June 11th, 2010

French WAGs On A Plane

Jude Cisse

Image via Twitter.com/LadyJudeCisse.

Ain’t this the happiest bunch of WAGs you’ve seen in a long time?

Unlike their English counterparts, the wives and girlfriends of Les Bleus flew to South Africa late yesterday to see their men kick-off against Uruguay. Regardless of their in-flight accommodations, they have Patrice Evra’s power of persuasion to thank for their free ride to the tournament.

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18 Responses to “French WAGs On A Plane”

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  2. Aisha says:

    I don't think the WAGS should be there. I do love WAGS and all, but it is really important that the players stay focused on the task in hand and not get distracted by their wives of girlfriends, because they feel like they have to get involved in everything, they should just leave the guys alone whilst they try and make their country proud!

  3. jeffery says:

    they all look amazing too bad england wags wont be in south africa we miss them

  4. Moi says:

    There is Jude Cisse and beside her ist the wife of Sagna, than there is the girlfriend of Thierry Henry (Miss Andrea). The one with the red hair is Barbara Anelka. The blonde one is Sandra, the wife of Evra, than Mrs. Ribery who is well known and the one with the stripped shirt is Nadege Gallas

  5. Pretty ladies! I think the one in the front in the black and white stripped shirt is Clichy's!

  6. Ana;) says:

    I can't believe yoann never told me I was meant to fly out! So unfair! Dont worry I'll surprise him later lol

    I can't believe the guys did not pay thenselves for the girls to fly out, or couldn't the girls have forked out themselves.

    nadege is obv the prettiest of the French wags by far well done gallas (by the way she's bottom right in


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  8. Sylvia15 says:

    Yoann don't have a girlfriend does he?? :D

  9. Tabby_luvs_gaga says:

    i wish i was a WAG there Yoann GOurcuff’s WAG :)

  10. Senorita Iniesta says:

    They all look really lovely.
    Can somebody please put names to these pretty faces? Except for Ribery’s one in the left corner I’m absolutely clueless … “-.-

  11. kimy says:

    to miss iniesta the blonde just next to ribery's wife is sandra (wife of patrice evra), the ''ginger'' one behind her is anelka's wife and the one on the top right is jude cissé… for the others I haven't a clue either.

    I find it shoking too that the french football association is paying for the WAGs to travel!! But at least they have the right to be there! Even though I think the england team (and other teams) should focus on their competition it is not fair for the player's WAGs supporting their HUBs throughout their careers and transfers and/ or cheating not to be allowed to be with them at least the night after the game.

    • Claire says:

      One is wife of Sagna (the one next to Jude Cisse) the other next to her is gf from Thierry Henry

  12. Missy Manchester says:

    WTF???? (What The Franc?)

    The French Football Federation is PAYING FOR THE WAGS' TRIP???!!!???


    The players can't afford to pay for their WAGs' airline ticket themselves??

    How many children could have been put through football camps or had their gear paid for by that money.

    Je ne suis pas amusee!! :( :( :(