. I fully understand that he wants to win trophies, and he deserveD that, but why would he go to CHELSEA of all clubs! Liverpool's competition!
    Torres has said a thousand times how he would never play for another club in the Premier League, just as he won't play for another club besides Atlético Madrid in La Liga.

    • suzie says:

      this. Club before player when it comes to loyalty imo. I loved Torres as a player but I love the club more and the way he's handled this, stabbing the club and fans in the back after all he's said before is inexcusable.

    • xoWinnie says:

      mmhm! mmhm! mmhm! preach it!

    • Juliana says:

      Football is his profession. It's what he does for a living. He is a player, not a supporter. He is an employee on a company. It's not him who has to be loyal to the team – this is the fans' job. Of course it's hard not to love the club you play for and it's only human to want not to ever leave it. And just so you know, he never said he would never play for another cub in the premiership, he said he wouldn't LIKE to play for another club.

      He was happy at Liverpool. He really loved that club. That's why he said it so many times. Don't you think it was hard for him to leave? Do you think he went to Chelsea just to hurt us on purpose? Because he's a traitor? You should look less at yourself and think more about him. It's his career. Lemme tell you he's a footballer. He plays football, that's what he does. And he plays to win trophies and become the best player as he can, wherever he is. That's his profession, it's what he has to do. I know it's terribly hard and painful for us fans, but if we are really his fans, we should care more about him and not only about our selfish selves. He's nearly 27, and there's not enough time for him to achieve his goals (he so dreamed about and fought for that since he was a niño) if he stays at a club that, unfortunately, can't provide him with what he needs, even if he loves it so much.

      So next time you want to say something about his choices and actions, pick up the ball and make sure YOU are the one standing there on the pitch and trying to succeed in your career and, maybe, just maybe, you'll see how hard it is, as well as was his decision.

      • anfield_girl says:

        Yeah you're right, from his point of sight at least. But as a LFC fan, I had to explain what I was feeling at that moment, and I was really angry, and felt betrayed. If he had gone to Barça or maybe even Arsenal, I wouldn't have been that angry. But ofcourse I understand that he wants to win trophies, and that Chelsea maybe was the only one that could afford him. Now I think we're better off without him, because a player who doesn't want to play for LFC, shouldn't.

      • Crackers says:

        Bless you, dear. It's understandable that Liverpool fans are disappointed and angry, even, but football is after all a short career especially for a striker, and the reason Fernando left his boyhood club in the first place to come to Liverpool was so he could play more competitive football.

        It hurts that the only club that could take him and pay the price was one of our biggest rivals, but honestly, I can't begrudge him the chance to achieve his professional goals- better for him to leave than stay when his heart isn't in it.

  50. MikiR says:

    You know the funny thing to come out of all of this? I just bought a Nando away Liverpool kit online last minute. I wanted to hold out buying his club kit cause I knew he was going to transfer if not this window, the summer one and didn't want to have to buy another kit for the team he transfered to. I never planned on buying one. But I have begun to love Liverpool as a club and what they stand for. Now right before he's leaving I wanted to buy something to commemorate my time as a LFC supporter. I don't want a chelsea jersey. He'll never walk alone. Liverpool and their supporters will carry on through this as they always have through difficult spells. I still want LFC to do the best they can and can now say I am a fan and will absolutely still follow them.

  51. ayesha says:

    no no no no no luis suarez +fenando torres=best team ever!
    i hate chelsea(sorry chelsea fans) and i think this was a very stupid decision they already lost xabi alonso and they were struggling and now they sell one of their key strickers… stupidest decision ever!
    but i too will stay a faithful fernando torres fan

  52. hereforthenando says:

    Thanks for the solidarity :)

    I can't quite explain how I feel right now. Heartbroken, depressed, angry, hopeful, excited, kind of accepting, and relieved. I miss him, and I'm wondering how the hell I am going to make a clean break of it. What will I do with the three Torres jerseys I own? All of the pictures of him on my wall? What about all of my screen names that have his name in them that I can't change?

    He did love us, I know that he did. He probably still does. He isn't leaving us for money, he is leaving to compete for trophies, which is sadly something that we can't do right now.

    • gin_in_teacups says:

      If you decide you don't want to keep the Torres shirts, maybe consider this http://www.football4africa.org/

    • Belle says:

      hereforthenando: I feel the same way you do. Thanks for putting it into words. I will always support LFC, but I do hope Fernando is happy at Chelsea.

    • Juliana says:

      WHAT ARE YOU SAYING? You want to get rid of everything? Just because he left your club doesn't mean his dead. If you are a Torres fan, you would love him no matter what. Even if he is in Chelsea! You don't need to like Chelsea or even support them, but Fernando Torres is still Fernando Torres.

  53. I'm so disappointed with him as well Cant really say anything that hasnt been said. What Im ost disappointed by is that we havent heard a word from him. No last interview, no good bye to the fans who loved him. He doesnt give a shit about us And you know what? I dont give a shit about him anyway. And please take him off the top 5 now, he does nothing to me anymore!

    • Danielle says:

      I don't think it would be best for him to give an interview or be out in public the emotions are too raw right now. I understand why he left it wasn't about money it was about titles. He gave LFC plenty of time to upgrade the squad it's not his fault they didn't do anything until he told them he wanted to leave in january. He has been talking about if for over a year. Why oh why couldn't LFC spent the money while he was still there?

      • suzie says:

        because we didn't really ahve it that's why. We were in a MASSIVE amount of debt and you can't spend what you don't have.

        • Danielle says:

          they didn't do anything until the last few days of the transfer window this january. He waited and waited for them to sign someone they didn't until he said chelsea wants me and I want you to listen to the offer. Then they ponied up the money for suarez.

    • Nando y Geri 4ever says:

      even though he switched rival teams, he should stay on the list. are you telling me you can resist those freckles, smile, thighs, and hair? oh and the bitchfacing. don't forget the bitchfacing

  54. JA7 says:

    Why Chelsea of all clubs Torres? :( it wud be amazing if he cud come to arsenaaaal!

    • meh says:

      it wuld be sick, but we r not stupid enough to pay that much monnieess wen we have walcott nd co…

  55. Maya says:

    This news wasn’t surprising you could tell from the way Torres has been performing for Liverpool that he didnt want to play for them any more but I wish him good luck because he’s a great player

  56. TheAmethyst007 says:

    I understand completely, especially with the first two paragraphs. I've been crying since I read that the deal was official. Stay strong Kickettes!

  57. TheAmethyst007 says:

    To Fernando, while I wholeheartedly disagree with your decision, my loyalty to you will never die. Although I will under no circumstances ever support a team like Chelsea, I will continue to admire you and follow you wherever you may go. Nonetheless, I am also a Liverpool fan and always will be. LFC & its fans will need some time to get used to your departure, but I know that we will manage. We're playing Stoke City on Wednesday, and although I'll probably be crying through most of it, I know that we'll do well.
    -A heartbroken but always loyal fan
    ps. does anyone know if they'll let him play on Sunday against us? Even for Chelsea, that's low.

  58. TheAmethyst007 says:

    I am speechless. I feel like a person very close to me has just betrayed me. This man was literally the reason why I began watching football. One of my greatest hopes was to attend a Liverpool game at Anfield, especially to see him in action. I so wanted to get the chance to see him atleast once in that Liverpool red. But now that'll never happen. I guess once the shock of this news wears off, it'll stop hurting as much. To all of the Nando fangirls out there, I sympathize with you. Because I live in the United States, virtually no one around me knows or cares about the EPL, so I'm mostly on my own with this.

    • Nikita says:

      You're not on your own–I live in US, too, and feel exactly the same way. I didn't realize so many others did–I guess that makes me feel a ltitle better. My only consolation is that I did get the chance to see him play at Anfield last year for the first, and who knew the last time. Sob.

      • Belle says:

        I’m also from the US and an LFC and Torres fan. My husband and I planned a trip to Anfield in April. It’s very sad that we won’t be able to see Torres play. It would have been our first time seeing him play.

    • MikiR says:

      I'm from the states too. I feel like i'm on my own as well. Like you I got into football because of Nando. I have become to love what Liverpool stands for, my only complaint being their lack reinvestment/ Hogdson. It breaks my heart to see him leaving such a club with heart and history. But I knew it would be coming, but to be honest I didn't think there was a big possibility he would leave in the Jan window but rather in the summer. I think it says alot about a player to stick around, which he has for the past several years, but I can empathize with Nando. It must have been the most difficult decision for him to have made regarding his career in some time. I'm not too keen on Chelsea, but he's a wonderful player who will still get my support.

    • hereforthenando says:

      I was manic today, and no one could really understand wtf was up. I'm in Canada, I feel you.

      Feeling betrayed is the hardest part of it, you're so right about that.

    • Amy says:

      I'm in the US! And I began following Liverpool for Xabi and then stuck around for Nando. Obviously, I will follow those two wherever they go since I am loyal to them first and foremost, but I really dislike Chelsea! It will be tough rooting for them but I found a way to root for Real Madrid, too. What can I say? I'm loyal to my Spaniards. It's going to be a huge blow when Cesc leaves Arsenal too, since they are my favorite EPL team overall.

      • TheAmethyst007 says:

        Yes, I'm a fan of Real Madrid too, and I also like Arsenal. I found it okay to root for them because they weren't direct rivals of Liverpool. I'm first and foremost a Liverpool fan. I see Chelsea, Everton and Manchester United as the three teams with which Liverpool has historic rivalries, and will thus never support either of the three. But I get where you're coming from, no matter where Nando goes, I'll support him (individually, not his team).

    • Nando y Geri 4ever says:

      I live in the states too, although I'm originally from Europe. I feel just like you- everything here is Super Bowl this, World Series that, LeBron James and so on. No one has ever mentioned Fernando Torres or even Leo Messi here. This is why I love Kickette, that I can talk with other girls who understand and know about football.

    • *sniff* i know. i hate how no one here cares about soccer. there wasnt anyone to engage in heavy ice cream eating and crying with :(

  59. kel says:

    Torres making all this noise for years about how awesome Liverpool is and really sucking up to the fans then handing in a transfer request mid-season in a blatant trophy grab. Carroll leaving Newcastle, the team he's supported his whole life just like that. Is nobody loyal to anything anymore?

    • Crackers says:

      Newcastle sold Carroll against his will- going by his own words, he REALLY didn't want to leave.

  60. backoffmyNando says:

    Honestly, I love Fernando to death and I really think that everyone should respect his decision. I understand that people are angry at him for leaving Liverpool but it seems like all those haters right now are like "me, me, me," but have they ever thought about how he feels? It's his life and it probably hurts him to make this decision since he knows he's letting his teammates down. After all, he's a classy guy who is one of the most genuine soccer players out there. It's his life so it's his decisions. You don't want him to feel like he's wasting his life when he has so much potential. It's not like he made thisdecision alone, he's had the guidance of Olalla and others so you know he's not being totally selfish. If Nando's happy, then I'm happy. You don't want him spending another couple of months being up happy. Just think about how he feels and all the difficulties he's gone through, all the disappointments that he's experienced, before you bash on him. If you are a true fan and supporter, you will support him instead of making him feel down right when he needs it most.

    • elle94 says:

      totally agree.. think he's a great guy and people should support him and respect his decision

    • chay says:

      backoffmyNando–i just heard on the news his reasons for moving on. He said this is an opportunity to play for a fab football team and he is young and why not (in a nutshell). Therefore, i agree with you–if he's happy, then we should be happy.

      Basically, this all falls under a player vs. team loyalty. I have my team loyalties and then i have my individual loyalties. Just like probably most other people do.

      • backoffmyNando says:

        Exactly. He came to the EPL in the first place so that he could achieve big things, (what any young soccer play wants), so he should have the right to pursue his own dreams. And even though Fernando is leaving, because of him, I'm now a loyal Liverpool fan and I will still stick with Liverpool no matter which club he's at.

    • Erinlfc says:

      Theres a difference though, im a torres and a liverpool fan! So i do wish him the best, but liverpool is in my heart more than him, and im glad liverpool beat chelsea and i laughed at his face when liverpool scored.. I can get over him leaving, but its the way he left that left me so angry. I didnt mind him to go this summer coming, so then we could have a proper send off for him. But he left in such a disrespectful way its like why does he deserve liverpool fans respect back. Weve spent months getting angry at people who say hes shit when hes just been out of form and protect him, and then he throws it all back in ours faces. I do love Nando though and always will, but part of me will always be mad at the way he left.

  61. mochara says:

    Well at least he is still sexy Nando! It's just sad that he's going to Chelsea, I never liked them and this isn't going to change that (ok maybe it will a tinie bit….)

  62. FloraJane says:

    I get that most people posting here are Liverpool fans, or maybe just Torres fans, and that makes sense, but really the level of Chelsea bashing is quite out of hand. Chelsea are an awesome club and Torres will be fortunate to play for them- if it happens. I know most of the comments though are people who are sad and angry that the club THEY love may lose one of its best players. Been there, known that fear and sadness, and you all really do have my sympathy. I've never really thought too much about Torres, except anxiety and perhaps a bit of gnawing fear when Chelsea have played Liverpool and he's been in the side! lol JT once said that Torres was one of the toughest opponents to play against, too. But either way Torres has always struck me as an intelligent and thoughtful person and I'm sure he wouldn't have taken this decision lightly at all. For whatever reason, he wants to leave and he wants to go to Chelsea. So maybe if you really love him you might think about giving him a little more credit for wanting to do what HE thinks is best for him and his family and his career. I'm sure he wants to be wherever he feels he can play his best football and have his talents best rewarded. I think he can do that at Chelsea.

    • Sarah says:

      Um…the Chelsea-bashing is entirely justified – try supporting a club that doesn't have to buy its way to success then offer an opinion. And as for Torres as a person, I don't know him so I couldn't really care less about his feelings.

      • FloraJane says:

        I'll offer my opinion whenever I feel like it just as everyone else does, thanks. And I don't know you as a person so I couldn't really care less……

        Clubs pay money for players. When has that ever been not the case anyway? I guess it's just easier for you to hate, so have fun with that.

      • xoWinnie says:

        i don't usually thumb things down, but this just pissed me off.
        who are you to judge anyone's reasons for supporting whichever club they do?
        Chelsea has emerged from that sh1tty little London club not only because of money
        but also because the players are comitted to playing the best football they can
        they want to PROVE they are worth the money, and therefore honour the club this way
        sure they've signed some pretty expensive players over the years
        but players like Lampard and Terry, who have (despite their colourful social lives)
        practically become symbols for club and staked a place in the fan's hearts.
        i am SO FCKING SORRY that i don't support some second tier team
        just because they don't "buy their way to success"!
        clubs that don't, usually CAN'T!
        not every club is stupid enough to spend money they don't have.
        i definitely deserve to read tripe about the club i like,
        just because it's a club that's better than most! MY BAD!
        like, i'm s SO sure whatever club you support has never spent extravagantly on a player before.
        like seriously, GTFO with that sh1t.

    • @Lyandra says:

      One of your biggest rivals is swooping in and taking away one of your best players. Why would any Liverpool fan say that Torres is fortunate enough to play for them? It's football. It gets bitter and angry and loud.

  63. beri says:

    Only time will tell if the grass is greener on the otherside. I personally think blue isn't a good look on Freckles *sigh*

    On a personal level, I am disappointed and I still like Torres, but I cannot and would not EVER back Chelsea….so I shall watch the Freckled one from a distance and give my support only when he is wearing a Spain kit.

    T'was nice while it lasted Freckles…

    P.S. am I the only one who wonders if Olalla is happy about this? It must be so hard to have to move especially after you have just had a baby…

    • Amy says:

      At least Cesc is in London, too, I guess.

    • Deb Stimson says:

      "P.S. am I the only one who wonders if Olalla is happy about this? It must be so hard to have to move especially after you have just had a baby… "

      I don't believe Fernando would do this without Olalla's support. He just seems to be too much of a "family" man.

  64. needinanandofix says:

    Am so divided on how I feel about this one. As much as I love Nando, part of that love has stemmed from the fact that he seemed so committed to his principles, displayed loyalty to the club, and appeared to have the upmost integrity. On the other hand, I can understand anyone having ambition and wanting to make the most of their career. Lets face it, who wouldn't say yes to an increased paydeal, with scope for progression, for doing exactly the same job?! I just hope its not a move he comes to regret, with fans allegedly already burning shirts on Merseyside, he could have become a Liverpool legend like Stevie by staying. On the upside KK and NESV seem intent on bringing in new blood and the combination of Carroll with Suarez (plus with any luck Adam and Young) should see LFC climbing back to where they belong.

  65. liverpoolfan9 says:

    the refresh button can only be clicked so many times…… :(

  66. Nandoschiquita says:

    Love him. Will always love him. His timing totally sucks, but other than that, I wish him nothing but this best. I think he may end up disappointed, but only time will tell.

  67. Malin says:

    I can't really understand it. Nothing has been fully completed yet, but in this moment his probably on his way to London and Stamford Bridge in a helicopter to comlete the deal. I can't really understand why he wants the transfer request 3 days before the window closes and then decides that Chelsea is the right team?

    Now that LFC has signed Andy Carroll and Suarez and probably Charlie Adam too if lucky Pool would have a great squad if Torres stayed. I don't really understand why he's so obstinate about leaving to London with a newborn, Nora and Olalla along him…

  68. Claire says:

    I am heartbroken, but totally disappointed in the way he's handled the situation. I swore that he was "not like the others" and would never leave for another English club- but he's proven me wrong. I know it's probably immature, but I just can't love him anymore…I've deleted all my pictures and swapped him out of my fantasy team. So excited about Suarez and Carroll…

  69. Lily says:

    “Incredible scenes at Liverpool, Reds fans are seen jumping up and down burning a Torres shirt. Surely no way back now for the Spaniard.”

    Looks like Fernando will be walking alone from now on.

  70. Amy says:

    here ladies – this makes me feel better. http://nooooooooooooooo.com/

  71. Crackers says:

    He has always been clear about the fact that the one club he would NEVER play for is Real, being an Atleti supporter since childhood.

    As for Villa, he is truly exceptional- but he does credit his partnership with Torres for making him a better player, and he says so in interviews too.

    Don't get me wrong I'm horrified by the news of Fern moving to the most soulless club in England, with a team populated by some of the 'ballers I most despise (Anelka? Cole?). I mean, of all the clubs in England- CHELSEA?!!?

  72. Soon2beWifeOfNAsri says:

    Damn i honestly did not c this transfer comin at all. Am not a Liverpool supporter but i do feel for the fans as they and Nando had a really special bond it was touching to see really. But i did not think that he would join a direct rival, but lets be honest here if someone is willing to pay £48 million pounds u would jump at that chance,but on the bright side i still get to see Nando week in and week out in the premier league.

    Only sad thing is the break up of the Bromance between stevie and Nando =(….so ladies who do u think will Nando will have a bromance with from the Chelsea squad, my money is on Drogba.

  73. Ida says:

    I've been ranting and hyperventilating the whole day about this, but no one in my circle seems to understand. Only the Kickette ladies (and men, admit it) can understand why my heart is just breaking in so many pieces right now. Just the thought of our Nando in blu…gah, I can't go on!

    But LFC will survive this, I just know we can! Not sure about Carroll, but owners had to do something (although I wish it did not look this desperate)

    • TheAmethyst007 says:

      I understand completely, the same thing happened to me all day at school. But LFC will move on. YNWA.

  74. Iris says:

    any other player would be totally understandbale but torres always talked bout how happy he is in liverpool and that he never wants to play for another english club…

  75. Crackers says:

    Quote from The Guardian:
    "Torres to Chelsea feels like the moment when all your childhood fantasies were completely undermined. Santa, The Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy get revealed as frauds and some time later you realise you don't win trophies by being a romantic at sticking with clubs like Athletico and Liverpool. Pity reality has to be so stark and brutal. Now losing a tooth costs me a couple of hundred at the dentist, Christmas brings increasingly diminishing returns and poor Torres will have to pretending to like John Terry and Ashley Cole."

    • Amy says:

      I think that is the hardest thing for me to swallow – our sweet, precious boy Nando having to play alongside the likes of some of the most arrogant, self-serving, just plain bad attitude players in the EPL. It will be interesting to see how he fits in there.

      • Thea says:

        well have to be nice to those players is punishment enough! Would rather sweep streets and clean toilets that do that…for any amount of money!

  76. Leaaa says:

    i probably won't be popular for saying this but how can you say everything he said was a PR stunt and he's no longer not about the money?
    The truth is it was probably awful for him to make this decision, but what do you expect from a player who is in the prime years of his career. This is when he will and should want to be competing against the very best in Europe and Liverpool cannot and will not be able to provide him with this for at least another few years.
    Sadly for Liverpool fans he chose Chelsea, but I would expect Chelsea's top players to leave if they dropped to mid table.
    I will always love him and I think he will always love Liverpool, this is what happens when you're club doesn't do too well.

    • Crackers says:

      I don't want to think badly of him, so I'm glad to have another PoV on this- on the other hand, he's left and as a fan, I (and all other Liverpool Kickettes) feel betrayed. We didn't take Xabi's departure very well either, but we at least sort of got that he left because he wanted to play in a club at home.

      I'm sad that Fern's bailed in favour of Chelsea, of all the clubs in England he had to end up with the most soulless one of all. God only knows how he'll do over there.

      • Leaaa says:

        I agree with everything you said but i would just add that the bit about chelsea having the least soul is a bit harsh. Yes we don't have much and i'm not happy about that but chelsea will always be a small club and i can admit that. Having said that Man city have less soul

        • Crackers says:

          It's a bit harsh yes, but unfortunately I believe it- allow a heartbroken Liverpool fan their moment of angst, won't you?

    • Sara P says:

      I agree with you. Even though I am sad to see him go, I would love to see him compete at a much higher level than he is currently at. He needs help on the offensive side and can't carry the team all by himself. He deserves much more than Liverpool can offer him right now. Sad to say (and see) but it is true. I am a Torres fan and I just want to see him succeed!

      • Jem G says:

        Right on Sara P! I believe that if he waits for Liverpool to qualify for CL, he might be too old and much slower by then. He's only human to be ambitious. to try his luck at another team. I was completely sleepless since they announced his transfer request. Further more, I began understanding that it was for his career. He has liverpool in his heart, and imho, liverpool loves him still even if they're hurt by his actions.

        Wherever he may be, I will support him, too.

  77. bri_saldana says:

    I’ll fer to the ends of the earth but my heart is breaking …..I can’t understand why he wants an EPL title w/Liverpool. To his defense anfield will have to produce 2 perfect seasons b4 he will play champions league again; still I feel it’s just not the same EPL ride w/o a red shirt & YNWA fans. :( I’m so broken…..& very VERY scared about pep’s future. St. Iker HELP!

  78. Bri says:

    Dear Reds ladies,

    You have my utmost sympathy. I understand exactly how it feels when you are betrayed by your one true love. My world came crashing down when the love of my life, luis figo, donned a white kit. All I can say is choose a new and more dependable lover: jose, jack, or jim…


  79. Crackers says:

    On one hand I understand that he wants to win championships, but on the other, my first reaction was- Chelsea??!!!!!! At least it's not Manchester United (he did keep the promise that he'd never move there) but I'll miss him.

    And now he'll have to become a forbidden footy love, Liverpool will survive w/o him, but he's no longer our lad.:(

  80. Leya_S says:

    I'm sad. This is that ongoing discussion about player loyalty. I don't think I can really criticize Fern until I know WHY he's trying to leave. HOWEVER, while I appreciate Fern trying to better his career, I feel like he's bailing on Liverpool. Like Xabi wanted to go back to Spain, I get that. Even Tevez wanted to leave ManCity to return to Argentina. But Fern?? He's spoken of loyalty so much, and now Chelsea's throwing a little money at him and he's ready to jump ship. That literally breaks my heart, particularly bc its CHELSEA. I mean, really? Plus, no lie, somehow I doubt he's gonna see all that much playing time with the likes of Drogba, Malouda, and Anelka dominating. Also, his contract isn't gonna be up until 2013, so when players try to get out of their contracts early, it always makes me a bit annoyed.

  81. @linvinnaar says:

    I managed to convince Nando that blue does not compliment his skin colour. Also had a chat with him that his children (and our future babies) would look ugly in Chelsea shirts. If Nando is as vain as Xabi says he is, then I'm sure he'd want his children (and again, our future babies) to look good too. Wearing Chelsea jerseys is technically a fashion crime!

  82. BarceLisa says:


    dedicated to all the Nando girls on this sombre occasion. Tip: replace Peter Cetera's head with Nando, it helps the healing process.

  83. @linvinnaar says:

    Ah screw that. Newcastle United rejected our 35m bid. Dickheads.

  84. @linvinnaar says:

    P.S Fernando Torres feels like a one night stand (if he ever leaves to Chelsea).

  85. meh says:

    great, that cheat is in england now, fantastic.

  86. @linvinnaar says:

    As for Andy Carroll, let's just say we could be eating our own socks if he proved to be worth that price in the coming months. Besides, our new owners, FSG had always had the cash and they were probably sick and tired of hearing people say Liverpool FC would never have the money to compete in the transfer market. Look who's talking now.

    But personally, I think we're better off spending our pounds on bringing Xabi Alonso back to Anfield. That man is sexier in Red anyway. (Also, since the cheque book's out, I thought we could get Gareth Bale and Adam Johnson too.) Sigh.

  87. @linvinnaar says:

    My first season back into football and Liverpool FC have already sent me into countless cardiac arrests. Why or how I'm still alive is beyond me.

    But Fernando Torres has really cracked the nut this time.

    If I thought H&G and Roy Hodgson were life-threatening, well you should have heard my heart shattering into a bajillion pieces when LFCTV tweeted the nightmare: Fernando Torres has submitted a transfer request.


    At first I felt cheated and betrayed. The timing was horrible, only two days left of the transfer window and HE HAD TO DO THIS?! And to Chelsea?! But being the hopeless Torres fan that I am, I believed that he was going to change his mind, commit himself to Liverpool and stay for good. Then all can be forgiven, even if it'd take time to rebuild that trust us fans had in him.

    But with only 6 hours left, it is likely he will leave but also likely he could change his mind and stay. Who knows?

    • Crackers says:

      *sigh* on one hand I get it, he wants to win but on the other hand- WHYYYYYYYYYY?!!? *cries*

      Liverpool have broken my heart too often over the last couple of years- Nando is now another v. painful crack in it.

    • Elisa says:

      I'm with you. I was defending him when this was all just rumors, saying that there was no WAY he would put in a written request to go to Chelsea.

      Turns out we were wrong.

  88. simone says:

    so excited love liverpool but love chelsea more yippeee

  89. cescsababe says:

    Oh Nando… This transfer news cut me deep. At first I dismissed it, thinking that everyone was just circulating old rumors. Then I read on the LFC website that he had handed in a REQUEST to leave. What?! He probably will go. That being said, it's going to be hard to watch him play and interact with the Chelsea players for 3 reasons 1) He looks great in red and black, blue will just be too different 2) Ashley Cole plays for Chelsea. They're so opposite that the universe might explode! and 3) If Mourinho came back to Chelsea there would be too many bitchface-offs.

  90. Wow says:

    aww poor LFC kickettes, my heart goes out to you ladies, if it do happen! It's like a divorce really. You'r angry for a while, and than your team wins trophies and you r able to move on, not that Liverpool knows a lot about that lately but hey u r not alone in this mess!

  91. blitzenTO says:

    Come on people, the guy has a right to think of his career. He is young and ambitious, and Liverpool is going to take years to rebuild with the new owners. No one can doubt that he loves Liverpool, but it is not wrong of him to want to win trophies and achieve success with his club. I am sure this was a very difficult decision for him to make.

    Having said that, though, WHYYYYYY did it have to be Chelsea???? Well, I know why, of course. ManU doesn't need him, City would probably buy him but he wouldn't fit in well with all the "personalities" there and would have to take a backseat to Tevez anyway, and Arsenal wouldn't offer enough for him. That leaves Chelsea. Yuck.

    You know that blue won't suit you as well as red, though, Fer?

  92. Tricia says:

    I feel a little sorry for the Nando fangirls who will have to brush up on their Chelsea history now. Fortunately, there isn't much.

  93. nandosfreckles says:

    i kept denying it. but then he handed in the transfer request and i was like omg my nightmare has come true.he WANTS to leave. just imagining him in a chelsea shirt is nauseating…
    never seeing my nando in a liverpool shirt is just gonna be devastating and wrong.

    and then chelsea- liverpool are playing on the 6th.
    you know, i'm just gonna crawl in a corner and cry :'(

  94. suzie says:

    Torres demanding to leave for Chelsea is SOOOOOOOO much worse than Xabi leaving. Xabi going back to Spain was understandable and even though he left we knew he loved the club but Torres……..everything he's said, his book, everything, was just a PR stunt and that he NEVER loved the club the way he said he did.

    • Deb Stimson says:

      I don't necessarily think it was a PR stunt. People "fall out of love" all the time. I mean how many times have you been in a relationship, friend or otherwise, where you drift apart? It's part of life, whether we like it or not.

  95. IrishBlue says:

    I am so excited!! The thought of Nando in a Chelsea shirt is beyond orgasmic! Sorry I seem to be in the minority here but I'm absolutely thrilled to think that this deal is (fingers crossed) nearly completed, can't wait to see the tenacious duo of Drogba and Torres in action at the Bridge, hopefully this addition will give us the freshen up we badly need :) :) I totally understand the feelings of the Liverpool fans but if the guy's not happy, surely it's better to let him go where he desires and use the money to buy a couple of decent players to help shape their squad. I'm glued to Sky Sports News, one minute he's in a helicopter on way to Chelsea, next he's still in Liverpool AAARRRGGHH GOING MAD WAITING FOR SOME CONFIRMATION!!

    • IrishBlue says:

      Sorry girls my explosion of excitement was a bit insensitive, apologies x.

    • L.V.B says:

      YAY!! Someone else who's excited he's going down to Chelsea!

      • IrishBlue says:

        We are definately outnumbered here but I've been a lifelong Chelsea fan thanks to my dad and his family loving them and bringing someone like Fernando to the club is a statement of intent to get back to winning ways, which is what we all need right now. Man I wish I could get over there to see more of our matches…Of course theres the added bonus that he's delicious beyond belief….but I want goals and great performances as well as looking pretty :)

        I do feel for the Liverpool girlies who are heartbroken though :(

  96. I Can't Weep says:

    This is a Blue's song and I think this is adapt to describe this moment:

    I never want to play the games that people play
    I never want to hear the things they gotta say
    I've found everything I need
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    If it's wrong to tell the truth
    What am I supposed to do
    When all I want to do is speak my mind (speak my mind)
    If it's wrong to do what's right
    I'm prepared to testify
    If loving you with all my heart's a crime
    Then I'm guilty

    I wanna give you all the things you never had
    Don't try to tell me how he treats you isn't bad
    I need you back in my life
    I never wanted just to be the other guy (be the other guy)
    I never want to live a lie

    Chorus x 1

    Girl I followed my heart
    Followed the truth
    Right from the start it led me to you
    Please don't leave me this way
    I'm guilty now all I have to say

    Chorus x 1

    What am I supposed to do
    Then I'm guilty
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    If it's wrong to do what's right then tell me about this feeling inside
    If loving you with all my hearts a crime
    I'm Guilty

    Altri testi su: http://www.angolotesti.it/B/testi_canzoni_blue_32…
    Tutto su Blue: http://www.musictory.it/musica/Blue

  97. SoccerrLoverrr says:

    He looks so edible in that picture (as always)..ok on a serious note now: i loveeee liverpool and it's nothing without our Nandoo :( i realli dont want him to transferr!!! PLEASE FERNANDO DONT DO IT! Also, im completely ecstatic at the fact that suarez has made it to liverpool! One of my fave players cuz when he gets on the field he is unstoppable!!!

  98. Shauna says:

    This breaks my heart in so many ways, I loved Torres years ago and his move to Liverpool made it for me. To hear him have so much love for Liverpool made me love him more but to hear of how much he wants to leave makes me feel like someone so close to me lived a lie for so long(pretty sad i know but I'm not the only one feeling this way) and to go to Chelsea feels like a stab in the back. Fernando if you leave, good luck but no player is bigger than a club and you definitely are not any better than Liverpool, but once you wear that blues top, I'm afraid our love affairs over

  99. Summer says:

    Come fly with me Piccolino, my darling Little Prince…Come fly with me, of course at Chelsea. I fell in love with Liverpool because of you, I started to love Chelsea 2 years ago because you, because you were disappointing and I was really heartbroken, but now finally things has improved and you will be again into me, in the same way that was. You must not have to feel guilty, you're not guilty because you have an heart and it's right that you want to follow its. Finally I can say that I'm again with you. Best luck Ferni, best luck at my beloved club: Chelsea.

    • Rossanera says:

      I'm sorry, can you explain why you fell in love with Chelsea because of Nando? Am I missing something?

      • Summer says:

        it's quite difficult for me to explain why I fell in love with Chelsea because of Nando, but I'll try to do it. Well, I saw Fernando Torres for the first time 7 years ago, (I was too young, but this doesn't matter) but it wasn't love at first sight, simply at this time I judged him like a good player. 3 years later in 2007 I saw him again and I immediately started to love him and Liverpool. For 2 years life was wonderful, he was lovely, he was fantastic and I was totally crazy for him, he won the EC in 2008 and was the best striker of the world, but something at the end of 2009 and during all 2010 changed. I came back to the reality and I understood that something was happened on his mind, he was changed, he wasn't anymore my beloved Fernando and I was so disappointed because of him and I also think that I got angry with him. So to forget him I started to look for someone else and for something else that would make me happy, like I had been in the recent past. And it's for this reason that I fell in love with Chelsea who became my favourite club (strange thing for an Italian girl!). However I have never forgot LFC and Nando, because still today I always sleep, every night, with the Liverpool's shirt which has his number and his name written on its. I don't know if you can understand but this is my story.

  100. BarceLisa says:

    thats what I dont understand. He was being paid well, the fan base loves'him, his position in the starting XI was never under threat, by all accounts his family were happy in Liverpool. But that still was not enough for him. Pele was right when he said players are only loyal to whoever signs the bigger paycheck.

    • Crackers says:

      Well, he's always been clear about wanting to win championships- that was a big part of the reason he left Atleti for Liverpool, he wanted to have a shot at Champions League football.

      This doesn't make me any less grumpy about his leaving now, though. I mean, CHELSEA?!!! (no offence to Chelsea girls, but I want him to stay with us! Things could have turned around…)

      *sigh* at least it wasn't Man U, but Nando, you've broken my heart.

    • dontaskmetosmile says:

      I think you're being unfair to Nando. It's never occurred to me at all that this move was motivated by money or greed. Let's face it, Liverpool has been being having a hard time of it (and that's putting it lightly) the past 2-3 seasons, nowhere near even threatening to take the EPL title. After the whole Hodgson debacle, and the lingering uncertainties under King Kenny, I think Nando has just had enough. He wants to win titles, and Chelsea is, the way things stand in LFC, the better place for that right now.

      That being said, this is still heartbreaking.

  101. Elisa says:

    I'm just sad. Plain and simple.

    I understand footballers wanting to move on to different clubs and different opportunities. But Fernando has gone on for the past few years about how loyal he is to Anfield, how he wants Nora to grow up in Liverpool, and how much he loves the fans. I'm sorry, but if you loved us as much as you've said you do, you wouldn't be moving to Chelsea of all places. I can see wanting to return to Atletico–wanting to return home is totally understandable. I got over Xabi wanting to return back to Spain. But Chelsea? One of our biggest rivals? Come on. After all of the support we've given you–moreover, the time we've spent defending you over the past few months as people blasted your lack of form–this is a pretty shoddy way of repaying us.

    I think that the deal is inevitably going to go through. Liverpool and King Kenny aren't stupid enough to keep a player who so obviously wants out. It should be interesting to see what kind of reception he gets if he's in the Chelsea vs. Liverpool game that's coming up…

    • tracy765 says:

      This. There is nothing more to say.
      Actually, I take that back. As adults we can understand this on some level: greed, desire to win medals, whatever. But telling my 9 year-old – whose most prized possession is his LIVERPOOL Torres jersey – that Nando is, in all likelihood, moving to Chelsea was wrenching (there were tears, and they weren't mine.) So for him, and all the little Liverpool fans who idolize these guys, my heart is breaking.

    • liverpoolfan9 says:

      ok im sad as well i frickening love liverpool and i love torres as well he was a great addition 2 our club and im very angry and sad that he's leaving. he said he wouldnt leave he said he loves the fans the atmosphere and liverpool as a place so why leave? well champions league is all he has ever wanted but hey chelsea is in 4th they might not do well! i dont wnat torres to leave i love him i love seeing him in that red uniform! and imagining him in blue is sickening.
      we now have andy carrol and suarez maybe we can actually do something now maybe torres isnt fit to be a red….. (doubt it-he shuld stay)

      p.s. now ur a 3 club man torres so much for u wanting to be a one club man eh?

      • Elisa says:

        Yeah. I mean, he did the same thing to Atletico–said he would never leave, but then went to LFC to play in Europe.

        But at least Liverpool was a different league than Atletico. Chelsea is not only also in the EPL, but it's one of Liverpool's fiercest rivals.

        • Winnie Mata says:

          honestly, i feel bad for anyone who believed him in the first place
          he moved to Liverpool because he wanted to win trophies
          they haven't so he's moving on.
          he's hungry for titles. plain and simple.
          definitely a slap in the face for his loyalest fan girls
          who liked to drone on and on about how flawless he is
          but there you have it.

          as someone who likes Chelsea, i can't say i'm thrilled about this
          if it were up to me, they could keep him!

    • WAG2BE says:

      He's now a blue he was a red – Torres! Torres! He's left The Kop to join The Shed – Torres! Torres! He used to go out on the rob, But now he's got a proper job Fernando Torres – Chelsea's new number nine! They thought he'd always be a red – Torres! Torres! You'll never walk alone he said – Torres! Torres! They bought the lad from sunny Spain, He scored a few then grew a brain Fernando Torres – Chelsea's new number nine!

      i didnt make it up but it is pretty clever dont you think

  102. Rossanera says:

    Yes, movement between clubs is an inevitable element of football. I wish Fernando well, and I understand that he, and he alone, is privy to the circumstances which have led to this decision. But I’m a member of the legal profession. I believe in the sanctity of contractual obligations and in the duty to fullfill those obligations in good faith to the extent allowed by one’s abilities and prevailing circumstances. Moreover, I believe that when an individual gives another their word on a given matter, they should honour the statements they’ve made, for they are oral promises. If our beloved Fernando was unwilling to honour the commitments he made to the club – namely, to see out the end of his contract and all that this commitment entailed – he should not have agreed to the terms by which he consented to be bound. and he shouldn’t have given the club, its fans and the world at large repeated reassurances that he intended to do so. we, in the legal profession, apply a particular phrase to this sort of behaviour. it’s called bad faith.

    I'm disappointed and heartbroken.

    • Crackers says:

      It's a sad fact but players rarely serve out their full contracts- remember Xabi left in the summer of '09 for Real, and Liverpool sold Alvaro, who still had a year on his contract, at the same time so they'd get some money and it would be better for the club than letting him go free just a year later. Transfer money comes from clubs trying to get other clubs to release players who are still under contract to them, after all. I'm sad that Nando is a part of this game, I'd really hoped he'd stay.

      I'm heartbroken over this news. But I hope that Liverpool will put the money from Nando's transfer towards building a better team- that's the best we can hope for at this stage.

      • Rossanera says:

        You raised a good point, but what bothers me is the abrupt about-face he's pulled, you know? Not sure if I'm expressing that correctly.

        I'm saddened because Fernando always struck me as a man of honour and loyalty, and not, as you said, a "part of this game."

        • cisarovna says:

          Maybe it only seemed abrupt to the outside world. Maybe the new owners have been considering this for a while now. Maybe it wasn't even Nano's idea in the first place. If both parties want to terminate a contract, it isn't really bad faith, even if it is painful for everyone to watch. Maybe I'm still in denial, but I really believe the club wanted this, and would cash in on Pepe too, for the right deal.

    • Lotte (Zlatanista) says:

      I think that the concept of bad faith is virtually unknown in the football industry, Rossanera. At least I have never seen anyone paying much attention to it. I am, like you, heartbroken and dissappointed.

  103. layla says:

    Fernando…its not fair you are one of liverpools only hopes!!! but i must admit where u go I GO…..but il always love LFC!!! so im gna b the first chelsea/ Liverpool fan!!

    • Elisa says:

      Torres is not Liverpool's only hope. They have Steve, Kuyt, Carra, Cole, and have signed Suarez and will probably get Carroll, not to mention the rest of their team. As sad as I am that Fernando wants to leave, Liverpool was successful before him and will be successful after him. No player is bigger than team.

  104. Niina says:

    Call me a sentimental old fool but I just want him to be happy. And preferably shirtless.

    • Shauna says:

      I agree that i want him to be happy n of course shirtless, but is it too much to ask as a liverpool fan that i would prefer him to be only happy at another club outside the EPL, or at least any team except man united n chelsea

    • nandosfreckles says:

      better shirtless than wearing a chelsea shirt.

    • chay says:

      nina, that's what i say. as a non-premiere league follower, i'm not particular about for whom he plays in that league *ducks flying objects hurled at her* Of course, the most optimal would be for him to return back home to España, where he really belongs (under the SUN, nando … SUN …)

      • Deb Stimson says:

        (under the SUN, nando … SUN …) hahahaha

        Chay…I'm ducking right along with you. I'm sure if I lived over in Europe, I would feel differently and pick only one team to support. But, I don't.

        • chay says:

          deb, it's a matter of being an EPL follower.

          since i am not loyal to EPL *ducks again* i can see this objectively. It is like a relationship–he has been feeling dissatisfied, obviously, and wishes to get out. Of course, it would be different if he were in la liga and played for real madrid and then switched to barcelona *ducks a couple more times* Now THAT i understand; so from that angle, i can see why people are upset about his move.

          (Of course, i also know he would never come back to spain to play for real madrid, that was all hypothetical–gotta keep it real for los blancos!)

    • bri_saldana says:

      Ahh Niina….way to steer us back to a Kickette state of mind :D

  105. hereforthenando says:

    I am completely devastated and heartbroken. I love this man. The thought of him leaving makes me want to cry.

    Words can't describe what Fernando is to our club. I understand what people mean when they say that "no player should ever be bigger than the club," and that when they want to go you should let them, but this isn't really a time for rationality. Would I hate him if he left? A part of me certainly would. Do I understand his actions? Yes. He wants to play in the Champions League, and that is the reason that he left Atletico. Would I ever forgive him? I'm not sure. Chelsea is a huge rival of ours, and I don't think that I could ever get used to seeing him in blue.

    All in all, my heart hurts. Let's be there for each other, LFC Kickettes. Today will be even worse without some support. And to the Kickettes of every other colour, please be sensitive.

    • Crackers says:


      you said everything I wanted to. He was more than just "a player" to us, and I don't know if I can stomach the though of him in the same team as Anelka and Ashley Cole- leave alone playing AGAINST Liverpool. Of all the clubs in England, it had to be THAT one that is most likely going to buy him- the only way it could be worse is if he went to Manchester United.

      • hereforthenando says:

        What terrible timing. I am having enough trouble accepting him as a Blue, but then to have to compete against him in less than a week?

        It's unfortunate that games are played so early around here in Canada, because it will probably be really unacceptable when I get drunk at 11 am.

    • TheAmethyst007 says:

      "I am completely devastated and heartbroken. I love this man. The thought of him leaving makes me want to cry. "
      My thoughts exactly. Except I did cry. A lot.

      I feel torn between being happy for him/wishing him the best at Chelsea and feeling betrayed by his joining our rivals, and at such an incovenient time.
      It feels good to know that I am not the only person who feels like this.
      Stay strong! We can all get through this Kickettes!

  106. BarceLisa says:

    oh Nando why why WHY? I'm not a Liverpool but even I am disappointed at this move. What happened to being in love with the city of Liverpool and wanting Nora and Leo growing up with Scouse accents? I'm sure from a football POV this move makes sense but I always thought Nando was a man of principle and was not motivated by money. I guess everyone has their price.

    • BarceLisa says:

      "…I'm not a Liverpool FAN…" I meant to say. Looks like Andy Carroll is going to be his replacement. That will end well.

      • Thea says:

        It's not great of anyone – as it is yet another example of players being greedy and narcissistic, first Rooney, then Tevez now him.

      • Amy says:

        I don't think he is motivated by money so much as wanting to win. I suspect that he wanted to leave at the beginning of the season but was conflicted with his love for Liverpool and his love for championships. If you think of it as a normal man who loves his job and co-workers but has a massive opportunity elsewhere, he should go and no one would judge him. At the end of the day, it's just business. That being said, I hate, hate, HATE Chelsea and don't know if I can bear to watch him in blue. Sad day.

        • BarceLisa says:

          if I were a Liverpool fan, I would appreciate Steven Gerrard a whole lot more today.

          • Shamal says:

            OH you're so right.
            at risk of jinxing it, I'll just say: i'm so glad he's loyal!
            but I don't hate nando for this move
            I'm just sad about it all.

      • Crackers says:

        I think he's more about trophies than money, he's been fairly open about wanting to win trophies and said there's no point to having tons of money if you don't have any titles.

        I'm disappointed, because I did honestly believe him when he said that Liverpool was his English club the way Atleti was his Spanish club. And I'm most def. no Chelsea supporter, the thought of him there just feels WRONG.

    • Deb Stimson says:

      As others have said, I highly doubt it's about money. He wants to win and has always been clear about that. I also think he was ready to leave in the summer but decided to give his club and the new manager a chance. We all know how that first half of the season turned out and he's not getting any younger, in football terms. I'm sure that's playing in his mind too.

      Also, as much as Daglish seems to be helping the team get back on the upswing and the guys are playing much better under his reign, apparently Fernando still doubts that they will be in contention to win titles.

      LP really should let him go. Once someone decides to leave any job, they're heart is just no longer in it. I think Cesc is one of the exceptions.

  107. Thea says:

    My loyalties are with the blue half of Merseyside as far as the EPL is concerned however writing objectively – the Torres sale is going to happen sooner or later, if he doesn't leave today he¬ leaves in the summer as he will not extend his¬ stay or even trouble himself to play well so you might as well let him go and at this point even 35 million seems generous considering his current form and behaviour. Liverpool should capitalise on the money – the man proved in the world cup that he is useless when the ref¬ does not succumb to his tantrums. I think he should be mindful that while Spain won the World Cup – they did it with next to no contribution from him! Looks like everyone in the EPL (not least his own team) are getting sick of his constant¬ tantrums and moodiness and if he stays past today Liverpool won't even get a quid for him even if they tried to flog him to a Spanish team, as RM, Barcelona et al don’t seem to have appeared remotely interested. He more interested in being in a team that has winning potential – but that said is Chelsea the best place considering their wavering form at the moment?

    • Amy says:

      Actually, Barca was showing interest depending on Pedro's move, but as it stands, they currently have three world-class strikers and don't need a fourth. And Real Madrid couldn't make an offer because it is common knowledge that he would never play there as he is an Atletico man.

    • Elisa says:

      Spain won the World Cup without any contribution from him?

      Spain was IN the World Cup in large part BECAUSE of him. He was out of form for the Cup–even he admits it–but it's largely his scoring record that they qualified. The World Cup is much, MUCH more than what was played during those few weeks in June and July.

      As a Reds fan I'm angry with him, but denying the fact that he is a great player is unfair and doesn't get us anywhere.

      • Jules says:

        True point. However much I hate Chelsea, as a Spanish person, I will always have affection for Fernando. We won Euro 2008 because of him and I really can’t express the hope and the lift it gave us. Pepe Reina said it best when he introduced Fernando at the celebrations in Madrid after the WC, he gave us the hope and the belief in the possibility that we could win the World Cup.